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Not a Pretty Post on Wrist to Forehead Sunday

It is Wrist to Forehead Sunday, indeed.  Although, I must admit, my quality of life is improving as I see these words appearing on my laptop screen:  black on white, readable, yes.

I am sitting on the concrete in front of the Martha Canfield Library.  I have been maneuvering myself around trying to get where the sun will not render my screen unreadable.  Oh, how I long for the comforts of home!  Just kidding.  This is not a bad place to be at all.  It is neither too warm nor too cold to be out of doors, and knowing that I am in such close proximity to many books does my heart good.  Yes, the doors are locked so that I do not have actual access to said books.  I just like knowing that they are there.

As you may have guessed this is another one of my Posts For The Sake of Making a Post posts, which is kind of the same thing as a Why I Can’t Make a Post post, but I just now came up with a different way of saying it.  In fact, I am not going to tell you why I can’t make a post today.  I’m not even going to apologize for not making a good post.  However, I will offer this consolation prize:  I might use my Tablet to take a few pictures of Vermont, so a post in the near future might be pretty.  No promises, but I’ll do my best.

I hope you are all having a lovely weekend.



Friday Gyrations

I thought of that title as I drove away from work this afternoon.  I though to a brief description of the stops I planned might make a nice change from my usual Friday Lame Post.  We’ll see.

Steven and I have plans for this evening, so I did not want to spend hours running round.  However, I had said I would stop at Basloe Library to check their ongoing book sale for magazines such as might be good set dressing for Steel Magnolias.  I could have done that tomorrow morning, but I have some major running around planned for Saturday. Then I remembered that I still had not contacted the lady at New 2 You consignment shop to tell her I did not want the dress she was so nicely holding for me.  Yes, that is dreadfully inconsiderate of me.  I hang my head in shame.  Well, you know how it is:  when I thought of it, I wasn’t near a phone; when I was near a phone, I didn’t think of it.

So that was my first stop.  While there I also looked around for shawls or scarves that I MIGHT use to accessorize the dress that I MIGHT wear to be Ruby in Rubbed Out at Ruby’s. I did not find any, but I found a book that looks really good (I didn’t waste time looking at the books; this one just caught my eye) and a couple of long strings of beads.  You can’t have too many long strings of beads.  Ilion’s Dollar Store (I think it’s Dollar General; you know I’m never specific about dollar stores) is in that same area, so I stopped there as well.  I found some fake money, which I need for Ruby’s and for Magnolias, so that was good.

As long as I was in Ilion, I checked their library for a book sale.  They had one, but there were no magazines.  I didn’t even get to look at the books much (just as well), because a large person was kind of hogging the space (it was only a couple of small rolling racks).

At Basloe, I found a lot of magazines but not specifically what I was looking for.  I almost picked up a couple of magazine-looking recipe books for myself but after sternly reminding myself about all the recipe books, magazines and loose pieces of paper I currently have cluttering up my kitchen (and I usually just make something up anyways), I sadly put them back.

I did not get back home substantially later than I usually do.  Then I spent enough time futzing about on Facebook and puttering around the house that I am completely NOT ready to go out and Steven is due home any minute now. Yikes!  Well, at least I’ve made my blog post.  Happy Friday, everybody.


Leading Library

I interrupt All Leading Ladies All The Time for a brief shout-out to Basloe Library in Herkimer, NY.  I am, of course, a well-known lover of libraries.  I’m only sorry that yesterday’s was only a flying visit.

What happened was this:  I was typing in the rough draft of my latest article for Mohawk Valley Living magazine on my recently acquired laptop.  My habit has been to type in the rough draft, print it out, and edit, usually asking Steven to read it as well.  I really felt I needed editing this time, including lots of rearranging of paragraphs.  Unfortunately, I neglected to purchase a chord to hook my laptop up to my printer.  What to do?

Library to the rescue!  I emailed myself the file, then went to Basloe to get on the computer and print it out.  There was, fortunately, a computer available.  I logged on and went to it.  I had just time to get the article printed and get to rehearsal (oh well, I guess one little mention of Leading Ladies).  The difficulty lay in getting myself to leave the library without looking for a book.  I simply could not resist a short glance at the book sale at least.  I tore myself away before making any purchases.  I hurried to rehearsal, feeling rather pleased with myself.

