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A Busy Saturday So Far

I pause in my activities to make a Scattered Saturday Post. Check it out: I am making a Saturday Post ON Saturday!

We got up stupidly early as usual (not as early as when I work, but still, you would think I could sleep in once in a while). I went for a short run, wrote a few post cards, called my Mom and Dad, all the usual stuff. Then Steve and I set out on a few minor adventures.

First we went to Collis Hardware in Herkimer, NY. We dropped off a basement window frame to have plexiglass put in it. I am embarrassed to tell you how long we have been putting this off, so I will keep that bit of information to myself.

They were very nice there.

Next we went a little ways up the street to Mohawk Valley Community Market. We spent some time looking at the various vendors.

Renewed and Rescued is the store that started the Market.

I asked if I could take a picture of the staff, because they looked so cute in their Halloween costumes.

They graciously posed.

After that we were feeling peckish so went to Honey Brook Bakery for a treat.

After a brief interlude at home, eating our treats, we drove to Ilion. First we went up Otsego Street so I could show Steve some of the great yard decorations I have been enjoying on my way home from work. Then we went to the Thrift Store in search of materials for our Halloween costumes.

Our last stop was at New 2 You Consignments, where I scored a baggy of bead necklaces. They may not be right for my Halloween costume, but then again, I may stretch a point.

We are now relaxing at home, but soon we will begin getting ready for a Halloween party at the Frankfort American Legion, featuring our favorite band The Posers. Yay!


My Husband, Mr. Christmas

I spent some time today staring at a blank sheet of paper.  “Just write something,” I told myself.  I did not.  However, rather than continuing with a whiny post, writing about not writing (the irony is not lost on me), I thought I would share a couple more pictures of the delightful Christmas decorations my wonderful husband Steven put up.

Full disclosure: none of these has ever actually cracked a nut.

Steven has a lovely collection of nutcrackers.  It’s always fun when I can find a different one for him.

A few more cuties.

This is our dining room table.  Luckily we do not plan on eating there any time soon.

A little busy, but fun.

The three wooden boxes and a lot of the other stuff is up all year, but Steven added some Christmas touches.

As I sit here typing, Steven is working on our Christmas cards.  What a guy!  He is certainly Mr. Christmas this year!  I wonder if I can find a nice picture of him in my Media Library, so he can sort of take a bow.

Steven doing some Christmas shopping.

Here is a recent picture of Steven at New 2 You Consignment Store in Ilion, along with the proprietresses and their cute dog.  That reminds me, we have a lot more Christmas shopping to do.  Perhaps I had better make a list.  In the meantime,  Happy Monday, everyone.


Lots of Stuff on Scattered Saturday

Ah yes, I must make a blog post today. I think I can manage a Scattered Saturday post.

We slept in till a little after six.  Full disclosure: I spent a good deal of early morning time wishing I could sleep, but I got in a couple of REM cycles.

I ate some breakfast and did a load of laundry before I went for a short run.  On the run I got inspired to decorate our porch by looking at other folks porches. However, before doing anything to my own porch, I went to a rummage sale at Mohawk Reformed Church.

After helping my husband, Steve, hang lights and get our witch and ghost set up (we want to put out further decorations,  but this was enough for day one), I went to the New 2 You Consignment Store in Ilion, NY.  I found a fabulous dress for our upcoming murder mystery.

After I got home, we were both hungry so went to Salvatore’s in Herkimer for lunch.  Then it was on to Heelpath Brewing Company at the Frankfort Marina,  then to the End Zone Pub and Grub in Herkimer.

We came home after that and are watching television.  Once I finish this I can knit. I do love to knit and watch television.  My only question is: true crime or old movie?  A little suspense adds interest to my evening.


Seasonal Scattered Saturday

I pause in my Christmas gyrations to make this week’s Scattered Saturday post. Full Disclosure:  I sat down to make this post earlier and just did not want to do it.  I felt down, I felt stupid, I felt completely disinclined to make a blog post just for the sake of making a blog post.  Remembering that doing something, anything often helps (if you can get yourself to do it), I did the dishes (there were not that many) and started another batch of Chex Party Mix (although I used the store brand version of Chex cereal) (I guess that is another Full Disclosure).  I have one, maybe two more goodies to make (however, I have found that it does not pay to get too ambitious), then I can start packaging and wrapping.

