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My Scattered Sunday, Still in Progress

I had a Scattered Sunday today.  I did a few blogworthy things but am too tired to actually compose the posts.  So we will have a Preview of Coming Attractions.

I went for a run this morning, about which I may or may not make a Running Commentary Post. I mention it merely to add to my list of Things I Did.

Later in the morning I checked out the Brookwood Flea Market in Brookwood Park (previously known as the unknown park in this space) in Herkimer, NY.  It is a new thing and one I hope becomes very successful.  I chatted with a few of the vendors, along with Herkimer Mayor Dana Sherry, who organized the event.

Just one of the pleasant people I chatted with.

The mayor and I also talked about the Herkimer Downtown Chow Down, which takes place Mondays in Meyers Park.  I mention this to add another Preview of Coming Attractions.

From my Media Library.

In the afternoon I drove into Utica to auditions for Fun House, the premiere production of Brick 2 Theatre Company.  I hope to write a lot more about that.

The one sitting down played the music while the one standing sang.

On the way home I stopped at Aldi’s for snacks and Valley Wine and Liquor for a bottle.  I thought my friend Kim was stopping by for some porch sitting.  She is in a play at Ilion Little Theatre (just to plug more local drama).  Now I am wondering if she isn’t feeling well.  I think there is a summer bugaboo going around.

And that is the story of my Sunday.  I would say I made up for slacking yesterday, but there are still a number of chores still undone.  In fact, crap!  I just remembered I still have laundry in the washer!

Laundry is in the drier, and I just got a text:  Kim is on her way!




I Walk, I Blog, It’s Sunday

I took a walk earlier in hopes of making a Pedestrian Post with Pictures in lieu of my usual Wrist to Forehead Sunday Post.  I do not know how well it went.

Gotta get me some of these.

I paused to take a picture of a snowball bush shortly after I left my house.  It was a bit of a challenge to do, since the sun was shining brightly on my Tablet and I could not see to unlock it and get to Camera.  At last I managed it by peeking underneath my prescription sunglasses.


Don’t know what it is; must find out.

I paused to take another picture, this time of a plant I might like to get for my yard.  I had realized by this time that it was warmer than I liked for a walk.  However, I persevered, for exercising and blogging purposes.


I am still hoping somebody does something with this building.

Having walked down Bellinger Street to Meyers Park, I decided to walk up Prospect Street to home.  I paused to take a picture of the former Quackenbush building, now taken over by Herkimer 9.  I must find out what the current status is.

I gotta love daisies.

I walked all the way up Prospect Street to German then back to my house.  I walked past the house and back then up and down the driveway to make it a full mile.  I took a picture of the daisies in my front yard then picked a few of the lilies of the valley which the daisies obscure.

A nice display, or do I flatter myself?

I put the lilies of the valley in a champagne flute which I put next to my husband Steve’s ashes.  One does like to put flowers near one’s loved ones.

I guess it makes an OK Pedestrian Post. Or, once again, do I flatter myself?


A Little Seltzer and Lame?

I feel a definite desire to make my Lame Post Friday post on Friday, that is, today.  As I lounge on my couch, pecking in one letter at a time with the stylus on my Tablet, a neighbor is doing something loud with some sort of machinery.  I find the noise very annoying.

I came upstairs to my bedroom in hopes it would be a little further from the noise.  This necessitated turning off the movie I had just started, The Screaming Skull, one of my favorites.

Sometimes I feel like screaming too, Skull.

I did not feel too bad about stopping the movie, because I was not paying much attention to it anyways.  I feel worse about not having anything good to make a blog post about.

I guess I do too.

I do feel kind of good that it is Friday.  Unfortunately I let the week get away from me without getting done everything I had intended to.  So I am feeling a little pressure to get at least some essentials done (Oh CRAP! I just remembered another one!).  Yes, I KNOW it is my own fault.  This knowledge brings me no comfort nor any insight on how to improve matters.


Friday is a good day for a libation, if one is so inclined, so I will close with a picture of my late dearly missed husband, Steve, at the Waterfront Grille in Herkimer, NY.  I was just there last Saturday.  Full disclosure:  I only toasted this Friday with seltzer and lemon.  It worked perfectly well.

No promises about Saturday.


Wednesday Walk

I walked a mile, but not in somebody else’s shoes.

I have been wanting to say that to someone, but the opportunity has not arisen.  I thought I would use it as an introduction to a Pedestrian Post.  I have been walking most mornings before work but have not made many (or any? Too lazy to go back and check as usual) blog posts about them.

This morning I actually walked with a purpose, because I wanted to return a couple of overdue library books.  You are welcome to judge me for not returning them on time.  I have no excuse.