It was not until this morning that I discovered that I had apparently clicked wrong and only printed out the first page of the article. Alas!  I had to wait till I got home from work and do all my editing on the laptop.  I hope the article turned out all right.

Now I must get to rehearsal again.  Tomorrow we will return to All Leading Ladies All The Time.  I hope you’re having a lovely Wednesday.


This One’s Not About The Boilermaker

One trick that can help when you’re having trouble writing is to change your surroundings.  I tried that trick today with a trip to the Utica Public Library.  Full disclosure:  I also thought I could write about it for Mohawk Valley Living, my favorite magazine. They’ve liked pieces I’ve written about other libraries.  For another reason, a friend had told me the library was worth a visit because of its architecture.

So with lots of reasons, I set out.  I had one errand first, a stop at First Source Federal Credit Union to make a deposit in my Mad Money account.  This stop was a little bit sad for me, because I used to walk there with my dog, Tabby.  They did not mind if Tabby went inside; they usually gave her a treat. Well, Tabby is over the rainbow bridge now, and I mustn’t neglect my Mad Money account.  That task didn’t take long, and I was soon headed down the highway.

And decided to detour into Frankfort, to get a cup of coffee at my new favorite store, The Locavore.  Yes, I am trying to hydrate for the Boilermaker 15K so ought not to drink too much caffeine.  On the other hand, I was feeling down and dull and wanted a pick-me-up. I had previously had a Locamocha there which was delicious but wondered if I shouldn’t try something new.  The lady there recommended a Bulletproof, which included, I think, butter and coconut oil.

“It’ll fill you up,” she promised. “You can skip lunch.”

As a matter of fact, I had already eaten lunch, but I thought maybe I could forgo an afternoon snack. I really liked the Bulletproof.  It was indeed substantial.  I happily sipped it as I drove down 5S to Utica.  Soon I was on Genesee Street, looking around nervously.

I love riding on Genesee Street when somebody else is driving, so I can look around and admire the different buildings.  Driving is a little nerve-wracking when one is not used to it, which of course I am not.  Additionally, although I had noted that the library is at 303 Genesee St., I did not know how far down that was or even on which side of the street. Predictably, I could not see any numbers till I was practically there, and when I did see them of course I was in the wrong lane.

Just to give you yet another excuse to laugh at me (as if there is any shortage of that), I drove around the block at least three times looking for a parking space.  First I couldn’t figure out how to get into the parking lot.  When I found the entrance, the parking lot was full.  At least, there may have been a space in the last row, but the painted arrows told me not to go that way.  At last I found a space by the curb out front.

Do you hate posts that take you to the doorway then sign off?  Well, just in case you do, I’ll leave off at the curb, sipping the last of my Bulletproof before heading in to see if the change of locale will help my pen.  Spoiler alert: It didn’t, but it was worth the drive. And I thought the drive would be worthy of a Non-Sequitur Thursday post.


One Day, Two Libraries, What’s Not to Like?

Oh dear, does that headline read like I’m soliciting “Likes” for this post?  Naturally, I hope people like my blog, but I try not to be too needy.   Not to look too needy anyways.  Never mind, let’s get on with the post.

All I really want to do on my vacation is sit on my butt, perhaps in front of the TV and knit, perhaps on the deck with a notebook and write, perhaps just about anywhere with a glass of wine.  Wait a minute, that is how I feel most of the time.  I do enjoy to sit on my fat butt.  Nonetheless, I also like to get out sometimes.

I had a few errands to run today but no real plan as to what order to do them in or even if I would get to them all.  However, I set out this morning with a notebook and high hopes.  I made it to the bank for deposit and withdrawal. I even used the automated kiosk, which is quite the accomplishment for technologically challenged me.

I went to two different places looking for a poster board.  I volunteered to make the price list for a fund-raising concession Team Uncle Leo is doing three different times.  This is for Sitrin Stars and Strips Run and Walk, which benefits veteran rehabilitation programs.  Just thought I’d give them another plug.  In this I was unsuccessful, but I have time.

