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The Blog That Wouldn’t Die?

Late posts, I just can’t seem to avoid them.  No discipline. No work ethic.  And very little brain.

My brain, unfortunately, would and apparently did.

This is not the image I just spent an embarrassingly long time searching my Media Library for (and I will end a sentence with a preposition if I want to).  I wanted The Brain from the Planet Arous.  I could so get into watching some cheesy horror movies today.  Then I could do a Sunday Cinema Post.

As for Saturday,  it was a lost cause.  I got my run in, I did a load of laundry (oh crap I just remembered I was going to do another one this morning), I spent a small amount of time chipping away at the vast mess I call home, I got together with my friend Kim for a little while.  I did not make it to the Mohawk American Legion to hear The Posers, as I had mentioned in my Lame Post Friday post (which regular readers may remember that I made on Saturday morning).  I did manage to have a pleasant evening with my husband, Steve.  So perhaps the day was not a total loss.

However, I fear my Saturday blog post is.  No matter.  I can only go on from here.  I will once again try for a better blog post next time.  And as always, thank you for tuning in.


Lost Love’s Labour?

Can I make a Wrist to Forehead Sunday Post?  I am feeling like swooning on a handy chaise lounge, dramatically posed with the back of one wrist to my forehead.  Of course I have no such chaise lounge available. What I do have is a dreadful case of Post Play Letdown.  Yes, it can kick in thus soon after the end of the play.

Full disclosure: I am mostly feeling happy right now.  I was in a play!  And people liked it!   It mostly went well.  I remembered most of my lines.  What more could I ask for?

Me, wondering what else I could ask for.

I feel very relieved that I have no rehearsals to go to in the coming week.  I feel strongly inclined to never put myself in the position of having to have to go to rehearsals ever again.

People who know anything at all about theatre people know this is a lot of hooey.  Not have to go to rehearsal?  That would mean I would never do any form of theatre again.  That’s crazy talk!

In fact, after the performance as most of the cast enjoyed food and drink at Mangia Macrina’s Pizza in Little Falls,  NY (just to sneak in a plug of s local business), the subject of murder mysteries came up.  OK, I brought it up.  But several people expressed interest.

And so it goes.  One show ends, another one starts.  How soon does it start?  We shall see.  As always, I hope you’ll stay tuned.


Never Mind Lame, How About Love?

Yes, I was lame enough to miss my Lame Post Friday post (and my predictive text thingy is really falling down on the job; it used to always jump right in with “Post Friday post” when I typed in “Lame”) (pecked in one letter at a time with the stylus, I like to add).

Where was I?  Ah yes, posting late and lame, neither of which is an unusual situation for me.  Yesterday morning I made Thursday’s post with no apology for its being late.  Full disclosure: at first I typed in a couple of sentences about it but deleted them.  I did not want to distract from the post, which I thought was a good, non-lame one, plugging both a local business and my upcoming Shakespeare play (alas, I did not get a lot of blogger love, but you’ll have that).

I love our cast.

Since I mentioned our Shakespeare play, I thought I’ve throw in another rehearsal shot.  It took me a little time to be sure I wasn’t uploading the same picture twice.  Now that I have more storage space in my Media Library, I am careful of preserving it.

I will just mention that this blog may become All Love’s Labour’s Lost All The Time.  One week from today is Opening Afternoon!  Hmm, that does not have the same ring to it as Opening Night.  Never mind.  It will be fun.

Once again, Love’s Labour’s Lost, will be presented by LiFT, Little Falls Theatre Company at Benton’s Landing in Little Falls, NY, August 13 and 14 at 1 p.m., part of Little Falls Canal Celebration. Free admission! I hope to see you there!



PS It Is Over 200 Words

Hey, it’s St. Patrick’s Day! For my Non-Sequitur Thursday Post, I will look for pictures with green in my Media Library.

Is it easy being green?

Here is Bridezilla and Groom from the Halloween Party at the Herkimer VFW last October. At my wedding, the bridesmaids wore green. I do not have any pictures from that, alas.

Maybe it is easy being green.

Here is our Rose of Sharon, with, it seems, only one bloom. She has sported more at other times.

I forgot about this one!

This was taken in Little Falls, NY, near the antiques shops at Canal Place.

Can you see my green eyes?

OK, here is a silly one. It is a selfie from when I was doing a challenge to raise awareness of diabetes: do 34 minutes of exercise for 34 days, and post a selfie, because over 34 million Americans suffer from diabetes. At least that was the number on 2020. I include the picture, because I was wearing the same headband today.

I have not reached my usual goal of 200 words. However, I will sign off now so as to avoid finishing this post tomorrow morning, with or without coffee. If only I could think of a punchy title worthy of Non-Sequitur Thursday, I would be reasonably content.

Should I Be A Yesferatu?

It is appropriate that I make my Thursday post Friday morning, because I work Saturday, thereby rendering my Friday Thursday-like. Monday through Friday workers understand. Others are welcome to roll their eyes and say, “Must be nice!” or “Amateur!” or whatever snide comment comes to mind. I guess a Non-Sequitur Thursday post is similarly appropriate, although I would rather prefer a Throwback Thursday. Perhaps I could combine the two. I’ve had my coffee.

An artist’s depiction of me reacting to Saturday overtime

Last night my husband, Steve, and I drove into Rome, NY, to my parents’ house. My Aunt Stefi was visiting, as was my sister Vicki. Discussion turned to my blog. Vicki expressed her enjoyment of my shared pictures of Nosferatu.

