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Still Shooting (for an On-Time Blog Post)

Before this blog at last segues out of All Shooting at the Grange All The Time,  I would like to use up the last four pictures I took on Saturday.  For a late Tired Tuesday Post, I thought it would beat whining about how tired I am (more than is warranted, I feel) (both my tiredness and my whining).

One actor is blurry; I am nobody’s idea of a good photographer.

This shot shows the stage, which we only used briefly.  The actors thought it would be better to stay amidst the audience, and I agreed.  We have a lot of Actor’s Choice in my murder mysteries, although I reserve the right to all final decisions.

Another blurry actor, but what a fabulous outfit she has on!

As I said before, it was very uncomfortable for me to watch the mingling without participating.  To me it is the most fun part of the shows.

You wouldn’t believe this was the guy with the bugs in Donate to Murder.

One of the other fun parts of these shows is seeing actors play different roles.  Tucker, for example, was the dashing leading man on Saturday but previously played the creepy Renwick Spaulding.  I was thinking about writing a mystery called Renwick’s Revenge (preview of coming attractions).

A better view of the fabulous outfit, including the boots.

The actor on the right (as you may have noticed, I do the thing of referring to both male and females as actors) is new to my murder mysteries.  She came on Tucker’s recommendation, and a good recommendation it was!  The other two, a mother/daughter team) participated last November in He Laughed Himself to Death.  I was delighted to work with them again.

So I have gone a whole two days without definitely committing to another murder mystery, although I know a few groups who would like one.  Well, perhaps with no commitments or definite plans to actually perform it, I might just start writing a few notes on Renwick’s Revenge. No promises.




About That Murder Mystery…

Regular readers may be anxious to know how our murder mystery turned out, and I kept them in suspense by neglecting to post either Saturday or Sunday.  Or perhaps I flatter myself.  For anybody just tuning in, I refer to Shooting at the Grange, which we presented to benefit Salisbury Grange on April 29.

She welcomes you to my blog post.

I foolishly did not get pictures of each character, but I did take a few shots while the actors mingled with the audience before the scripted part of the performance.

They got a big crowd.

Everybody seemed to be having a fine time.  For my part, I was a little uncomfortable, because I am usually one of the actors.  I wanted to be out there interacting with the audience, dropping clues and dissing the other characters!

The Grange volunteers were very sweet.

They served pulled pork, corn, potatoes, cole slaw and rolls.  The actors and I ate after the performance.  It was delicious!

I should have gotten a closer shot of that glamorous character.

The whole thing went pretty well.  The audience seemed to enjoy it.  The actors did a good job.  The Grange people are hoping we will return with another murder mystery,  perhaps this fall.

I personally need to take a break.  When I mentioned this to a co-worker on Friday (incidentally, I had named the victim after this particular co-worker), he said, “Then on Monday, you’ll say, ‘I have an opportunity to write another murder mystery.’ ”

Who, me? Write another murder mystery?


Still Flustered, No Longer Friday

As flustered as I was on Thursday, I remained so on Friday.  So much so that I did not make a blog post.  Part of me says, why call attention to my failings?  Just make the blog post.  No one will care if it is late.  If they do, as a co-worker of mine used to say, they’ll get over it or they’ll get therapy.

Once again making this blog  All Shooting at the Grange All The Time,  my mission, if I chose to accept it (just to throw in a ’70’s television reference), was to print out and photocopy programs for our murder mystery, which goes up today, April 29 at Salisbury Grange.  A cast member has revised the program I had first typed up, a mere one page outlining the setting and characters.  She had also made up little forms for people to write their guesses on.  My cast members always go above and beyond!

I love my cast.

My problems were mostly of timing.  I wanted to go to Basloe Library in Herkimer to print them.  They close at five and I believe like to shut down the computers a half hour before closing.  I get into town just before four, filthy dirty from my job (I add, in case anybody thinks I am complaining, that it is a perfectly good job and I am washable).  I prefer to shower and change before inflicting myself upon places.

As the great philosopher Mick Jagger said, you can’t always get what you want. I went to the library dirty. Nobody complained.  They are always very nice there.  I found out they also make copies, charging the same that they charge per sheet for printing.  In hindsight, I wish I had just printed out 80 copies and had done with, but I wanted to get fancy.

Back home I contacted a couple of retail places that do copies, hoping I could also purchase colored paper to copy on.  Did you know you cannot just call a store and talk to a person any more?  Your call has to be “directed” and sometimes you have to listen to an automated voice and press a bunch of numbers first. Technology! Sheesh!

After that annoyance (yes, yes, I know it is a first world problem!  Once again, Sheesh!), I found out that the places I called charge as much or more as the library! I decided to give my money to the library.  A quick look at Facebook told me Frankfort Free Library was open till seven.  Sweet!

