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I’m a Monster Before Coffee

I guess late posts are still a thing, because here I am on Tuesday morning, lounged on my couch, pecking in one letter at a time with the stylus on my Tablet.  When I went to bed last night, I had pictured myself sitting at the dining-room-table-top (previously a laptop, as regular readers may recall), ten-finger typing.  I felt too tired for such effort, and my coffeemaker was taking forever.  Now, however, I have had a few sips, so phew! I am a slave to the brew!

“It’s my coffee!” “No, it’s mine!”

It never fails.  I go searching Facebook for an image I have seen many times, and it is not to be found.  I am not adept at these things. I finally went to my Media Library and settled for Bela Lugosi fighting a beast in The Ape Man.  I believe I have seen that movie but cannot remember who wins the tussle.

On the cuter side…

I would like to say this is me after coffee, but no such luck.  I have my cute moments, but…

One of my favorites.

I am not currently drinking out of this mug, but wouldn’t it be cool if I was?   The mug was given to me by my late, much beloved husband, Steve.  We loved The Princess Bride.

And now I am over 200 words.  Score!  Time for another cup of coffee before work.



I Get By With A Little Help From My Fiends

I thought of that title earlier, when I knew I would be making a Monstrous Monday Post.  I fear this one will be heavy on monsters, light on commentary.  I am not only tired, there is a Columbo episode playing that I have never seen!  Well, it is on DVD, so I could pause or stop it, but I want the background noise.  I don’t have television, remember? Oh, why should I expect people to remember every little thing about me? What an ego!

Where was I?  Ah yes, Monstrous Monday.

“Puttin’ onna Reeeeetz!”

Here is a nice shot from Young Frankenstein.  If you have seen it, you will get the caption.  If you have not seen it, I recommend you do.

I feel a little like screaming myself.

Here is The Screaming Skull, one of my favorites. I guess today’s post does not have a theme.  I’m just vamping.

There’s the problem!

I guess it’s just my usual Monday malaise.  We’ll blame it on that, at any rate.

Ah, there’s my favorite guy!

I did not want to close without including a picture of Nosferatu, of the eponymous 1922 silent movie, still one of the scariest movies ever.

I am just about 200 words.  I guess I’m not too light on commentary after all.  Such as it is.  Happy Monday, folks!


Monstrous Monday Sucked the Life Right Outta Me

All I can manage today is a Monstrous Monday Post, and we’ll see how well I can manage that.  Full disclosure: sometimes it seems easier to troll my Media Library than to download new stuff.  My technological know-how seems to be going downhill.  How can that be?  Never mind.  On with the post!

“I bid you velcome to my blog post.”

I just watched the Bela Lugosi Dracula yesterday.  I was trying to think of a horror movie to watch and remembered this was one Steven did not often want to see.  Under the heading Now That He’s Gone, I suppose, although I confess it was not the thrill I was hoping for.

“Uh, I’m kind of in the middle of something here!”

Moving to an older vampire movie, I think Nosferatu looks a little startled in this shot.  Of course, vampires do not usually expect to be interrupted in their work.  I understand that is one advantage to the night shift.

These two look rather neutral.


To continue with the vampire theme, here are two from  Mark of the Vampire.  I have not seen this one in a while.

Gotta get me an outfit like that!

Not having much else to say, I add another photo from Mark of the Vampire.  I’m afraid this has been rather a dull post, but I hope you have at least enjoyed the pictures.  As usual, I’ll try for a better blog post tomorrow.


Welcome To My Quagmire

Sometimes I have a To Hell With It Day on Monday.  OK, most weeks I do. I often feel that if I just get through Monday, I have done enough.  That is why I usually do a Monstrous Monday Post.  It is all I want to manage.  And some Mondays, I just go to bed and leave it for Tuesday.

I am trying not to do that today.  I already sloughed off fixing my lunch till tomorrow.    I almost sloughed off putting out garbage till next week but at the last minute put out what little I have.  Full disclosure: I felt self-conscious about being the only house on the block without containers out front.  Then I felt ridiculous for being self-conscious about such a thing.  For heavens’ sake, why should I care what anybody thinks about me putting out garbage every other week?   Additionally, why should I flatter myself that anybody even notices? What do I think they say? “That crazy old lady in the yellow  house, she doesn’t even put out garbage every week. Does she just let it pile up in her kitchen?  Eeww!”