“He’s my favorite,” I admitted, which regular readers may know. This picture is a definite throwback, since the movie was released in 1922. Coincidentally, 22 is my favorite number.

I get a little confused.

Here is an image appropriate to Non-Sequitur Thursday. I recall one morning arriving to work at a sadly early hour and thinking, “I wish it was Thursday instead of Wednesday.” Pause. “Idiot, it’s Tuesday.”

This is a rather silly post. You’ll have that, especially with me. On the brighter side, I am up to 200 words. Score! Will I make my Lame Post Friday post on Friday? We shall see. As always, I hope you’ll stay tuned.

It Is a Black and Grey Scarf

So I guess yesterday was a true Wuss-out Wednesday, since I declined to post at all. What, I wonder, is my problem? I actually wrote quite a bit before work and on breaks, blog and novel. Then I came home, hung out for a bit, went to dinner, came home, and knitted while watching Dateline. I finished another scarf. Anybody need a scarf?

Is this for Corn Hole?

We ate at The Tin Cup Tavern and Grille, just south of Little Falls, NY on Route 5. I am hoping to write about them for Mohawk Valley Living magazine. The deadline is today. Yikes!

Full disclosure: the article is mostly written; I just said Yikes to be dramatic. In fact, this was our third visit to the Tin Cup. I really did not feel like cooking.

My question now is: will I post again later so this is a late Wednesday post, or will I fail to post and call this Non-Sequitur Thursday? A little suspense adds interest to my day.

Not a Post

This just a note to let my readers know why I did not post yesterday and why I may not post for the next few days. Yesterday I lost a very dear friend. I felt and feel too sad to post.

Full disclosure: yesterday afternoon Steven and I did leave the house to meet another friend, and we had a very nice time. But now I don’t feel right posting about having fun.

No doubt I will feel differently in the future. For one reason, I want to continue to be a booster for the area, and I took some pictures at the fun business we were at. Perhaps it is selfish of me not to plug that business at this time, but self-recriminations help no one, so never mind that.

In the meantime, Please excuse me.

Another Fun Fratello’s Night

We went to Fratello’s Pizzeria in Frankfort, NY yesterday (Wednesday)for food and music. Full disclosure: I mostly wanted to order a salad so I would have leftovers for my lunch Thursday and Friday.


We grooved to the sounds of Matt Grainger. I love his guitar work. We sang along to most of the songs. Luckily not very loudly (neither of us has the best voice).

I got an Antipasto while Steven got a small garlic pizza. He nicely gave me a piece of it. Yum! He was a little concerned when he ordered that it would be too large. I pointed out that pizza leftovers are good too, for breakfast or lunch. A guy at the bar pointed out that leftover pizza is good hot or cold. In fact, I am enjoying a cold piece as I type this in early Thursday morning.

As usual, we got great service from our favorite bartender, Toni. I admired her pen.

The tail wiggled when she wrote.

I do enjoy these week night adventures, even when I don’t write about them right away

Thank You, Mona’s!

Thank God for Mona’s Diner! Last Saturday there was no food in my house. Oh, OK, I still had a dozen eggs. I could have made scrambled eggs or even an omelet (full disclosure: I had a little ham and cheese, too).

BUT my kitchen sink was clogged. It had happened the night before, when I was about half way through the dishes (yes, there were a lot of them for just me, don’t judge). I thought I had solved the problem with Liquid Plumber, a small plunger, and time. When I went to finish doing the dishes Saturday morning, I found I had done no such thing. I tried by best to finish the dishes anyways, with questionable success (don’t worry: I’ll rewash the questionable ones before I use them; I’m lazy, I’m not an animal).

I was disinclined to dirty more dishes. In fact, I was quite discouraged to find I had missed a glass (the previous afternoon’s iced coffee, which I had brought upstairs with me when I went to shower and change before going to visit Steven at the nursing home).

All this by long way of explaining why I treated myself to breakfast at Mona’s Diner in Mohawk, NY. The waitress carried a mug and the pot of coffee over to my table when I arrived, to save time when she asked would I like coffee. Oh yes! Even if I did have some earlier. Coffee is almost always welcome.

I ordered a wrap sandwich with bacon, egg and cheese. It was large and yummy! I felt well able to face the rest of my day.

Mona’s is located at 32 E. Main St., Mohawk, NY. You can follow her on Facebook for pictures of all the good food she has to offer.

More Pics from the Sunday Stroll

This is part two of my Sunday Stroll, to use the pictures I took with my Tablet, because waste not, want not. After mailing the card to my friend (the reason for the walk, for those of you just tuning in), I continued up Prospect Sreet, where I saw some lovely dark clouds.

I also tried to get the trees.
I like this one even better,

The sun was shining in the sky behind me, as you can tell by the brightness.

A better sky shot.
A good tree and sky shot.

I shared two of these pictures on the WKTV Facebook page. Jill Reale shared one on the morning news cast. That is always fun for me. Bill Kardas shared one on Facebook, saying the clouds were asperatus clouds, which look threatening but only bring scattered showers. So I feel recognized by the WKTV weather crew.

Reaching German Street, I walked past my street to Trinity Lutheran Church, so I could get a shot of their flowers, which I had noticed on my morning run.

Now those are some daffodils!
I wish I had zoomed in more.

I enjoyed my little walk, and I love seeing signs of spring!