I took a fast shower and hurried to a store which does not need a plug from Mohawk Valley Girl for fancy colored paper.  Feeling I now had plenty of time, I stopped at Valley Wine and Liquor, where they were doing a tasting of Apothic Wines.  I’ll have to write a blog post about that (preview of coming attractions).

In Frankfort I discovered that Facebook had betrayed me.  The library had closed at five.  Alas!  I gave up the mission till Saturday morning.  Since I was in Frankfort, however, I went to Fratello’s Pizzeria for some food and relaxation.

Wow, look!  I am over 500 words!  If you have read to the end, I offer you my most sincere thanks.


Flustered Thursday, Late Post, No Alliteration

Yesterday I was a whirlwind.  Sort of.  I had a few things I felt I had to get done and a limited amount of time to do them in.  Full disclosure: my problems mostly stem from lack of planning and organization on my part.  You are free to judge me or just quietly enjoy feelings of superiority if you so choose.  I am content to stand as a bad example.

I throw in a picture to pep things up.

The reason I was in such a hurry was that we were to rehearse Shooting at the Grange at Salisbury Grange, which is almost a half-hour drive from Herkimer.  My first chore was to throw in a load of laundry, so I would have clean work clothes for tomorrow. I actually acquired another pair of work pants yesterday, so now I have three. Still not enough to get me through the week, but one does what one can.

Laundry in, I put on old sneakers and a hat (to protect my complexion from the sun), went outside, hefted my defective garage door open (broken spring, not my fault), and pulled out my non-power lawn mower. My bunions told me I ought to seize the non-rainy day.  Additionally,  with a non-power mower, it doesn’t do to let the grass get too high.

I intersperse the post with pictures to show that rehearsal was on my mind throughout my gyrations.

Laundry in the drier or hanging on the indoor clothes-drying bars, I did the dishes I had neglected, a truly judge-worthy omission.  While scrubbing I kept an eye on the time.  I still had to shower and get dressed!

I managed it.  I even put together a fairly color-coordinated outfit, although I could not find the ideal blazer.  One settles for less than perfection in this life.  The only thing I did not have time for was supper.  I munched down a roast beef and cheese roll-up with the result that I had to brush my teeth, which I did not have time for.  Luckily Kim was a little late picking me up.

They look thoughtful. Trying to remember lines?

Rehearsal did not go too badly.  The Grange people are very excited about the sold-out show.  I succumbed to their enthusiasm and may write further murder mysteries for their benefit.

First I need to get a handle on making my blog posts on time.


I Wuss Out on my Post Rehearsal Post

Wuss-out Wednesday follows Tired Tuesday,  we all know that.  Or I could call this All Shooting at the Grange All The Time. Full disclosure: I am ready to call it a day and go to bed, with or without a blog post.  What, me go to bed without making a blog post? Say it ain’t so! Additionally,  I am working on my Tablet with a stylus pen that does not work as well as some I have worked with.

Might as well share this again.

I think I heard they have sold out for Saturday.  This is bad news for some cast members who had loved ones who would like to see the show.

When I was better about getting rehearsal shots.

I put in a picture from another murder mystery rehearsal, because I did not get any pictures of tonight’s activities.  I hope to get pictures tomorrow,  when we plan to rehearse at the Grange.

From my Media Library,.

The Grange will look different tomorrow.  They will have tables set up for that sold-out crowd.  We must decide where we will do our part.  Actually I use the term “our” lightly as I do not have an actual role in Saturday’s script.

So this is my Wuss-out Wednesday Post for the week.  Thank you for tuning in.


Oh Yeah, Tired Tuesday

I just this minute remembered I ought to make a blog post today.

Just to make it look like I have been doing something.

Earlier tonight I had a rehearsal for Shooting at the Grange, the murder mystery we are putting on to benefit Salisbury Grange on April 29.  I think it went OK.  Herkimer Elks Lodge graciously allowed us to use their space for our rehearsal. I love those guys at the Elks Lodge!

We plan to rehearse at the Elks Lodge again tomorrow then at the Grange on Thursday.

I can’t wait for everybody to see the Grange!

Here is a photo from when I visited the Grange’s Open House a couple weekends ago.  One of my cast members went there too.  I was so pleased!  I think it is a great space and I am very excited to perform there.  I am only disappointed I do not have a role in this murder mystery.

I had hoped to take a couple of rehearsal shots from tonight’s run-throughs for this post.  However, since I was reading one of the parts myself, I neglected to do so.

Not exactly a related photo.

I searched my Media Library for a picture from another murder mystery at the Elks Lodge and found this one from Donate to Murder in November 2021.  It was to benefit Herkimer County Historical Society.  This fall we may do one to benefit the Elks.  After all, they have been so nice to us about rehearsal space!