The packaging is often the most fun.  My husband Steven likes to put a present in a present, so we pick up various size tins and decorative boxes whenever we see them for a good price.  For another reason, I am a terrible wrapper, completely unable to fold the corners in anywhere close to a neat fashion.  However, I am thinking I will wrap the presents for my great nephew and niece, who are four and one.  I think they will like to tear the paper.

I had been hoping for a return of Saturday Running Commentary today, but the early weather report warned of possible icy roads early on, when I would have liked to go.  I am clumsy enough on my feet without adding slippery into the mix.  Additionally, I wanted to run to Hannaford for just a couple more things.  I felt like an independent, take-charge kind of woman when I went to Hannaford shortly after they opened, thus beating the crowd (although I kept walking into people; I did mention I was clumsy, did I not?), then drove to the Mohawk YMCA, arriving shortly after they opened.  Half an hour on the elliptical made me feel even better about myself.

Steven got a little ambitious himself, scoring a same-day appointment appointment at the Hot Shot Salon and Spa in Herkimer to have his beard and hair trimmed.  I admired his handsomeness before starting my first batch of Party Mix.

Later on, I went to Ilion with my friend Kim, to visit the New 2 You Consignments.  We mostly went to visit our friend Robbi, the proprietress.  We also got to see her lovely daughter, Megan.  Megan is ultra-talented and is studying musical theatre in New York.  Kim and I worked on a couple of shows with her when she was still local.  We looked around at the merchandise, but the only thing I bought was a pair of Christmas socks.  I love Christmas socks, and I do not have enough of them.  I know, this is the time of year I should be purchasing things for other people, but, hey, Christmas socks.  There could be no possible objection.

Before leaving Ilion, we stopped by Ilion Wine and Spirits, where I picked up a bottle of my favorite champagne, Great Western Extra Dry, made in New York State.  Wine purists will point out that technically it is not champagne if it is not made in a specific part of France, but I do not care at all.  Call it whatever you like, I like to drink it!

Making Chex Party Mix is a relaxing activity, because once it is in the oven you have 45 minutes to wait, needing only to stir it every 15.  That part is sometimes a little stressful for me when I start to think I did not set the timer this time after stirring.  Then I go to check, thinking I will set the timer for less than 15 if I have indeed forgotten.  Then I have not forgotten, and much more time has passed than I realized, so it is good I remembered to set it.  But other than that, a perfectly relaxing treat to make, and so tasty.

So this is my Scattered Saturday post.  Only two more days till Christmas!  Yikes!  Well, I will be ready or I won’t.  My family will not mind if I am not. They will not even be surprised.  They have known me for a while.


Scattered Halloween Movies?

It is that dreadful moment on a Saturday when you know you must make a post but you have already started drinking and are not at all sure you have anything to say.

So what else is new?  At least I have had a fun Saturday, so I will attempt a Scattered Saturday post and hope it does not sound too foolish.

I got up at a sort of normal hour (for normal people, which we all know I am NOT one of) and went running.  After a shower, some food,and an attempt to return to normalcy, I wrote a few postcards and walked to the post office to mail them. Steven nicely walked with me.  It was lovely weather and a lovely walk with my husband.

Much later, I got together with my friend Kim.  Our original plan was to go to Ilion Little Theatre to look for costumes for Shattered Angel, the play being presented by Herkimer County Historical Society in cooperation with Ilion Little Theatre.  Instead we went to New 2 You Consignment Shop in Ilion where we each found some great things for ourselves.  It was fun.

Then we picked up my husband Steven for a wine tasting at Ilion Wine and Spirits.  After some sipping and buying we went to downtown Herkimer.  We got a couple slices at Papaleo’s Wise Guys Pizzeria and took them to End Zone Pub across the street.  We had a delightful time eating, drinking, and chatting with folks.