I headed towards Prospect Street, where I could walk through the library parking lot.  It was a little after 5 a.m. and practically light out.  I am more used to walking in the dark, but this was OK.  The thermostat in my house said it was 60 degrees out, so it was warmer than it has been.  I enjoyed that.

From my Media Library.

This is a picture I took earlier this month.  The library sign is back now, freshly painted, so I have to go get a picture of that soon.

Also a stock photo.

I walked down Main Street to Park Avenue and by the Post Office.  I was enjoying my walk.  My legs felt good, and my mind was not dwelling on stupid stuff.  Sometimes I am my own worse enemy in that respect.

My walk was 22 minutes, my favorite number, and a little over a mile.  It was a good way to start the day.


Not Too Tired for Columbo

Time for another Tired Tuesday Post.  Only I am having trouble concentrating on it, because I am playing an episode of Columbo which I have never seen.  Hmm… wasn’t that the case on another recent post?  Oh dear.

I meant to go running today so could have done a Running Commentary Post, but it was deadline for Mohawk Valley Living magazine, and as usual I did not have my act together with an early submission.  Perhaps next month.

I’m just happy it isn’t Monday!

Earlier today I remembered that tomorrow is Wednesday and felt happy.  I don’t know why it matters to me.  Weekdays aren’t really so bad.  My worst moment is when I have to get out of bed just when I feel I can get some good sleep.  I am sure many people suffer from that phenomenon.  Weekends bring their own problems, but there is no point in complaining.  It is mostly first world problems or else operator error.

Just to throw in a little real life murder.

Just to let you know I am not watching only Columbo (All Columbo All The Time?), the other day I popped in A North Woods Elegy:  Incident at Big Moose Lake, a documentary about the murder of Grace Brown by Chester Gilette. It is a very famous case around here, since the trial took place in Herkimer.

During the trial Gilette was incarcerated at the 1834 Jail. 

I enjoyed the documentary, because it was like the true crime shows I used to watch all the time on cable.  I miss those shows!

“One more thing!”

I thought I should also include a picture of Columbo, since he is mentioned in the headline.


Make Lunch, Not War!

I just got back from Rome, NY, where my family was celebrating my mother’s birthday.  I believe she is 29, same age as my older sister.  OK, I do not really believe that, but I don’t see that it is my business to go blabbing other people’s ages across the internet.  I am just really, really grateful that both my parents are around and in reasonably good health.

After driving to Rome from Ilion (where I work),  having a lovely time with family,  then driving back to Herkimer (where I live), I am tired.  However, I was hoping to make my blog post before I sleep.  I figured I could manage a Non-Sequitur Thursday Post.  Hence, the headline which does not appear to have much to do with the post.

To explain:  I said it to myself this morning.  The coffee had not kicked in yet,  and I was trying to get all my stuff done.  “Make your lunch,” I told myself.  Then I thought of “Make lunch, not war.”  I felt it was so clever, I put off making my lunch long enough to post it as a Facebook status.  I daresay I flatter myself.  Driving home from Mom and Dad’s house, I thought it might be a suitable title for a Non-Sequitur Thursday Post.

Agree?  Disagree?  Please feel free to comment, and as always, thank you for tuning in.


A Little Slice of my Saturday

I left Mohawk Valley Community Market in Herkimer, NY, yesterday and walked up Main Street toward Basloe Library.  I had meant to stop at Basloe and pick up a book I had placed on hold, but I had previously decided I did not want to read that book after all.  Me and my indecisiveness!

One of my favorite places in Herkimer.

I took a picture of the building for future use in the blog, you know, when I mention that I ran by there in a Running Commentary Post.  Previously I have used a picture of the sign that was in front of the building, but that sign has been gone for a while now.  No, I did not notice when it disappeared.  It is embarrassing to admit how unobservant I can be.

Libraries usually have great signs.

I also took a picture of the sign near the door.  I posted it on Facebook with the comment, “Personally, I shall always be clueless, and every month is mystery month!”  I thought it was witty, but perhaps I flatter myself.

When I was taking the pictures, I thought I could use them with the pictures from Mohawk Valley Community Market, making one long post.  Then I thought my post was getting long enough, so I thought, “Oh, I’ll just get two blog posts out of it.”  Just a little glimpse into my blogging mentality.  Thank you once again for joining me.


Searching for a Mother’s Day Present

Saturday I took a stroll down to Mohawk Valley Community Market.  For one reason, Mother’s Day is coming.  Of course my mother told me I do not need to get her a present, but I like to.  Additionally, finding something at a distinctive local place might make a good blog post.

I went to the recently opened downstairs area, where I found a number of new vendors.  That is one reason to return to this sort of market: there is almost always something new to see.

All kinds of sweet things!

I wandered around, admiring but not feeling inspired to buy anything.  I took a few pictures, though, with my blog post in mind.

