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Running into Tired Tuesday

It is either another Tired Tuesday Post or a Running Commentary Post.  Actually, I guess it is both.  I was too tired to run, ran anyways, and now I am REALLY tired.

At first I did not think I would run at all.  I came home prepared to run but got a bill in the mail I should not have gotten.  Grrr!  Two phone calls with a fruitless drive to a store that was “closed till further notice” in between, I think it has been dealt with.  I only mention it because I thought I would not be able to run after dealing with that crap.

However, I realized that I not only could, I should.  For one reason, I had to do laundry, and my favorite (almost my only) multi-task is to run while the washer washes.  For another, physical exercise is a good cure for frustration.  I get changed, I got the laundry in, I got going.

And quickly realized I would go very slowly.  It was 82 degrees according to the sign in front of Trinity Lutheran Church.  Too warm for me!  But of course once I get started, I persevere, at least for a little while.

Obviously not taken today.

After my long run yesterday, I knew a shorter run today would be acceptable, but how short?  One mile?  Fifteen minutes?  Maybe a little further.  As I did yesterday, I convinced myself by degrees to go just a little further.  I went just over a mile and a half in 21 minutes.

I reflected that this would not have been acceptable when I was in the army.  Then I reflected that I am not in the army and am in fact much older than I was when I was in the army.  Then I stopped reflecting and decided to feel content with today’s accomplishment.

By the way, the laundry is done, and I also did the dishes.  Is the laundry folded, you ask?  Good heavens, what kind of a maniac do you think I am?



Carnival of Tired Tuesday?

Tired Tuesday follows Monstrous Monday once again.  I meant to take a walk and do a Pedestrian Post,  but I just feel too tired.  Oh dear.  I did a few things earlier:  a little yard work, a little house cleaning, ran a couple errands, grocery shopped.  And somewhere in all that I took a nap.  You would think that would have helped, but not so much.

It’s a classic. Or a cult favorite. I get them mixed up.

I am looking at Carnival of Souls, a low budget but very effective horror movie.  I have it on two different DVD collections.  Right now I am watching the one from 50 Horror Classics.  I thought I would watch my way through all 50.  I still have not solved my television problem so am only watching DVDs these days.

I kind of feel like she looks.

I plan to do more than sit around and watch DVDs, of course.  I plan to run more, clean my house, and fix up my yard and garden.  Then I can write blog posts about doing those things.  If I’m not too tired.


In the meantime, I continue to watch Candace Hillligoss struggle with the strange things that keep happening to her.

Eeeee! Who is that man?

I’m afraid this is a very dull blog post.  I always say a bad blog post is better than no blog post at all, but I have to wonder.  As usual, I intend to hit Publish and hope for the best.  Also as usual, I shall go for a better blog post tomorrow.


Not Too Tired for Columbo

Time for another Tired Tuesday Post.  Only I am having trouble concentrating on it, because I am playing an episode of Columbo which I have never seen.  Hmm… wasn’t that the case on another recent post?  Oh dear.

I meant to go running today so could have done a Running Commentary Post, but it was deadline for Mohawk Valley Living magazine, and as usual I did not have my act together with an early submission.  Perhaps next month.

I’m just happy it isn’t Monday!

Earlier today I remembered that tomorrow is Wednesday and felt happy.  I don’t know why it matters to me.  Weekdays aren’t really so bad.  My worst moment is when I have to get out of bed just when I feel I can get some good sleep.  I am sure many people suffer from that phenomenon.  Weekends bring their own problems, but there is no point in complaining.  It is mostly first world problems or else operator error.

Just to throw in a little real life murder.

Just to let you know I am not watching only Columbo (All Columbo All The Time?), the other day I popped in A North Woods Elegy:  Incident at Big Moose Lake, a documentary about the murder of Grace Brown by Chester Gilette. It is a very famous case around here, since the trial took place in Herkimer.

During the trial Gilette was incarcerated at the 1834 Jail. 

I enjoyed the documentary, because it was like the true crime shows I used to watch all the time on cable.  I miss those shows!

“One more thing!”

I thought I should also include a picture of Columbo, since he is mentioned in the headline.


Still Shooting (for an On-Time Blog Post)

Before this blog at last segues out of All Shooting at the Grange All The Time,  I would like to use up the last four pictures I took on Saturday.  For a late Tired Tuesday Post, I thought it would beat whining about how tired I am (more than is warranted, I feel) (both my tiredness and my whining).

One actor is blurry; I am nobody’s idea of a good photographer.

This shot shows the stage, which we only used briefly.  The actors thought it would be better to stay amidst the audience, and I agreed.  We have a lot of Actor’s Choice in my murder mysteries, although I reserve the right to all final decisions.

