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Oh Yeah, Tired Tuesday

I just this minute remembered I ought to make a blog post today.

Just to make it look like I have been doing something.

Earlier tonight I had a rehearsal for Shooting at the Grange, the murder mystery we are putting on to benefit Salisbury Grange on April 29.  I think it went OK.  Herkimer Elks Lodge graciously allowed us to use their space for our rehearsal. I love those guys at the Elks Lodge!

We plan to rehearse at the Elks Lodge again tomorrow then at the Grange on Thursday.

I can’t wait for everybody to see the Grange!

Here is a photo from when I visited the Grange’s Open House a couple weekends ago.  One of my cast members went there too.  I was so pleased!  I think it is a great space and I am very excited to perform there.  I am only disappointed I do not have a role in this murder mystery.

I had hoped to take a couple of rehearsal shots from tonight’s run-throughs for this post.  However, since I was reading one of the parts myself, I neglected to do so.

Not exactly a related photo.

I searched my Media Library for a picture from another murder mystery at the Elks Lodge and found this one from Donate to Murder in November 2021.  It was to benefit Herkimer County Historical Society.  This fall we may do one to benefit the Elks.  After all, they have been so nice to us about rehearsal space!



Rehearsal at the Elks for the Grange

I just returned from a rehearsal for Shooting at the Grange, the murder mystery we are putting on to benefit Salisbury Grange on April 29.  We rehearsed at Herkimer Elks Lodge,  which was gracious enough to accommodate us.  Now I am hoping to make my blog post before going to bed. Full disclosure:  I had a couple of glasses of wine at the Elks.  I was not driving,  I add for those who might be concerned.

Making this a Way-Back Wednesday.

This is the room at the Elks Lodge we were in, although it is a shot from September 2018, when we did Donate to Murder for the Elks.

Earlier today, after I learned that two actors could not make today’s rehearsal due to illness, I vowed this would be my last murder mystery.  It is too difficult,  I said, to find actors, to schedule rehearsals, etc. etc…

Well tonight I heard myself talking to the head Elk (the Grand something or other, how embarrassing that I don’t remember) about doing a murder mystery for the Elks this fall.  My feeling is,they are being so nice about letting us rehearse there.  Additionally , I have been having such a nice time sitting st the bar, arranging for rehearsals then before and after rehearsal,  Why would I not want to do something for these people?

Oh, OK, one more time.

I throw in the information about Shooting at the Grange, just for good measure.


Not Exactly Cinema But Not a Bad Sunday

I thought I might make a Sunday Cinema Post, but I am only on my first movie and getting tired.  I did watch the rest of a Columbo episode I started last night.  I suppose that counts.

She was divine!

The movie I am currently enjoying is Death on the Nile, a star-studded Agatha Christie romp (come on, autocorrect, Agatha is a well-known name!).  This is the wonderful Angela Lansbury as Salome Otterbourne, alcoholic writer of sexy romance novels.  I would SO love to play that character!  I kind of did when I was Ruby VanRenssalaer in Rubbed Out at Ruby’s, a murder mystery of my own devise.

Two more delightful divas.

Here are two more stars who stud the movie, Bette Davis and Maggie Smith.  So delightful to watch these two old pros playing off each other.

I have done a few useful things today.   I ran,  I did laundry,  I went grocery shopping, I wrote a letter which I walked to the post office.  From the post office, I walked to Herkimer Elks Lodge, where I secured space for Wednesday’s rehearsal of Shooting at the Grange, our upcoming murder mystery.

Back home, I watched Columbo before putting in the aforementioned Agatha Christie but also made a salad for the week’s lunches.  I call this not a bad Sunday.  Is it not a bad blog post?  You decide.

Today there is not “one more thing.”


Why I Didn’t Make a Blog Post This Time

I guess the entire week is late posts.  Yesterday I went in search of rehearsal space for Shooting at the Grange, the murder mystery we are working on.  I wanted to ask at Basloe Library, which closed at five on Thursdays, so I hustled home from work so I could get in a shower and make myself presentable, no easy task.  I managed it in pretty good time, though, and was soon on my way.

