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Throwback and Shout-out

Time for another Throwback Thursday post. Full disclosure: It is early Friday morning. I had a rather frantic time after work yesterday, trying to get a few things done before rehearsal. Fuller disclosure: I did not get many things done; I sat and watched a rerun of Mom to relax myself. It’s called Self Care.

They are nice, and their product is good.

This is a shout-out to a local business, but the picture is from 2017. That counts, right? It is DikinDurt Distillery of Herkimer. I am more into wine than booze, but their product is yummy, and comes in several flavors: something for everyone. Almost everyone. I know not everyone drinks.

Not equipment currently in use.

I might as well go ahead and give them a thorough shout-out. You can sometimes find their product in local bars and liquor stores. They also attend many area vendor fairs. Or you can visit the distillery at 115 Smith Rd. in Herkimer. You can see the distilling equipment through a window and hear all about the business.

The distilling room.

I visited the tasting room once with my friend Kim. We have been meaning to go again. In the meantime, I hope this counts as my Throwback Thursday post.

My friend Kim.

I thought it would be a good idea to include the picture of the beautiful blonde.

Choosing a W(h)ine

My dry January continues.  I call it that for lack of a catchier title.  In fact, it is 30 days which began December 27.  That means it’s been 20 days.

I must say I was hoping for a bigger impact on my life.  So far the only effect has been that I would really like a glass of wine, and that was pretty much the case when I started the project.  I’m not sleeping any better, the headaches are about the same, I haven’t lost vast amounts of weight… what else is giving up booze supposed to do for you?

My main concern is when I start thinking, “Oh crap, X more days till I can have a glass of wine!”  Then I think, “Am I obsessing over this?  Maybe I DO have a problem!”  Then I don’t want to write a blog post about it, because I worry  all my friends and family will decide I must be an alcoholic and have one of those interventions.  I wouldn’t care for that.

I confess to feeling a little sad today (Friday) as I drove home from work and realized I would not stop by a liquor store that might be having a wine tasting.  Please note:  I said “wouldn’t” not “couldn’t.”  To not drink wine this month is a choice I make.  And here’s the fun part:  when I remind myself that it is a choice I made and that I choose to continue, suddenly the whole thing becomes not a problem.

It’s kind of like how I feel about running.  When I think, “I SHOULD go running,” I want to whine and cry and NOT run.  However, if I say, “It would be a good idea if I went running,” the next thing I know, I’m lacing up the sneakers and taking off.

Having talked myself right out of my little crisis, I’m going to call this a Lame Friday Post, hit Publish, and go back to sipping my wine glass of seltzer water and lemon.  Happy Friday, everyone.