Another blurry actor, but what a fabulous outfit she has on!

As I said before, it was very uncomfortable for me to watch the mingling without participating.  To me it is the most fun part of the shows.

You wouldn’t believe this was the guy with the bugs in Donate to Murder.

One of the other fun parts of these shows is seeing actors play different roles.  Tucker, for example, was the dashing leading man on Saturday but previously played the creepy Renwick Spaulding.  I was thinking about writing a mystery called Renwick’s Revenge (preview of coming attractions).

A better view of the fabulous outfit, including the boots.

The actor on the right (as you may have noticed, I do the thing of referring to both male and females as actors) is new to my murder mysteries.  She came on Tucker’s recommendation, and a good recommendation it was!  The other two, a mother/daughter team) participated last November in He Laughed Himself to Death.  I was delighted to work with them again.

So I have gone a whole two days without definitely committing to another murder mystery, although I know a few groups who would like one.  Well, perhaps with no commitments or definite plans to actually perform it, I might just start writing a few notes on Renwick’s Revenge. No promises.



Oh Yeah, Tired Tuesday

I just this minute remembered I ought to make a blog post today.

Just to make it look like I have been doing something.

Earlier tonight I had a rehearsal for Shooting at the Grange, the murder mystery we are putting on to benefit Salisbury Grange on April 29.  I think it went OK.  Herkimer Elks Lodge graciously allowed us to use their space for our rehearsal. I love those guys at the Elks Lodge!

We plan to rehearse at the Elks Lodge again tomorrow then at the Grange on Thursday.

I can’t wait for everybody to see the Grange!

Here is a photo from when I visited the Grange’s Open House a couple weekends ago.  One of my cast members went there too.  I was so pleased!  I think it is a great space and I am very excited to perform there.  I am only disappointed I do not have a role in this murder mystery.

I had hoped to take a couple of rehearsal shots from tonight’s run-throughs for this post.  However, since I was reading one of the parts myself, I neglected to do so.

Not exactly a related photo.

I searched my Media Library for a picture from another murder mystery at the Elks Lodge and found this one from Donate to Murder in November 2021.  It was to benefit Herkimer County Historical Society.  This fall we may do one to benefit the Elks.  After all, they have been so nice to us about rehearsal space!


One Chore Done on Tired Tuesday.

I knew it was Tuesday.

It has been that sort of a day.  Not a bad day really, but my list of things I need to get done grows ever longer while my ambition to do them ever shrinks. But one must persevere.

I got one thing done thanks to Basloe Library in Herkimer, NY.   I needed to print out a few copies of the script for Shooting at the Grange, the murder mystery we are putting on to benefit Salisbury Grange on April 29 (thus I sneak in another plug for the event).  I was a little worried about getting to my email to get to the scripts, which I had sent to myself for the purpose.  It seems emails don’t like you to log into your account on strange devices.  Sometimes they want you to use two tiered identification or whatever they call it, and that is far too complicated for me.

Well, they didn’t ask to send a code to a cell phone I don’t have, but I still needed help getting to the inbox.  The nice people who work at the library helped me.  The whole process took less time than I spent worrying about it.

“You know the feeling when you have a huge list of things to get done and you get one thing done,” I said as I paid for my copies.  The lady at the desk knew the feeling.

One of my favorite places.

I seem to think the sign is not currently there, but I thought the picture would make a good plug for the library.

Speaking of plugs.

I close by showing once again the information for our murder mystery.


We Like Wednesday

I was going to call this Also Not A Post, but I thought of the other just now when I turned off the burner on the stove and liked the alliteration.

The reason I thought of it just then was that I have formed the habit when turning off the stove of saying out loud, “Turning off the burner on Wednesday.”  Or whatever day it is, of course.  This is because I tend to forget those things I do automatically.  I kept calling my husband, Steve from work to ask him to check for me. This could be a problem if I went in early for overtime and he went back to bed.  Thus, the habit of reminding myself.

Now, sadly, there is nobody to check for me if I do forget, so it is good I maintain the habit.  Anyways, today I said my phrase and felt that usual spurt of relief that it is Wednesday and not Tuesday.  Um, I will admit that Tuesday is when I should have been making this post (according to my rules for me), but let us not worry about that now.

So, I guess Not Really A Post describes this post better than the title I chose.  Oh well, 200 words including a little tidbit about one of my weird things.  I’ll bill it as a Tired Tuesday Post and drive on.  Once again, thank you for tuning in.


Does This Blog Count as a Journal?

