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Dracula, Joan, It’s Lame Post Friday!

I was thinking about making my Lame Post Friday post late once again, but I decided not to be so lame as all that. Earlier  I thought I would have a lazy, relaxed Friday night, so I am lounged on the couch in pajama pants, sipping Sauvignon Blanc and looking at movies.  I just watched Taste the Blood of Dracula then put in Sudden Fear.  Christopher Lee to Joan Crawford.  Why not?

Dracula likes Friday.

I have been watching too many DVDs since I got rid of cable.  Of course I have a somewhat extensive collection, mostly curated by my late, beloved husband Steve.  My problem is, I have to be in the mood for a particular movie, and I seem to have watched all the movies I am currently in the mood for.  I wish I could change moods as easily as I change DVDs.

There’s the right picture for the movie I watched.

Maybe I should stop being in the mood to watch a movie and try to get in the mood to clean this house.  I know, I need to clean my house regardless of mood.  I’ll work on that tomorrow.

Two of the people in this picture are up to no good.

I like this movie, Sudden Fear, but it starts so slowly.  I figured that was all right, because I intended to make my blog post while I watched.  Unfortunately it took me so long to find the pictures I wanted, the movie has started to heat up.  No matter.  I’ve seen it before.

So this is my Friday night.  I am enjoying it and hope you are enjoying yours.



I’m a Lame Bum!

What I mean is I am a lazy bum, but I changed it to lame in the headline because, you know, Lame Post Friday.   I have been sitting here mindlessly scrolling down Facebook instead of doing anything useful or at least less embarrassing for a woman of my age and supposed intelligence.

Oh dear.  Usually when I get started, I keep going.  Sometimes, however, I get out a paragraph and dry up.  Quick, throw in a picture to pep things up.

You can just about see them.

Earlier today I enjoyed a thunderstorm complete with hail.  I tried to get a picture.  I even stepped out on the front porch and aimed my Tablet at the hail collecting on the street.  Then the rain abruptly started coming down in sheets and the wind started whipping, and I beat a hasty retreat.  I took this shot through the screen door.

After things quieted down somewhat, I took my shower and ventured out to run a couple of errands.  It was still raining but not too hard.  I did see one impressive streak of lightning.  How do people get pictures of lightning?  It seems to me that is quite a trick.

And why does my Tablet let “lightning” stand in one sentence but underline it in the next, suggesting “lightening” instead?  Lightening is what the sky does when I start my runs or walks while it is still dark out.  That is not the same thing as the stuff you get with thunder.

Picture taken while walking before sunrise.

I see I am over 250 words.  Score!  Lame words?  Lazy words?  It doesn’t matter!  It’s Lame Post Friday!  I hope you are having a lovely evening.


A Little Seltzer and Lame?

I feel a definite desire to make my Lame Post Friday post on Friday, that is, today.  As I lounge on my couch, pecking in one letter at a time with the stylus on my Tablet, a neighbor is doing something loud with some sort of machinery.  I find the noise very annoying.

I came upstairs to my bedroom in hopes it would be a little further from the noise.  This necessitated turning off the movie I had just started, The Screaming Skull, one of my favorites.

Sometimes I feel like screaming too, Skull.

I did not feel too bad about stopping the movie, because I was not paying much attention to it anyways.  I feel worse about not having anything good to make a blog post about.

I guess I do too.

I do feel kind of good that it is Friday.  Unfortunately I let the week get away from me without getting done everything I had intended to.  So I am feeling a little pressure to get at least some essentials done (Oh CRAP! I just remembered another one!).  Yes, I KNOW it is my own fault.  This knowledge brings me no comfort nor any insight on how to improve matters.


Friday is a good day for a libation, if one is so inclined, so I will close with a picture of my late dearly missed husband, Steve, at the Waterfront Grille in Herkimer, NY.  I was just there last Saturday.  Full disclosure:  I only toasted this Friday with seltzer and lemon.  It worked perfectly well.

No promises about Saturday.


Still Haven’t Found the Stone

Ah coffee, that magic elixir that makes things possible.  Not all things, but many.  For example, making a Late Lame Post Friday post.  Sorry about that.

It is not a defense, but I did spend over a half hour doing strenuous yard work when I was too tired to do so.  I am tired most of the time these days.  Perhaps I need to eat more fruits and vegetables.

This was probably the best year.

This is not the current state of my rhododendron.  This was May 2017.  Perhaps it will bloom late this year.  I can only hope.  Anyways, I just wanted to throw in a picture to pep things up.

I actually felt sort of pleased with myself for getting something done out there.  It has been a couple years since I really concerned myself with the back yard, and it shows.

My session was not without a little Cindy-generated humor though.  At one point, toward the end of my session, I was carrying a bag of non-yard-waste garbage (long story) out to my garbage bin and felt a painful stone in my sneaker.  Three times I took that sneaker off, shook it, felt in it, checked my sock, and found no stone.  Three times I put my sneaker back on and felt that stone.  Finally I gave up and stomped out to the trash bin one sock foot, one sneaker foot.

