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I live in the Mohawk Valley and I like it. I started this blog thinking I would highlight community events, cultural attractions and local businesses. I still do that BUT…

I like to post every day. It is difficult to go to an event, attraction or business every day. So I started doing posts about walks or runs I took. Then I discovered it is a lot of fun to write about cheesy movies I see. And various other nonsense.

As time went on I came up with a few features I like to fall back on: Wrist to Forehead Sunday, Middle-aged Musings Monday (or Mid-week Middle-aged Musings), Non-Sequitur Thursday, my personal favorite Lame Post Friday, and Running Commentary Saturday. There’s also Monster Movie Monday, Menu Monday and Wuss Out Wednesday. And sometimes the Tuesday or Thursday Trudge. Sometimes, I confess, I just write a post about how I can’t seem to write a post that day.

Full disclosure: I had been writing this blog going on two years before I wrote an “About,” and this isn’t it. I wrote it in a notebook which I mislaid before I got around to typing it in. In fact, I shouldn’t be typing this now, because as we speak I’m supposed to be composing today’s post. Did I mention that today is Wrist to Forehead Sunday?


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  2. I just read your blog….thanks for the critique. When one creates it’s always encouraging to get feedback. D. Ingerick

  3. Hey MVG, I must nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. Because you do. Me. Inspire, that is. Rules are in my post.

  4. I followed you here from posts on the Modern Pholosopher. If you like that crazy guy you must be alright!

  5. Thank you for the super article you submitted to Mohawk Valley Living, January Issue!
    Debbie & Dave
    SHOWCASE Antiques of CNY
    Little Falls

  6. Gail Strout, Kirkland Town Library, Clinton

    The Director of Middleville is Sandra Zaffarano – you got that totally wrong!

  7. About pages are important. Before commenting, I always read them. πŸ™‚

  8. I like fun. When started blogging someone told me I should have a theme to post about. And stay on target.
    Best advice I ever got. Because I said, “NO!” I will post about anything and everything. Mostly fun stuff — for me anyway. πŸ™‚


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