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Tormented Tired Tuesday

I have been watching nothing but DVDs since I got rid of cable.  I have watched my way through the entire series of Columbo and most of 50 Horror Classics.  I skipped the silent ones and a few I have seen many times as well as a couple I just didn’t like.  Right now I am casually looking at one I don’t know why I skipped:  Tormented.  I wrote a blog post about it once.


I did not know how to share pictures when I wrote the post about the movie.  I loved doing write-ups of cheesy movies, but the posts never got a lot of Likes.  It was quite the disappointment for me.

As for today’s post, I ain’t got much.  I feel tired most of the time these days.  Perhaps I need to eat more vegetables.  I know I have a flea market and new theatre group to blog about, but I feel I need to write good posts about them, not tired posts.

So I guess I am tormented as well as tired, because I fear I am making bad blog posts.  I am not as tormented as the guy in this movie, though.  Quite frankly, he deserves it.  Do I?  I am not the best judge of these things.

That last paragraph veered a little into half-baked philosophy.   That is the purview of Lame Post Friday,  so we’ll have no more of that.

But it’s one day closer to Friday!

I have not used that one in a while.  Happy Tuesday, everyone!



I’m a Monster Before Coffee

I guess late posts are still a thing, because here I am on Tuesday morning, lounged on my couch, pecking in one letter at a time with the stylus on my Tablet.  When I went to bed last night, I had pictured myself sitting at the dining-room-table-top (previously a laptop, as regular readers may recall), ten-finger typing.  I felt too tired for such effort, and my coffeemaker was taking forever.  Now, however, I have had a few sips, so phew! I am a slave to the brew!

“It’s my coffee!” “No, it’s mine!”

It never fails.  I go searching Facebook for an image I have seen many times, and it is not to be found.  I am not adept at these things. I finally went to my Media Library and settled for Bela Lugosi fighting a beast in The Ape Man.  I believe I have seen that movie but cannot remember who wins the tussle.

On the cuter side…

I would like to say this is me after coffee, but no such luck.  I have my cute moments, but…

One of my favorites.

I am not currently drinking out of this mug, but wouldn’t it be cool if I was?   The mug was given to me by my late, much beloved husband, Steve.  We loved The Princess Bride.

And now I am over 200 words.  Score!  Time for another cup of coffee before work.


My Scattered Sunday, Still in Progress

I had a Scattered Sunday today.  I did a few blogworthy things but am too tired to actually compose the posts.  So we will have a Preview of Coming Attractions.

I went for a run this morning, about which I may or may not make a Running Commentary Post. I mention it merely to add to my list of Things I Did.

Later in the morning I checked out the Brookwood Flea Market in Brookwood Park (previously known as the unknown park in this space) in Herkimer, NY.  It is a new thing and one I hope becomes very successful.  I chatted with a few of the vendors, along with Herkimer Mayor Dana Sherry, who organized the event.

Just one of the pleasant people I chatted with.

The mayor and I also talked about the Herkimer Downtown Chow Down, which takes place Mondays in Meyers Park.  I mention this to add another Preview of Coming Attractions.

From my Media Library.

In the afternoon I drove into Utica to auditions for Fun House, the premiere production of Brick 2 Theatre Company.  I hope to write a lot more about that.

The one sitting down played the music while the one standing sang.

On the way home I stopped at Aldi’s for snacks and Valley Wine and Liquor for a bottle.  I thought my friend Kim was stopping by for some porch sitting.  She is in a play at Ilion Little Theatre (just to plug more local drama).  Now I am wondering if she isn’t feeling well.  I think there is a summer bugaboo going around.

And that is the story of my Sunday.  I would say I made up for slacking yesterday, but there are still a number of chores still undone.  In fact, crap!  I just remembered I still have laundry in the washer!

Laundry is in the drier, and I just got a text:  Kim is on her way!



I Slack, But I Blog

This was one Slacker Saturday.  I don’t know why I am surprised.  I spent all week planning in my head everything I was going to get done today.  Have I not often observed that every time I make a plan, the plan goes to hell?   Still, I did not make a detailed plan.  Surely I could get at least a few things done (in this context, I am calling myself Shirley).

I successfully slept in, which I am not always able to do on a Saturday.  This was not part of the plan, but it felt good.  I had made my Friday blog post on Friday, so I had that going for me.  I had some coffee and eventually went on a long run.

I entered here during my run.

Maybe the run was too long and I wore myself out. Maybe the road trip to Liverpool last weekend followed by a mid-week drive to Rome had a delayed effect.  Maybe it was just a good day to do very little.  Maybe I am just a lazy bum.

Celebrating Dad’s birthday in Liverpool: Dad and Mom with my niece Jenna in between.

In any case, after the run, I managed to do only a very few things else.  At least I got a few post cards written and mailed.   People like to get post cards.