It turns out the library is under construction, so my first thought of a room was unavailable.  I had a very nice conversation with the lady there, though.

“The construction workers have all their stuff in there,”the lady said.

“Rats!” I said.

“I hope not rats!” she said.  Good point.  We chatted some more about other things as well as aboit the murder mystery.  If we cannot find another space, we might be able to sit in their cafe and run lines, just keeping our voices down.

I tried the Marine Corps League in Ilion.  They have big signs up, saying, “Members Only, No Exceptions,”  which I found a little intimidating, but they were very nice.  I have to call a guy to see if there is a room available when we need it.  I thought I should buy a drink, since I had parked in a space marked “Customers Only,” but a guy was buying the house a round and included me. I thought that was very nice of him.

After I got home, I decided to walk to the Elks Lodge, which is near my house.  We rehearsed there for murder mysteries that were performed there, so I thought maybe they would be so kind.  It turns out they would, if the space is available.  I stayed for a glass of wine there as well.  The people at the  Elks are very nice, too.

So when I got home, I still had to fix supper, and I was tired.  I have been running around every day this week.  What the hell, me?  Tonight I mean to stay home and make my Friday blog post on Friday.  As always, I hope you’ll stat tuned.

Just to throw in an illustration.


Late Post, Tired Shout-out

So I did pretty good for a few days at posting every day, then last night I went to bed unblogged. In my defense I voted and had rehearsal. Additionally, I got very little sleep Monday night and had a frustrating day at work. Then again my work day could have been worse, and I slept better last night. Under the heading Count My Blessings.

Where was I? Ah yes, making Late Tired Tuesday Post. How about a brief shout-out for our murder mystery, which is this Saturday (yikes!).

These posters are up all over town.

Donate to Murder, written by me by the way, is interactive dinner theatre, in which the audience gets to meet the characters, ask questions and try to solve the mystery, while enjoying a delicious meal catered by Dominick’s Deli. The event, which is a benefit for the Herkimer County Historical Society, takes place at Herkimer Elks Lodge, doors open at 5:30 p.m. with dinner at 6:30 p.m.

I guess all the information in the preceding paragraph is in the poster. I guess I’m still a little tired.

Oh Yeah, the Murder Mystery!

I had meant to make a Post Rehearsal Post last night, but I was too tired (you know, Tired Tuesday). I also meant to take a few pictures at rehearsal, but, well, I forgot. Oh dear.

I think it’s a nice poster.

Steven and I were delighted to see the above flier on WKTV’s Morning Mug Club yesterday morning. I have not heard how ticket sales are going, but a lot of people have expressed interest.

Rehearsal went pretty well. I think we need a little more work on lines, but we’re getting there. I, personally, am trying to learn everybody’s lines, so I can help if there’s a problem during performance. One would think this would be easy for me, since I wrote the whole thing. What, am I supposed to remember everything I ever wrote? That would be difficult, especially since I continually strive to write more of everything.

I guess you can read all the information in the poster (I’m having a little trouble with the Preview function on my Tablet) (imagine that: me having trouble with an electronic device! Say it ain’t so!), but in case you can’t: Donate to Murder, interactive dinner theatre, will be presented to benefit Herkimer County Historical Society on Saturday, Nov. 6, at the Herkimer Elks Lodge. Doors open at 5:30 p.m., dinner at 6:30 p.m. Tickets are $35, available at the Historical Society or by calling 315-866-6413.


I have missed theatre! Last night, I took another step closer to returning to the stage when I attended a second rehearsal for an upcoming murder mystery!

Donate to Murder was originally scheduled for spring of 2020, as a fundraiser for the Herkimer County Historical Society. We all know how that went! It is finally back on, Saturday, Nov. 6 at the Herkimer Elks Lodge.

This is the poster.

We had to make a couple of cast changes from the original, but rehearsals are going well. We are rehearsing at the Elks Lodge. Those Elks are so nice! It is always better to rehearse in the actual performance space. A few more props to gather, a few more lines to learn, and we are in business. Show business!

I try to take a few pictures at our next rehearsal. In the meantime, I just wanted to briefly express my delight about acting once again!