I was too tired to do my Tired Tuesday post on Tuesday.  For one reason, I went running.  I also did a load of laundry (one of my few instances of multi-tasking: I put in the laundry and run while it washes) and the dishes (I know some of you are judging me that the dishes were not washed as soon as they were dirty, but I am reconciled to that), and I worked a very little bit on the murder mystery I am a little sorry I committed myself to do.  And I made a few journal entries.

I have been keeping multiple journals lately.  Regular readers may recall the TV Journal, which I believe I wrote a blog post about (I wonder if I will be able to find it and share the link).  This has come to encompass more than just television viewing, so I guess I could drop the “TV,” call it a “Journal” and use my other notebooks for something else.

However, I also have a Running Journal.  This was a good idea, because it is helpful to look back and see where I am at fitness-wise, especially when I am training for, say, the Boilermaker 15K (preview of upcoming attractions).  It would be cumbersome to keep track of these things if I put them in the TV Journal with everything else.  Full disclosure:  I had one a while ago that I cannot find and finally broke down and started a new one in a fresh notebook recently.

On other occasions, I have tried to keep journals of my headaches or my eating habits, but I have never stuck with either of these tools long enough for them to become useful.  I fear that is the fate of my latest attempt at a journal: a Cleaning Journal.

Regular readers as well as my family and friends may be aware that my house is a hideous mess.  I am embarrassed to have anybody over and fear I will soon qualify for one of those TV shows like Hoarders (although that would make an interesting entry in the TV Journal).   I have been trying to embrace the Little Bit At A Time method, with only sporadic success and much backsliding. One Sunday I thought, “I’ll keep a journal!  I will write down what I do as I do it, what I find successful, how I feel, how I progress…”  I got all enthusiastic about it and even spent a good half hour actually cleaning.  This was pretty huge, quite frankly, because I almost never get anything done on a Sunday (it’s kind of a thing with me).

Nobody was less surprised than me when the Cleaning Journal did not turn out to be an ongoing source of inspiration.

However, one must persevere.  One bright side: I see I am over 400 words, a rather large word count for me.  Not bad for a late Tired Tuesday post, I think.


One Reason Why I’m Tired

I will tell you about my Tuesday.  The Mohawk Valley was hit with the nor’easter which I suppose is plaguing the entire state.  I can only suppose, because I have yet restored any real television to my television set (long story, not very interesting) (although I do not rule out making a blog post out of it at some point).  I arose in the morning with trepidation, prepared to dig out my driveway prior to departing for work.

Imagine my delight when I found that shoveling was not yet necessay.  I merely had to clean off my car.  I could see snow heavily falling, though, so allowed extra time, which I definitely needed.

Oh, the roads sucked.  I reflected as I drove down Rt 5 at 30 miles an hour, that a year previously, I had turned around in such conditions and gone home.  Full disclosure:  if my husband Steve were still alive, I probably would have yesterday.  In fact, Steve would have urged me in strong terms not to go in at all.  (“You’re NOT going to work today,” was the way he put it the time I turned around) (yes, I disobeyed a direct order, but let us not discuss the dynamics of my marriage).

Driving up Ilion Gorge was an adventure.  It was a decision whether it was better with or without high beams, because of all the snow.  The light reflects each and every flake, you know. I decided I liked it better with.

I further reflected (see what I did there?) that my drive was a metaphor for my current life.  I was going slowly.  I could not see very far ahead.  I was just trusting to be able to reach my destination (one day when I didn’t even try to get to work, I later learned a fallen tree had blocked the road anyways).  It was not much fun.

Actually it was a little fun.  As often happens, I had to laugh at myself.

Further trials and tribulations were in store for me as the day went on, but I see I am over 300 words.  I do not care to tax my readers’ patience at this time (but do not rule it out at some future date).


At Least It’s a Post

My trials and tribulations with the cable company continue. I am lounged on my couch typing in one letter at a time with the stylus on my phone, not my Tablet, because I am currently off line. It seems I need new equipment to connect with the internet now that I cancelled cable television.

My first inkling of this was when I received a package from the cable company yesterday. I said, “What the hell is this?” They patiently explained things to me on the phone (which apparently and luckily was still working) (I should perhaps mention I have a landline as well as a cell) and scheduled a semi-convenient time for a tech to come hook me up.

My internet had been working earlier in the day, but it stopped sometime after said phone call. Yes, yes, these are first world problems. I am grateful that I still have my cell and can at least make some semblance of a post.

I must say, it is a little awkward posting this way. I don’t have the tool bar I am used to and I don’t see a word count. YES, these are first world problems, you don’t have to keep telling me! (You know who you are.)

I am just going to count this as a Tired Tuesday Post and drive on. Perhaps I can get to the library later and make my Wednesday post from a computer and on time. As always I hope you’ll stay tuned.