So this is my boring blog post about my not very exciting day.  I am going to call it a Blogger’s Sad Day and drive on.  Maybe I could just go back and add a few pictures to pep things up.

I guess I like it too, Dracula.

I just put in a Hammer Horror movie with Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing, and Michael Gough.


I’m a Lame Bum!

What I mean is I am a lazy bum, but I changed it to lame in the headline because, you know, Lame Post Friday.   I have been sitting here mindlessly scrolling down Facebook instead of doing anything useful or at least less embarrassing for a woman of my age and supposed intelligence.

Oh dear.  Usually when I get started, I keep going.  Sometimes, however, I get out a paragraph and dry up.  Quick, throw in a picture to pep things up.

You can just about see them.

Earlier today I enjoyed a thunderstorm complete with hail.  I tried to get a picture.  I even stepped out on the front porch and aimed my Tablet at the hail collecting on the street.  Then the rain abruptly started coming down in sheets and the wind started whipping, and I beat a hasty retreat.  I took this shot through the screen door.

After things quieted down somewhat, I took my shower and ventured out to run a couple of errands.  It was still raining but not too hard.  I did see one impressive streak of lightning.  How do people get pictures of lightning?  It seems to me that is quite a trick.

And why does my Tablet let “lightning” stand in one sentence but underline it in the next, suggesting “lightening” instead?  Lightening is what the sky does when I start my runs or walks while it is still dark out.  That is not the same thing as the stuff you get with thunder.

Picture taken while walking before sunrise.

I see I am over 250 words.  Score!  Lame words?  Lazy words?  It doesn’t matter!  It’s Lame Post Friday!  I hope you are having a lovely evening.


Cheesy Throwbacks

I begin this post by admitting the real reason I refrained from making a Wayback Wednesday Post yesterday was that I was pretty sure I would want to make a Throwback Thursday Post today.

As I lounge on my couch pecking in one letter at a time with the stylus on my Tablet, I am continuing my viewing of 50 Horror Classics with a bit of foolishness called Blood Lust.  It did not look familiar when I put it in, but I quickly recognized it.  I wrote a blog post about it once.

I’m still a little freaked by the presence of Mike Brady.

I miss writing posts about cheesy horror movies.  They are fun to write.  I like to have fun writing.

Cheesy reading material.

Searching for something else to throw back to, I found this pulp fiction cover (actual pulp fiction, not the movie of that name, which I never saw, by the way).  I once had a bunch of post cards of pulp fiction covers, but I eventually mailed them all to people.  I wish I knew where to get more.

Waaaait a minute!  As I proofread this post, I see that this is, in fact, a movie, not a book!  How careless of me!  I am quite mortified.  I must seek some pulp paperback covers for future blog posts (I am much too tired to do it now).

One of my favorite shirts.

I was just wearing this shirt yesterday, to my Dad’s birthday party.  I got it some time ago at Original Herkimer Cheese in Ilion, NY.  I need to get back there soon for some chutter: tastes like cheddar, spreads like butter.  Yum!

So I threw back to my own blog, my sent postcards, and a shirt I still have, plugging a local business along the way.  And I did it in over 300 words.  Happy Thursday, everyone!


Monsters Before Bedtime

I am still tired.  All I can hear in my head is that parrot from Aladdin saying, “Why am I not surprised?  I’ll probably have a heart attack, fall over and die of NOT surprise!”  God bless Gilbert Gottfried.  Anyways, I was thinking I might attempt a Wayback Wednesday Post but then I thought, Mid-Week Monsters!  After all, I did not have a Monstrous Monday this week.

“Just a little off the top.”

This picture is appropriate, because I got my hair cut last week.   I could do a blog post about that, because I took a “before” picture (preview of coming attractions).

“Did you know there are no panes in this window?”

Nosferatu gives my blog post a look-in once again.  Regular readers know he is my favorite guy.

He’s just chillin’.

This is Claude Rains as The Invisible Man.  I always liked that monster, because he embraced his monstrosity.  No angst like Frankenstein’s monster, although I love most of the versions of Frankenstein I have seen.

“This is a good boy!”

Speaking of which, Mel Brooks’ Young Frankenstein is perhaps my favorite.  Of course Boris Karloff will always be THE monster in many mind’s, and I adore Karloff (just enjoyed watching him in The Terror ).  I think there is room for both in the monsterverse (I thought I just made up that word, but autocorrect let it stand, so I guess I flattered myself).

In any case, I am over 200 words.  Score!  I need to get some sleep.


Running into Tired Tuesday

It is either another Tired Tuesday Post or a Running Commentary Post.  Actually, I guess it is both.  I was too tired to run, ran anyways, and now I am REALLY tired.

