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Same Old Late Tired Tuesday

I am making my Tired Tuesday Post early Wednesday morning, because, not surprisingly, last night I was tired.  It is not unusual this time of year for anyone to feel tired, sluggish, and a little down, let alone a woman my age (middle).

Incidentally, for anybody older than me saying, “Shut up, you are not that old,”  I will point out that it is all relative (not our relative, my sister Diane would point out) (she is witty).  I have been referring to myself as “a woman my age” since my mid-30s.  I was in the army at the time, having joined at the ill-advised age of 32, after a good ten years of a pretty sedentary life (for those of you who were or are magnificently athletic specimens at that age).  So I was hanging out with a lot of young recruits.

At my current job, when I make a witty (or so I flatter myself) reference a co-worker does not understand, she says, “I don’t get old people humor.”  Yes, once again I find myself in a job with people younger than myself.  Some would say I am getting too old for these drastic career changes. SAY IT AIN’T SO!!!!

I hope these foolish posts where I just rattle are not getting old, but I can’t worry about that now.  I only hope I have entertained somebody, and I thank you for tuning in.




Middle-aged Musings on Age

How fortunate that I have back pain today. Yesterday (and the day before) I blamed my difficulty writing on my sinus headache. It led me to wonder if other kinds of pain were better or worse to write under. Who knew I would get a chance to find out so soon?

Well, I guess I knew I’d get a chance. Middle-age has been hitting me with both barrels lately. You know that expression, “Live fast, die young and make a good-looking corpse.” I apparently did not live fast enough to die young, yet not slow enough to age gracefully. Then again, when have I ever done anything gracefully? (For those of you not well-acquainted with me, the answer is almost never.)

Before you all conclude that I am an unmitigated kvetch, I’d like to just say I am laughing at myself. I don’t mind being 50. I think it’s kind of fun. I like my grey hair. I’m hoping to experience some of them there hot flashes this winter when my place of employment gets really cold. I can’t say I’m nuts about the extreme difficulty in losing weight, but you can’t have everything.

Earlier today I said to a co-worker, “Getting old ain’t for sissies. I like saying that. It makes me feel bad-ass for having back pain.”

So here is my Monday Middle-aged Musing for the week: yes, I can write a blog post with back pain.