Now we are home, watching Halloween movies while I make my blog post.  The best thing about that was a Freudian typo of “Scatterday” instead of “Scattered Saturday.”  I may use that next week. In the meantime, Happy Saturday, everyone, and I hope you are all enjoying Halloween movies soon.


I Scatter It Good!

It is the moment of my Saturday when I pause in my gyrations for a Scattered Saturday post before returning to the bra off, sweats on, wine drinking, TV-watching, husband hanging out with portion of my evening.  And I have scattered it pretty good today!

I did not leave the house till shortly after 10 a.m., when Steven headed out to work. I went to a rummage sale at St. Augustine’s Episcopal Church in Ilion, NY.  It was $1 for three bags day.  Woo-hoo!  I only got two bags worth of stuff but felt I had gotten way more than $1 worth of goods.  Back home, I wrote one more post card (I had written four earlier) and walked to the post office.  I took the long way home, making for a half hour walk.  Remember, if you are too busy to exercise, you are too busy!

After contacting my friend, Kim, via Facebook, and making plans for her to come over, I spent almost a half hour frantically cleaning my living room and bathroom.  There is nothing like somebody coming over to motivate one for housework.  Did I make much progress?  Well, let’s just say that, luckily, Kim is not one to judge.  It was about 12:30 when she came over, which we deemed a good time for a mimosa.  For one reason, I had a bottle of Prosecco which I purchased yesterday when we went to the tasting at Valley Wine and Liquor.

Our first stop was at an estate sale I had noticed while on my walk.  The main thing I like about estate sales is walking through somebody’s house.  This was a really nice house!  Other than that, I find a lot of the stuff is priced higher than I want to spend and some of it is downright depressing.  For example, family photos.  Didn’t these people leave behind any family or friends who would want these pictures?  Perhaps I am over sensitive about these things.

Next we headed to Ilion to search for costumes for Spring Into Murder (you know, the murder mystery we are doing next Saturday at Morning Star Methodist Church in Ilion?  Perhaps I will write a blog post about it tomorrow).  First Kim pointed out a shirt she said would be perfect for me for any time.  After trying it on, I had to agree.  She found a gown we liked for her character for the mystery, then I found a shirt I liked for mine (I already have the purple pants).  Then it was on to New 2 Your Consignments, where we almost always have good luck.  And there were the perfect shoes for my character!  I also found a black tux shirt with rhinestones that I totally fell in love with.  Kim found  bunch of stuff as well.

By now we had worked up quite an appetite so went next door to Franco’s Pizza.  I had never been there before.  What a cool place!  Good food and retro ’50’s decor!  I’ll have to write a full blog post about it.  I even took some leftovers home which will be great for my lunch on Monday. Back home, we had another mimosa before Kim headed out.  What a great day!  I even had time for a nap before I had to start supper for Steven.

I have some great plans for tomorrow, too, including rehearsal for Spring Into Murder and Adventures in Housecleaning.  No, the second one is not another play, it is me cleaning my house. I thought if I put it in all caps I could generate a little enthusiasm in myself. I’ll report if it worked when I make my Wrist to Forehead Sunday post.  I hope your  weekend is turning out as fun as mine.


Scattered Saturday is Back!

Today I went Mohawk Valley adventuring with my friend, Kim, and I will attempt to give a brief overview of our gyrations.  I may try to write more blog posts, detailing individual stops, but for now I must just type off the top of my head and try to hit Publish soon.  I have more Saturday I’d like to enjoy.

She picked me up at one and we went to a wine tasting at Valley Wine and Spirits. I may have mentioned yesterday that Swedish Hill Winery was going to be there, and they have sweet wines, which Kim likes.  As it turned out, they also have dry wines, so everybody was happy.  We couldn’t think of any other place to go in Herkimer at the time, so we headed to Ilion, NY.

Our first stop was Beer Belly Bob’s.  Kim wanted to purchase some Ubu for a friend.  I found out after she got it that Ubu is from Lake Placid,NY, so I heartily approved that purchase.  I wanted to go further afield and buy some Corona but decided to delay that purchase.  From there we went next door to Moose River Coffee, because I thought a cup of their especially smooth brew would revive me.