That was when I decided to call it quits.  But where were my hack saw and clippers (yes, some of the growth was bad enough to require a hack saw)?  Ah, there was the hack saw, but the clippers were not to be found.  I stomped around the last area I was clipping, still one sock foot, one sneaker foot, at least five times.  No clippers.  I even grabbed a rake and spread out last year’s leaves, in case it had gotten buried.  Damn!

I had the clippers here!  I was never over there.  Or there.  It took some time to convince myself to give up.  After all, I argued, the clippers were old and quite rusty.  I could buy new clippers. I said that to myself many times as I continued to look. At last I convinced myself.

And found the clippers on the steps to my deck, next to my water bottle of water.

Sometime I make myself laugh.


Lame About Me

I got up this morning, having slept in till the for me late hour of six, with two thoughts vying for supremacy in my foggy head:  “Coffee first,  then run,” and “Run first, then coffee.”  Coffee won.  Hello, and welcome to another Late Lame Post Friday post.

I delayed making this post until I had a few sips of that magic elixir that renders almost any morning less hideous.  Thus I indulge in a little hyperbole. Is that an oxymoron?  Since hyperbole is exaggeration for effect, can you, in fact, have only a little hyperbole?   Points to ponder.

One problem with a personal blog: I tend to start all my paragraphs with “I.”  Because it is All About Me (ooh, that just gave me my title).  I have to watch that.

By now I think it is quite clear I have nothing whatever to say and am only rattling on in hopes of reaching 200 words before I run out of coffee.  I’ll throw in a picture to pep things up.

Who, us? Be silly?

This was taken at the H.A.L.O. Hoedown, a fundraiser for the cat rescue group, Helping Animals Live Organization.  It was some years ago and never became an annual thing, much to my disappointment, because I had a blast.

Yes, that is my late beloved husband Steve in the picture.  I’ll never be over being sad that he is gone, but I can smile at all the memories.  On that melancholy note (sorry about that; I know this is billed as a “totally fun blog”), I see I am over 250 words.  Score!  Thank you for tuning in.


My Cinco de Mayo

Yesterday I inadvisedly decided to do something for Cinco de Mayo, a holiday which for one reason or another I have never marked.  One reason was that I read that Matt Grainger was playing at the Saalty Dawg Saloon.  I have not heard him in a while.

I started out in some trepidation, because I have been to the Saalty Dawg once, and that time my cell phone told my friend Kim where to drive.  I no longer have a cell phone and I have never had a very good sense of direction.  Hoping for the best, I drove through Ilion till I got to the sign that said “Saalty Dawg” and pointed up Barringer Road.

And drove and drove.  I had it in my head that the Dawg was not actually on Barringer Road, but I had foolishly not written down the address.  I took two wrong turns, turned around in some dumb places, and had just about decided that I had gone too far when I found it.

Imagine my disappointment when I found out Matt would not start playing till eight.  I had a margarita and some chips with queso dip while I was there.  I admired the view and worked on a letter to a friend.

I didn’t mention that the Saalty Dawg is next to a golf course.

By this time it was after six (still too long to wait for eight), and I remembered that the Phil-Ins were playing at Fratello’s Pizzeria in Frankfort.  This is a band with Phil Arcuri and friends.  They would start at seven.  I drove there with no false starts.

Geno the bartender greeted me as I came in. I sat at the bar and ordered Sauvignon Blanc and a slice of cheesecake.  I never have room for dessert so thought for once I would get some.  I did not have long to wait for some good music.

They were great!

Unfortunately, my stomach soon let me know that the queso dip was a big mistake.  I confess to having some fears when I saw the peppers but of course I ate it anyways.  In my defense, yum.  I hoped the cheesecake would help.  It sounded soothing.

I fear it is a symptom of getting old that my stomach did not settle down.  I enjoyed some music but felt forced to head home.  I stretched out on my bed (by this time it took some effort to get there) and proceeded to feel miserable for a few hours.  That is why I did not make my Lame Post Friday post on Friday.

On the brighter side, before I left Fratello’s, Geno read me some of their upcoming musical entertainment.  Matt Grainger plays on Wednesday!


Still Flustered, No Longer Friday

As flustered as I was on Thursday, I remained so on Friday.  So much so that I did not make a blog post.  Part of me says, why call attention to my failings?  Just make the blog post.  No one will care if it is late.  If they do, as a co-worker of mine used to say, they’ll get over it or they’ll get therapy.

Once again making this blog  All Shooting at the Grange All The Time,  my mission, if I chose to accept it (just to throw in a ’70’s television reference), was to print out and photocopy programs for our murder mystery, which goes up today, April 29 at Salisbury Grange.  A cast member has revised the program I had first typed up, a mere one page outlining the setting and characters.  She had also made up little forms for people to write their guesses on.  My cast members always go above and beyond!

I love my cast.

My problems were mostly of timing.  I wanted to go to Basloe Library in Herkimer to print them.  They close at five and I believe like to shut down the computers a half hour before closing.  I get into town just before four, filthy dirty from my job (I add, in case anybody thinks I am complaining, that it is a perfectly good job and I am washable).  I prefer to shower and change before inflicting myself upon places.