Rehearsal at the Elks for the Grange

I just returned from a rehearsal for Shooting at the Grange, the murder mystery we are putting on to benefit Salisbury Grange on April 29.  We rehearsed at Herkimer Elks Lodge,  which was gracious enough to accommodate us.  Now I am hoping to make my blog post before going to bed. Full disclosure:  I had a couple of glasses of wine at the Elks.  I was not driving,  I add for those who might be concerned.

Making this a Way-Back Wednesday.

This is the room at the Elks Lodge we were in, although it is a shot from September 2018, when we did Donate to Murder for the Elks.

Earlier today, after I learned that two actors could not make today’s rehearsal due to illness, I vowed this would be my last murder mystery.  It is too difficult,  I said, to find actors, to schedule rehearsals, etc. etc…

Well tonight I heard myself talking to the head Elk (the Grand something or other, how embarrassing that I don’t remember) about doing a murder mystery for the Elks this fall.  My feeling is,they are being so nice about letting us rehearse there.  Additionally , I have been having such a nice time sitting st the bar, arranging for rehearsals then before and after rehearsal,  Why would I not want to do something for these people?

Oh, OK, one more time.

I throw in the information about Shooting at the Grange, just for good measure.


One Chore Done on Tired Tuesday.

I knew it was Tuesday.

It has been that sort of a day.  Not a bad day really, but my list of things I need to get done grows ever longer while my ambition to do them ever shrinks. But one must persevere.

I got one thing done thanks to Basloe Library in Herkimer, NY.   I needed to print out a few copies of the script for Shooting at the Grange, the murder mystery we are putting on to benefit Salisbury Grange on April 29 (thus I sneak in another plug for the event).  I was a little worried about getting to my email to get to the scripts, which I had sent to myself for the purpose.  It seems emails don’t like you to log into your account on strange devices.  Sometimes they want you to use two tiered identification or whatever they call it, and that is far too complicated for me.

Well, they didn’t ask to send a code to a cell phone I don’t have, but I still needed help getting to the inbox.  The nice people who work at the library helped me.  The whole process took less time than I spent worrying about it.

“You know the feeling when you have a huge list of things to get done and you get one thing done,” I said as I paid for my copies.  The lady at the desk knew the feeling.

One of my favorite places.

I seem to think the sign is not currently there, but I thought the picture would make a good plug for the library.

Speaking of plugs.

I close by showing once again the information for our murder mystery.


Not Exactly Cinema But Not a Bad Sunday

I thought I might make a Sunday Cinema Post, but I am only on my first movie and getting tired.  I did watch the rest of a Columbo episode I started last night.  I suppose that counts.

She was divine!

The movie I am currently enjoying is Death on the Nile, a star-studded Agatha Christie romp (come on, autocorrect, Agatha is a well-known name!).  This is the wonderful Angela Lansbury as Salome Otterbourne, alcoholic writer of sexy romance novels.  I would SO love to play that character!  I kind of did when I was Ruby VanRenssalaer in Rubbed Out at Ruby’s, a murder mystery of my own devise.

Two more delightful divas.

Here are two more stars who stud the movie, Bette Davis and Maggie Smith.  So delightful to watch these two old pros playing off each other.

I have done a few useful things today.   I ran,  I did laundry,  I went grocery shopping, I wrote a letter which I walked to the post office.  From the post office, I walked to Herkimer Elks Lodge, where I secured space for Wednesday’s rehearsal of Shooting at the Grange, our upcoming murder mystery.

Back home, I watched Columbo before putting in the aforementioned Agatha Christie but also made a salad for the week’s lunches.  I call this not a bad Sunday.  Is it not a bad blog post?  You decide.

Today there is not “one more thing.”


At the Grange

Yesterday I drove to Salisbury Grange for their open house.  In addition to my interest in historic buildings, I wanted to scope out the space for Shooting at the Grange ,  our upcoming murder mystery.

I like the stage.

It is a gorgeous place, all beautifully stained wood.  I don’t know why I didn’t take a shot of the ceiling.

It looks solemn to me.

They had it set up the way it used to be for meetings back in the day.  Each officer had their own podium.  Some of them were also Masons, and they borrowed some of the ceremony and symbolism.

“Ooh, the Masons,”  I said.  “They were intense.”  Full disclosure:  my knowledge about the Masons comes mostly from the movie From Hell.

Mason stuff.


Another view.

I spent a lot of time chatting with the Grange volunteers.  They are very excited about the murder mystery and have already sold a number of tickets.  They have great plans for the Grange; they hope it will become a real community center with many different events.

Maybe even a sing-along!

I was taking pictures to show my cast as well as for use here.  I hope we will be able to rehearse at the Grange next week.  It will make a great blog post.

Just to re-iterate the information.