A neighbor giving me the side-eye because of my garbage habits.

I thought I would throw in a picture, to get myself out of the quagmire of the previous paragraph.  That is a good word: quagmire.  I think it describes many of my blog posts and much of my life.  At least my mind, much of the time.

I seem to have lost my head.

I was looking for a suitably quagmirish photo but could not find one.  I settle for Joan Crawford in StraitJacket. “She’s insane! She’s insane!”  I just don’t imagine I’m that bad.

Side note:  I am actually finishing and posting this early Tuesday morning.  I add this in the interests of accuracy.


My Rules on Monstrous Monday

I have often said that writing begets writing, and I have been writing several things this evening, yet here I sit, looking at a blank space on my “Add New Post” screen.  Maybe I was writing the wrong things.  I wrote a couple journal entries and finished a letter to a friend.  By my rule of Any Writing Counts, that should help.  Then again, why do I think that my rule made up by me has to always be true?

“Why oh whyyyyy can’t I make a blog post?”

I throw in a picture of a monster, because it is Monday.  Regular readers know how I love my Monstrous Monday Posts.

Is this the formula for a decent blog post?

If I continue to add pictures of monsters, I’m sure I can get to 200 words.  I realize making blog posts of at least 200 words is just another one of My Rules For Me.  What is it with me and rules?

Are they pondering the rules of magic?

I wonder if I think something magic is going to happen if I follow these rules.  For example, when I started this blog, I decided I was going to make a post every day for one year.  I did pretty good for the first year, and not bad off and on for the subsequent years (it’s been almost 12).  I don’t know that anything magic happened.  I don’t make up the rules about what counts as magic.


Of Cows and Monsters

What, is it going to be Late Post Week?  I made Sunday’s post on Monday, now I’m making Monday’s post on Tuesday.  What the hell, me?  Never mind the recriminations, let’s make with the monsters!


OK, these are not monsters.  It is a photo from Cabot Creamery Co-operative, one of my Facebook Likes. They share a lot of sweet pictures of cows.  This showed up in my  On This Day yesterday.  I shared it on my News feed then downloaded it, thinking I would use it to soften my blog post about my crappy Sunday.  Then I went a different way, and you know me:  Waste Not Want Not!

Graphic depiction of me trying to rise above my problems.

Here is a bona fide monster, one of my own Halloween decorations.  I say it is a graphic depiction of me, but I will never be that skinny, even if I do go back on the South Beach Diet.

“Follow me! To the graveyard! Ah ha ha ha ha!”

This pleasant fellow, Elliott Ghoul by name, stands in my window all year long.  In previous years, my husband Steven would turn him off after the spooky season, but this year he is still entertaining me by going off at loud noises or when headlights go by just right.

So this is my Monday blog post.  I don’t know if my Monstrous Monday Posts are getting old, but I still enjoy them.  Regular readers know I often find comfort in the macabre.  I hope your Monday was swell and your Tuesday is even better.


Monsters or Memories?

I am having a difficult time getting myself to do anything.  However, I persevere in trying.  I paid a few bills today, worked on organizing papers, took a couple walks, and drove to Cherry Valley, NY, in search of something to write about for Mohawk Valley Living magazine (preview of coming attractions).  But it doesn’t feel like I got a whole lot accomplished, and I spent a good deal of time feeling unmoored. Never mind that last sentence, let me get on with attempting some semblance of a blog post.

“I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!”

This is how I feel, only not so skinny.  I have put on a few pounds recently.  I have not been running or walking.  In addition to having a nagging cold, I fell down my front steps and hurt my back.  The back is feeling a little better, though, so I may ignore my cough and try a run tomorrow.

This was a great evening.

I move from monsters and moaning to memories with a shot of my recently dedeparted husband, Steve, on Richfield Springs Scenic Railway.  I would like to go on that again.

Isn’t he cute?

Here is a monstrous memory:  Steven in costume at the Halloween Party at Herkimer VFW in October 2021.

So this is my Monday blog post: a couple monsters, a couple memories, and a little moaning about my ills. As always, thank you for tuning in.