As the great philosopher Mick Jagger said, you can’t always get what you want. I went to the library dirty. Nobody complained.  They are always very nice there.  I found out they also make copies, charging the same that they charge per sheet for printing.  In hindsight, I wish I had just printed out 80 copies and had done with, but I wanted to get fancy.

Back home I contacted a couple of retail places that do copies, hoping I could also purchase colored paper to copy on.  Did you know you cannot just call a store and talk to a person any more?  Your call has to be “directed” and sometimes you have to listen to an automated voice and press a bunch of numbers first. Technology! Sheesh!

After that annoyance (yes, yes, I know it is a first world problem!  Once again, Sheesh!), I found out that the places I called charge as much or more as the library! I decided to give my money to the library.  A quick look at Facebook told me Frankfort Free Library was open till seven.  Sweet!

I took a fast shower and hurried to a store which does not need a plug from Mohawk Valley Girl for fancy colored paper.  Feeling I now had plenty of time, I stopped at Valley Wine and Liquor, where they were doing a tasting of Apothic Wines.  I’ll have to write a blog post about that (preview of coming attractions).

In Frankfort I discovered that Facebook had betrayed me.  The library had closed at five.  Alas!  I gave up the mission till Saturday morning.  Since I was in Frankfort, however, I went to Fratello’s Pizzeria for some food and relaxation.

Wow, look!  I am over 500 words!  If you have read to the end, I offer you my most sincere thanks.


Up the Hill to a Late Lame Post Friday Post

I do not know what possessed me to not make my Lame Post Friday post on Friday.  Yes, I do.  Tiredness and laziness.  It’s a thing with me.  Now it is late Saturday morning (almost 9 o’clock!) And I feel ready for a nap.  In my defense, I took a long run up College Hill this morning.

A word (or more) about College Hill.  I previously referred to it as “up the hill to HCCC” (which, by the way, is pronounced “H-triple-C” or “H-trip-C”).  Or “up to HCCC the front way” (long-time readers may remember that there is a back way, longer and less steep). I am sure many locals will stubbornly continue to refer to it as HCCC.  However, it is now Herkimer College, and I can’t help wondering if some people might take it amiss if I continue to refer to it as Herkimer County Community College.

Additionally, I have heard said hill referred to as College Hill.  I am guessing about the capital letters as I have only heard it called thus in conversation.  I suppose other colleges are set on hills but do not know of any myself.  The army language school in Monterey, CA sat on a considerable hill, but that is not the same thing.

So, in future Running Commentary Posts, I shall refer to that hill as College Hill.  I believe this qualifies as a Lame Post Friday post, because after I got home from my run and inadvisedly sat down for a while without stretching, I did, indeed, feel lame.  I just don’t imagine a nap will help, but I may try.


April Lame!

OK, I said I was going to make my Lame Post Friday post on Friday and here I am.  Unfortunately,  I got nuthin’.  That should not matter on Lame Post Friday, but somehow it does.

Remarkably similar, yes?

I thought a picture might spark more words and found this one from April 2021.  I confess it does not look a whole lot different from more recent pictures of crocuses,  yet I cannot stop from taking pictures of what they look like this year.


Here is a different April shot.  I just SEARCHED through my posts from April 2019 to find that the title of this murder mystery was Murder by the Book.  I am not inclined to also do a Google (or even a Duck Duck Go) search to see if “J’accuse” is the proper French spelling.

Earlier today I went to a wine tasting at Valley Wine and Liquor in Herkimer.  I also spent some time sitting on my front porch, enjoying the weather. I sipped a little wine while I did so.  I also spent some time planning my Mohawk Valley Adventures for tomorrow.

I need to get such a short ‘do again!

Just to give another picture from April, here are my friend Kim and I at Gerber’s 1933 Tavern in Utica in April 2017 for their Prohibition Party.  I love to dress up!

Ooh look, I have gotten myself over 200 words.  Not bad for a Lame Post Friday post,  I say.  Thank you for tuning in.


Is It Unhealthy? At Least It Is On Time

I am totally going to make my Lame Post Friday post on Friday.  I do not have much to say, but why should that be a problem on Lame Post Friday?  Oh well, I guess it could be a problem any day for a serious writer, and here we come to the ugly truth about me. Never mind, on with the post.

Not my current view.

I throw in a picture to pep things up, looking at March 2022 in my Media Library.  My crocuses are not blooming yet, but I hold out hope for the future.

No pumpkins or corn stalks right now.

I just spent a ridiculous amount of time looking through my Media Library for a picture of Salvatore’s Pizzeria and Restaurant in Herkimer, but I can only find one from the fall of a previous year.  I had an excellent dinner there with excellent service earlier this evening.  My friend Kim joined me.

Right now I am once again looking at a DVD of Columbo.  I must get over this obsession.  Here is some half-baked philosophy for you (regular readers know I like to indulge in half-baked philosophy on Lame Post Friday):  sometimes the thing you are obsessed with is unhealthy,  but obsession  is always unhealthy, even obsession with healthy things.

Is obsession always unhealthy?  An additional philosophical question:  Is Columbo a healthy or an unhealthy thing?  Discuss amongst yourselves.