Our next stop was Cornerstone Consignments, where Kim found an adorable purse and two pair of earrings.  Then I suggested we go to New 2 You Consignment Shop, where Kim bought several sweaters.  That woman is always cold.  We hit Young’s General Store and Ace Hardware on our way out of town. They were having a luau, which they have had before but I missed.

As I type this, I am inclined to type more about each stop.  However, I feel these places would be better served by individual blog posts.  I hope I can follow through on such a thing.  In the meantime, I’m going to call this an acceptable Scattered Saturday post.  I hope you were somewhat entertained.


Friday Gyrations

I thought of that title as I drove away from work this afternoon.  I though to a brief description of the stops I planned might make a nice change from my usual Friday Lame Post.  We’ll see.

Steven and I have plans for this evening, so I did not want to spend hours running round.  However, I had said I would stop at Basloe Library to check their ongoing book sale for magazines such as might be good set dressing for Steel Magnolias.  I could have done that tomorrow morning, but I have some major running around planned for Saturday. Then I remembered that I still had not contacted the lady at New 2 You consignment shop to tell her I did not want the dress she was so nicely holding for me.  Yes, that is dreadfully inconsiderate of me.  I hang my head in shame.  Well, you know how it is:  when I thought of it, I wasn’t near a phone; when I was near a phone, I didn’t think of it.

So that was my first stop.  While there I also looked around for shawls or scarves that I MIGHT use to accessorize the dress that I MIGHT wear to be Ruby in Rubbed Out at Ruby’s. I did not find any, but I found a book that looks really good (I didn’t waste time looking at the books; this one just caught my eye) and a couple of long strings of beads.  You can’t have too many long strings of beads.  Ilion’s Dollar Store (I think it’s Dollar General; you know I’m never specific about dollar stores) is in that same area, so I stopped there as well.  I found some fake money, which I need for Ruby’s and for Magnolias, so that was good.

As long as I was in Ilion, I checked their library for a book sale.  They had one, but there were no magazines.  I didn’t even get to look at the books much (just as well), because a large person was kind of hogging the space (it was only a couple of small rolling racks).

At Basloe, I found a lot of magazines but not specifically what I was looking for.  I almost picked up a couple of magazine-looking recipe books for myself but after sternly reminding myself about all the recipe books, magazines and loose pieces of paper I currently have cluttering up my kitchen (and I usually just make something up anyways), I sadly put them back.

I did not get back home substantially later than I usually do.  Then I spent enough time futzing about on Facebook and puttering around the house that I am completely NOT ready to go out and Steven is due home any minute now. Yikes!  Well, at least I’ve made my blog post.  Happy Friday, everybody.


Come On, Steve!

That is  silly headline, but since this is Lame Post Friday, I do not apologize.  I have been scurrying around since I left work as if I thought I was going to get something done.  Ha!  How long have I known me?  But at least I can cross Make Blog Post off my list (full disclosure:  it is only a mental list today) before going back to enjoying my Friday.

Immediately after leaving work, I went to the Salvation Army Thrift Store (known as Salvation Armani to some) in Ilion, NY.  I was seeking a costume for the 1920s murder mystery LiFT Theatre Company is doing at the Overlook Mansion in Little Falls in February (I keep promising more on that later; maybe tomorrow I’ll finally write that one). I thought I could find a prom or bridesmaid’s gown that would work.  I thought drop-waist, light material, maybe a little lace, at least knee length.  Some ’20s costumes are short, of course, by my character is an older, glamorous, rich lady.  Well, she thinks she’s glamorous.  Actually she’s kind of a lush, but I digress.

I went through two racks of all kinds of dresses.  I found one that was ridiculously close to perfect, although it was black instead of red (my character’s name is Ruby).  Also, it was a size zero.  Now, you may not believe this, but I did have a 25 inch waist roughly a hundred years ago.  However, I have never, ever, for one moment ever in my life, been a size zero.  I kept looking.

The stop at the Thrift Store was not a total loss.  I found four books, two of which are the old, pulp fiction paperbacks I collect.  No, I did not think I was going to find a dress in with the books.  Did you think I was not going to look at the books?  How long have you known me?  Oh well, I guess some of you may not have known me that long.  I like to look at the books.