At first I did not think I would run at all.  I came home prepared to run but got a bill in the mail I should not have gotten.  Grrr!  Two phone calls with a fruitless drive to a store that was “closed till further notice” in between, I think it has been dealt with.  I only mention it because I thought I would not be able to run after dealing with that crap.

However, I realized that I not only could, I should.  For one reason, I had to do laundry, and my favorite (almost my only) multi-task is to run while the washer washes.  For another, physical exercise is a good cure for frustration.  I get changed, I got the laundry in, I got going.

And quickly realized I would go very slowly.  It was 82 degrees according to the sign in front of Trinity Lutheran Church.  Too warm for me!  But of course once I get started, I persevere, at least for a little while.

Obviously not taken today.

After my long run yesterday, I knew a shorter run today would be acceptable, but how short?  One mile?  Fifteen minutes?  Maybe a little further.  As I did yesterday, I convinced myself by degrees to go just a little further.  I went just over a mile and a half in 21 minutes.

I reflected that this would not have been acceptable when I was in the army.  Then I reflected that I am not in the army and am in fact much older than I was when I was in the army.  Then I stopped reflecting and decided to feel content with today’s accomplishment.

By the way, the laundry is done, and I also did the dishes.  Is the laundry folded, you ask?  Good heavens, what kind of a maniac do you think I am?


A Memorial Day Run

Earlier today I took a Memorial Day Run, thinking I could do a Running Commentary Post.  Of course it is better to do these things right away, but as regular readers know,  I do not always take the better course. So, some hours after the fact, here is my post about my run.

I usually like to wear an ARMY t-shirt on these occasions, but I could not take the time to look for one this morning.  I put on a big blue shirt I wore a few days ago.  I often grab a handy, semi-dirty shirt to run in.  It was over halfway through my run that I remembered a few years ago hearing about a thing of wear blue and run for the fallen soldiers.  So it seems I did the right thing without meaning to. That doesn’t happen very often!

My plan was to run up to Herkimer College, to the Veteran’s Memorial Park near the athletic field.  I have done that before to honor the fallen, at least in my heart.  Unfortunately,  I have not been running enough lately, especially with the Boilermaker 15K looming, and as soon as I started, I questioned my ability.

My goal. Would I make it?

Let me just pause to call bullshit on some people’s favorite snarky remark when I say I can’t do something:  “Well, not with that attitude you can’t!”  Every epic failure, and most minor failures I have had, and there have been many, I went into thoroughly convinced I could do the task at hand.  Conversely, many of my successes have surprised even me.  I said, “I’ll never be able to do this, but let me just try.”

And so it proved today.  I just ran to the bottom of the back road (I would not even attempt running up the front way) to the college, which involved going up a small hill, which was not fun, but I made it..  There was a dead end street with a further slight incline.  I thought I would run up that and back, to see how it went.  Not too bad.

Well, just start up the hill, I thought.  Make it partway and turn around.  Just make it to the path into Brookfield Park.  Then I thought to make it a little further.  Just to that curve.   Now I was so close to the college, it seemed foolish to turn around.  After all, I did not have to go all the way to the Memorial,  clear on the far side of campus, a gentler slope but still uphill.

This was taken in October, and doesn’t really show how steep.

Thus by gentle stages I coaxed my way to the Memorial.  I even went a little beyond it to go behind the athletic field and run down the other side of campus to the steeper hill back down to the village.

Another view of the park.

I felt fairly pleased with myself for persevering.  And now I feel pleased with myself for making a blog post about it.


I Walk, I Blog, It’s Sunday

I took a walk earlier in hopes of making a Pedestrian Post with Pictures in lieu of my usual Wrist to Forehead Sunday Post.  I do not know how well it went.

Gotta get me some of these.

I paused to take a picture of a snowball bush shortly after I left my house.  It was a bit of a challenge to do, since the sun was shining brightly on my Tablet and I could not see to unlock it and get to Camera.  At last I managed it by peeking underneath my prescription sunglasses.


Don’t know what it is; must find out.

I paused to take another picture, this time of a plant I might like to get for my yard.  I had realized by this time that it was warmer than I liked for a walk.  However, I persevered, for exercising and blogging purposes.


I am still hoping somebody does something with this building.

Having walked down Bellinger Street to Meyers Park, I decided to walk up Prospect Street to home.  I paused to take a picture of the former Quackenbush building, now taken over by Herkimer 9.  I must find out what the current status is.

I gotta love daisies.

I walked all the way up Prospect Street to German then back to my house.  I walked past the house and back then up and down the driveway to make it a full mile.  I took a picture of the daisies in my front yard then picked a few of the lilies of the valley which the daisies obscure.

A nice display, or do I flatter myself?

I put the lilies of the valley in a champagne flute which I put next to my husband Steve’s ashes.  One does like to put flowers near one’s loved ones.

I guess it makes an OK Pedestrian Post. Or, once again, do I flatter myself?