Thank You, Elks and Others

People have been helping people a lot this year, and I have had my share. Today I got a free turkey from the Elks Club, an offer they made to everyone who was laid off from my previous place of employment.  They sent a letter with a form to fill out saying you wanted a turkey and how many in the household.  Then they sent a voucher with instructions for pick up.

This morning, I went to Mary Street, where Herkimer Elks Lodge is located, and there were not many cars in front of me.  I had my mask on, as did the volunteers, and I did not have to leave the car. 

The view from the driver’s seat.

Two volunteers met me at the end of the street and looked at my voucher.  As I drove past, I thought to grab my phone and take a couple of pics for a blog post.

I stuck my phone out the window to try for a better shot.

Santa Claus handed me two candy canes.  I said I had to get a picture of him for my blog.  The other volunteers told me I could take him with me if I wanted.

“Hop in!” I said, but he did not avail himself of the invitation.

It was quite a fine Santa suit.

In addition to the turkey, they gave us potatoes and a box of stuffing mix.  The food was in a nice reusable bag.  What a generous gift!  A paper in the bag told me it was from the Doug Christman Project.

Several organizations involved!

Now that I am gainfully employed again, I must find ways to pay this forward.  In the meantime, the turkey is in the freezer, and we may use some of the potatoes tomorrow in a Shepherd’s Pie.


Murder Mystery Memories

How about a fast Throwback Thursday post instead of the flustered Non-Sequitur Thursday post that I really feel is more along the lines of what I am capable of at this moment.  I am soon to hurry to a rehearsal of Morning’s at Seven, pausing on the way to drop off a script for A Trivial Murder.  Everything will be fine.  I don’t have to be off book tonight.

You may remember these suspicious characters.

Here is a good murder mystery memory: A G.R.A.V.E. Murder, which we presented in October 2017 to benefit the Herkimer County Historical Society.  I am looking forward to A Trivial Murder, which is also for the historical society.

Don’t you just love my hat?

And here is another murder mystery memory:  Donate to Murder, which LiFT, the Little Fall Theatre Company, presented at Herkimer Elks Lodge this past September.  I hope they invite us back.

I may wear those same shoes for Morning’s at Seven.

I like these pictures so much, I think I’ll share a couple more.  Here’s me and Steve and our buddy, Tucker, in the middle.  I wrote Tucker’s character especially for him, after he told me what sort of person he would like to portray.  I think I’ll close with a picture of the character, Renwick Spaulding.

“You wanna see my bug collection?”

Happy Thursday, everyone!


Getting Ready to Kill!

Just when I thought I was going to have to make a fast, foolish post before getting ready for our show tonight, I checked my email and found pictures!  My friend Matt  took these pictures at last night’s rehearsal.  Now I can talk some more about Donate to Murder.  This will be great!

Donate to Murder, regular readers may recall, is the murder mystery LiFT, Little Falls Theatre Company, is presenting at the Herkimer Elks Lodge tonight.  I really need to be showering and getting ready, but of course blog posts must be made (or else they are not blog posts).  So here are the pictures and a few brief comments by me.

Now when a woman has a flower in her teeth, they say it’s sexy.

This is Renwick Spaulding, a lover of bugs.  When I gave him a rolling cockroach I just happened to have (a relic of another murder mystery), he immediately adopted it as his best friend, Edward.  Now Edward is my favorite character in the play.  Good playwrights are not resistant to script changes.

Personally, I think plaid is sexy.

My husband, Steven, is also featured as Dudley Turnbull, a lover of dogs but hater of dog poo.  My character, Miss Phoebe Larkspur, cringes when he mentions “poop” instead of saying the dogs “do their business.”  The other lady is Flora Fertenza, a kind of a flower child.

It’s a dramatic moment. Take my word for it.


I have a little hostility towards Flora at first.

Yes, one of these people is a murderer.

Here is the whole crew: Phoebe Larkspur, Meryl Barrymore, Flora Fertenza, Harold Greene, Dudley Turnbull, and Renwick Spaulding.

And now I have to jump in the shower.  Crap, I hope I can remember my lines!