After buying the books, I went to New 2 You Consignments in Central Plaza.  They have a lot of prom dresses!  I tried on one that might kind of sort of work.  I don’t know.

Then I felt discouraged and went home.  I chatted on Facebook with a friend who had talked about coming over for drinks and snacks tonight.  I realized I’d better run to the store and get some food.  I went to Hannaford.  I am so indecisive.  It took me a while, but I got home with some stuff.  I started mixing dip and chopping vegetables, occasionally running to the computer to check if my friend was in town and on her way over.  As it turned out, once she got home, she felt tired and cold and wanted to stay there.  I surely could not blame her for that.  For one reason, I don’t want her getting sick.  She is in both Steel Magnolias and the murder mystery.

I finished my chopping and mixing, because Steven and I still have to eat.  It was almost time for him to get home.  I poured myself a glass of wine and sat down to make my blog post.  Which was, you know, this.

Incidentally, Steven got home about three paragraphs ago.  I started typing faster, pausing as he started to tell me about his day.  But now I think I have typed enough to hit publish.  I need to eat some of the food I indecisively bought and hurriedly chopped up and/or mixed.  Happy Friday, everyone.


I’ll Be Looking for that Link

I don’t think Tired Thursday has the same ring as Tired Tuesday, and yet here I sit.  Well, instead of crying about how tired I feel, I will give a brief overview of my post-work errand running.  I had thought to write a blog post about that earlier today when I had difficulty coming up with a topic to write on while on break at work.  Of course now all I want to do is sleep on it and I fear the post will not be very good, but we have established that for Mohawk Valley Girl, a bad post is better than no post at all, so here goes (I don’t care if that is a run-on sentence).

I need some props and costumes for Leading Ladies, the show I am directing at Ilion Little Theatre (stand by for this blog to become All Leading Ladies All The Time, it’ll happen soon).  This being the only weekday I don’t have rehearsal, I thought a few stops on the way home would be appropriate.  Full disclosure:  I did not make all the stops I intended to and one place I was pretty sure would not have any props or costumes.

It was pouring rain when I left work, but one must not let weather deter one, must one (one being me, of course).  I kept telling myself that this was better than snow, but I’ve heard we’ll have snow again before too long, so I suppose I will have a basis for comparison.

First I went to the Thrift Store in Ilion, NY (I work in Ilion, by the way).  No props, but I found a black shawl, which I have been wanting to go with my little purple dress (I refuse to own a Little Black Dress).  Now all I have to do is lost that damn ten pounds so I can wear my little purple dress. I merely glanced at the fancy dresses.  My costume ambitions were merely to look.  We’re going to check the Ilion Little Theatre costume collection before purchasing anything.

At New 2 You Consignment Store, where I went next, I found a decanter such as a someone might have sitting on a table in a ritzy sitting room.  I wasn’t sure I loved it, though.  The lady there, who I am acquainted with because her daughter did a marvelous job in the murder mystery I have been talking about (perhaps you read my latest blog post about it), said if I decided I wanted it, I could call her and she would hold it for me.  We talked about the play, and I mentioned my need of dresses for a couple of manly-sized men.  She said she had some quite large fancy dresses, so I may be in touch with her about that, too.

I was getting sick of being out in the rain but decided to make one more stop at Earthly Matters, a store I have lately become aware of.  I did not think it was anyplace I would find anything for my play.  I thought I would like to write about it.  Oh, I SO DO!  I stood there for a while talking to the owner, looking at beautiful things, and taking notes.  I shall write a full post about it and perhaps an article to submit to Mohawk Valley Living magazine.  For today, however, I content myself with a mere mention.

I went home after that, bypassing the dollar store and a couple of other stops.  There is another thrift store and at least one more consignment shop I can check.  When I don’t feel so tired.  Sorry to keep complaining about it, but you know how it is.  If you don’t know how it is, well, just work some overtime and direct a couple of plays and do a few more things other than sleep and then write a blog post about it.   You can post a link in Comments and perhaps I’ll read it.

Happy Non-Sequitur Thursday, everyone.