Is My Life Really So Monstrous?

Late posts continue, and I do not know why I feel the need to point out my deficiencies.  After all, if they are not obvious to the casual observer, can they be all that bad?  Discuss amongst yourselves.

In the meantime, it is Tuesday morning, and I chose to have a second cup of coffee and make a blog post (or some semblance thereof), rather than do the dishes (don’t judge me for not doing them as soon as they got dirty), fix my lunch, or do any of the other chores hanging over me like a hulking creature promising doom.

Hey, wouldn’t a hulking creature be a monster?  I have led myself right into a Monstrous Monday Post.

He’s scary!   But the movie is fun.

If it conquered the world, I do not feel that I am so much at fault if it keeps me from getting my stuff done.  Then again — Spoiler Alert! — it does not actually conquer the world, although it makes a good try.

Not exactly hulking, but definitely threatening.

This, of course, is from Nosferatu (1922), a delightfully frightening movie. I am afraid I resemble the person on the left, trying ineffectually to escape but not really doing anything of use. I get a little impatient with movie characters who can’t seem to do anything but stare, scream, run the wrong way, fall down, or some combination.  Then again, if the monster had no victims, it would not be much of a horror movie.  I suppose it could still work as suspense, but that is a longer discussion than I care to embark upon before breakfast.

Oh, I could just scream!

I end with an image from The Screaming Skull. I think skulls always look like they are smiling.  This inspires me to start my day with a smile.  After a smile costs me nothing and may brighten someone else’s day.  On that not so monstrous note, I bid you farewell and thank you for tuning in.


I Decide on Monsters

I think I can just about manage a Monstrous Monday Post.  I must have used that sentence before,  because my predictive text thingy was way ahead of me.  As I composed it in my head while I waited for my Tablet to catch up with me, I followed it with the observation that “manage a Monstrous Monday ” was alliterative, and that made me feel better already.  As I pecked it in (one letter at a time with the stylus, I need hardly add, since I already mentioned the Tablet), I felt that “just about” and “Post” detracted from the alliteration, so I stopped feeling better.

What a ridiculous paragraph!  I am getting all bogged down!  Quick, throw in a monster to pep things up!

I should have used him last, to wrap things up.

He is not a particularly peppy fellow, at least in that shot.  But he is a monster I have not used recently, and I felt I should pick something.  I am dreadfully indecisive and must constantly fight with myself to make and stick with choices.

This guy looks a little more energetic.

My husband Steven and I just watched this movie yesterday.  I just loves me a Hammer horror movie.

Look out, monsters!

Before my indecisiveness conquered me completely, I chose this picture of Peter Cushing.  He was not in Dracula Has Risen from the Grave.  I missed him, although I enjoyed Christopher Lee, as always.

I see I am approaching 250 words.  That is surely enough nonsense from me for one blog post (and I will call you Shirley if I decide to) (then again, I am known to be indecisive).  Once again, I thank you for tuning in.


Elliott Ghoul, Can You Help Me Now?

I guess it was not a massively Monstrous Monday.  Yet I am making a Monstrous Monday Post, because I ain’t got much else.  Also, I want to read the book I just got out of Basloe Library in Herkimer, NY:  The Poisoner’s Handbook by Deborah Blum (and yes, autocorrect,  I meant “Poisoner’s” not “Prisoner’s”).

Is it just me, or does he look a little jolly?

Here is a shot I have always liked from The Screaming Skull.”  I believe I wrote a blog post about it, but I am too lazy to try to track it down to link back to it.

I should try to get a shot with his eyes bright red.

Here is a non-movie monster, our own Elliott Ghoul.  He says things like, “Follow me… to the graveyard!  Ah ha ha ha ha!”  I appreciate anybody who says, “Ah ha ha ha ha!”  It is what I say when I accomplish a task or find sonething I have been searching for.

Oh crap!  I just accidentally hit Publish!  I hope nobody reads this before I finish it and hit Update.

A closer but more blurry shot.

Elliott stays in our window all year long.  Last year, my husband, Steven turned him off so he stopped saying things.  I was delighted when he turned him back on in October.

I see I am over 200 words.  That is good news for me, because I want to hit Update.  And read that book!