You can’t read the sign very well, unfortunately.

As I began to realize I was just not in a buying mood, a melancholy song began to play.  Oh dear, I am so emotional these days.

How cute is that?

I distracted myself with the children’s rain boots on a wreath.  Who thinks if these things?  I made a few grapevine wreaths at one time, but never thought of using footwear.  Now I am inspired to get crafty again.

My present for my mother remains purchased, but it was nice browsing the Market.  Mohawk Valley Community Market is located at 142 N. Main St., Herkimer, NY.  They are open 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Tuesday through Friday,  10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday.


Good Run! Good Post?

I had a really good run this afternoon, and I am a little surprised I did.  Perhaps I can surprise myself again with a decent Running Commentary Post.  No promises.

It has been difficult to run regularly lately, partly because of rehearsals for Shooting at the Grange (guess I haven’t finished talking about that yet) and partly because of the weather.  It rains! It stops! It rains again!  Monday it rained, and I said, “Good, I’m off the hook!”  I took a shower and got dressed to go grocery shopping.  Then as I left the house, it was bright and sunny.  What the hell, Mother Nature?

I ran on Tuesday but not on Wednesday, so Thursday was clearly a good day to go.  It rained during the day but had stopped when I left work.  Perfect!  There were a few dark clouds, but I couldn’t worry about that.  I made a couple phone calls, business, nothing very interesting.  I mention it merely to give a time frame.  Also, I feel a little proud of myself, because usually if I delay getting ready and running, I talk myself out of it.

Earlier today I had a vision of myself running in the residential area behind Valley Health Services.  I have not run there recently.  Most of my runs have been closer to home as I slowly build my time back up.  My weekday runs have been especially short, as I often let myself off the hook after a full day at work.  Today I thought I would try for a little longer.

I made it to that area and ran a couple hills along the way, nothing too impressive.  I ended up not running considerably longer than previously, but I did run a little faster.  Of course my fast runs are like other runners’ slow runs.  One does what one can.  I felt pleased with myself.

As I walked my cool-down walk, I reflected, sometimes beating up your body is just what you need.  After I showered and got dressed to go to the store (dull errand, not worth mentioning), it was pouring rain.  Me have good timing?  That’ll never happen again!


Still Flustered, No Longer Friday

As flustered as I was on Thursday, I remained so on Friday.  So much so that I did not make a blog post.  Part of me says, why call attention to my failings?  Just make the blog post.  No one will care if it is late.  If they do, as a co-worker of mine used to say, they’ll get over it or they’ll get therapy.

Once again making this blog  All Shooting at the Grange All The Time,  my mission, if I chose to accept it (just to throw in a ’70’s television reference), was to print out and photocopy programs for our murder mystery, which goes up today, April 29 at Salisbury Grange.  A cast member has revised the program I had first typed up, a mere one page outlining the setting and characters.  She had also made up little forms for people to write their guesses on.  My cast members always go above and beyond!

I love my cast.

My problems were mostly of timing.  I wanted to go to Basloe Library in Herkimer to print them.  They close at five and I believe like to shut down the computers a half hour before closing.  I get into town just before four, filthy dirty from my job (I add, in case anybody thinks I am complaining, that it is a perfectly good job and I am washable).  I prefer to shower and change before inflicting myself upon places.

As the great philosopher Mick Jagger said, you can’t always get what you want. I went to the library dirty. Nobody complained.  They are always very nice there.  I found out they also make copies, charging the same that they charge per sheet for printing.  In hindsight, I wish I had just printed out 80 copies and had done with, but I wanted to get fancy.

Back home I contacted a couple of retail places that do copies, hoping I could also purchase colored paper to copy on.  Did you know you cannot just call a store and talk to a person any more?  Your call has to be “directed” and sometimes you have to listen to an automated voice and press a bunch of numbers first. Technology! Sheesh!

After that annoyance (yes, yes, I know it is a first world problem!  Once again, Sheesh!), I found out that the places I called charge as much or more as the library! I decided to give my money to the library.  A quick look at Facebook told me Frankfort Free Library was open till seven.  Sweet!

I took a fast shower and hurried to a store which does not need a plug from Mohawk Valley Girl for fancy colored paper.  Feeling I now had plenty of time, I stopped at Valley Wine and Liquor, where they were doing a tasting of Apothic Wines.  I’ll have to write a blog post about that (preview of coming attractions).

In Frankfort I discovered that Facebook had betrayed me.  The library had closed at five.  Alas!  I gave up the mission till Saturday morning.  Since I was in Frankfort, however, I went to Fratello’s Pizzeria for some food and relaxation.

Wow, look!  I am over 500 words!  If you have read to the end, I offer you my most sincere thanks.