Ho hum, now what?  Basloe Library in Herkimer, always a good choice.  I wanted to find a book on paper flower making.  My character in Roxy, the play I’m in, made paper flowers while she was in jail.  This is not actually shown on stage, but I thought it  might be a good character thing to do backstage, in addition to giving me a new crafting skill to use while I’m sitting on my butt watching television.  Instead I found three other books that looked interesting.  Then I sat down (yes, on my fat butt) and worked on a letter to a friend.

Then I went home and took care of a few other things, including working on my lines for that play I mentioned.  I have a rehearsal on Thursday.  For anyone just tuning in, Roxy tells the story of Roxalana Druse, the last woman hanged in Herkimer County.  It was written by a local author and is being presented by Herkimer County Historical  Society and Ilion Little Theatre.

This afternoon I went to Frankfort, NY, to follow up on some fundraising for Team Uncle Leo.  I had to return to Big Willy’s Pizzeria.  I wished I had not already planned supper, because things smelled really good at  Big Willy’s.  Maybe I could hold the pork chops and macaroni salad for tomorrow.

After Big Willy’s, I realized I did not have any more plans.  Now what?  Providentially, a FedEx truck was blocking the way in front of Melrose Market, so I turned right on the street that leads to Frankfort Free Library.  Naturally I had my notebook with me.  I finished my letter to my friend.

As I wrote, I thought, stopping at two different libraries in one day is not a usual thing for a person to do.  How fortunate for me that I live in an area with several libraries so handily located.  I sadly refrained from looking for more books at the second library.  I only have so much time to read, after all.

So this is my Wuss-out Wednesday post.  I accomplished a few things, at any rate.  Do you suppose I’m justified in sitting on my butt now?


Ah, the Weekend

As I contemplate the upcoming weekend, I am thankful that for the most part I got the I Don’t Have a Headache Friday I had hoped for. Now to make my post and start thinking about Saturday. My blog has been thin of Mohawk Valley adventures lately. I can find many possibilities to remedy the deficiency.

I have no less than three theatrical productions I could check out. Ilion Little Theatre opens their season with the comedy Bless Me, Father. However, this play runs next weekend as well, so we may take it in then. The theatre is located in The Stables on Remington Avenue, behind Remington Arms in Ilion, NY. Performances are Nov. 8, 9, 15 and 16 at 8 p.m. and Nov. 10 and 17 at 2 p.m.

A friend at work told me about Mother Marianne’s West Side Kitchen,an original play being presented by Utica College this weekend. It is based on true stories from profoundly poor Utica resident as well as people who volunteered at the kitchen. The play opened last night, and my friend said it was very good. It is in Strebel Student Center Auditorium, 1600 Burrstone Rd., Utica Nov. 8 and 9 at 8 p.m. and Nov. 10 at 2 p.m.

If we don’t feel like driving to Utica, Herkimer High School is offering The Best Haunted House Ever. This especially appeals to me, given my love of all things Halloween. That play also opened last night and continues Nov. 8 and 9 with a 7:30 p.m. curtain time.

These are only the plays I have some first-hand knowledge of. As I pulled the newspaper out of recycling to double check times, I see at least two more, so sorry to any thespians that didn’t get a shout-out this time!

During the day on Saturday, I might check out the Helping Animals Live Organization (HALO) Trash to Treasures Sale at the Herkimer Polish Home, 319 S. Washington St., Herkimer, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. I have found some really good stuff at previous HALO sales. I always like to support HALO, which is a no cage, no kill cat rescue organization.

I was also thinking of swinging by Basloe Library in Herkimer. I’m not looking for anything in particular, but it has been a while since I’ve just browsed the shelves. If I’m there at 11 a.m., I can listen to the Guitar Group. This is an informal group that meets and plays Saturday mornings. Everyone is welcome to listen or to play along.

I could go on about some other possibilities, but I think I’ve given myself enough to think about. And I certainly have some better options than, for example, doing the laundry and cleaning the house. Happy Friday, everybody!