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Picture This!

What a moron I am!  Or as Bugs Bunny would say, “What a maroon!  What a Ta-ra-ra-GOON-dee-yay!”  I started writing a real post, about an authentic Mohawk Valley Adventure Steven and I had yesterday.  It isn’t bad. I could have finished it.  BUT, I wanted to add pictures!

Regular readers have probably noticed I never use pictures.  I could rationalize that with something like, “I’m all about the WORDS,”  but that is only what I say to make myself feel better about my lack of technological finesse. I think sometimes pictures are nice.  I like to see them in other blogs.

So we got a tablet some time ago and learned to take pictures on it.  Much later, we learned how to email them, then how to share them to Facebook.  I’m thinking it will not be too difficult for me to take one more step and put a photo or two on the old blog.

So yesterday at Pumpkin Junction, I took some pictures.  Today I shared them to Facebook.  Then I went to Facebook and downloaded them.  I’m pretty sure all I need to do now is hit where it says “add photo” and it will give me the option to get the photo from my downloads.  It really shouldn’t be too much problem, even given my vast reserves of incompetence.

However, and here we get to the real typical me, Steven and I have to leave soon for dress rehearsal for Splitting Issues, the play I believe I have mentioned before.  Opening night is Friday.  It is long past time for this blog to go All Splitting Issues All The Time.  However, I hope tomorrow to give my shout-out to Pumpkin Junction.  With pictures.  I hope you’ll stay tuned.


Boy, Is My Face(book) Red!

I think my readers will be patient with me.  I think they understand that I am not a young woman and infinitely resilient (oh yeah, like I was EVER infinitely resilient).  Yes, friends, I am indulging in Wuss-out Wednesday.

I wrote earlier today, but it was not a blog post.  It was a letter to a friend.  I don’t know why, but I am really into writing letters these days.  I know, nobody writes letters, and they haven’t for years. Ah, here’s a blog topic:  communication between friends.

I remember when people were just starting to get computers and be online, distant friends would say to us, “Oh, I wish you had email.  I don’t write, but I EMAIL.”  So we got on a computer at Kinko’s (remember Kinko’s?) and got email.  Guess what?  Nobody really emails.  They just forward jokes.

And now there’s Facebook.  I know there are other things as well:  Twitter, Instagram, texting on cell phones, but I don’t know from technology.  I do like Facebook.

However, how much do people communicate via Facebook?  I personally enjoy the pictures of people’s kids and grandkids, fun activities, and even their yummy dinners.  I like when people post things like, “I just had a cup of coffee and now I’m going for a walk.”  I’m not so nuts about the cryptic posts:  “Oh, it’s such a big decision!”  “My whole life just changed.”  “Feeling sad/frustrated/angry/whatever.”  One day I posted, “Well, that really sucked,”  just to be that way.

All this by way of admitting:  I had time to log onto Facebook, check my notifications and read down a few statuses (I didn’t scroll as long as I would have LIKED to), but apparently I do not have time to write a decent blog post. I was about to say don’t judge, but, well, perhaps I deserve it (hanging my head in shame).

Here’s an idea for me:  I’m going to get a camera that can transfer pictures to WordPress (did I mention I don’t know from technology?) .  Then I can indulge in Wordless Wednesday instead.  Tune in again on Non-Sequitur Thursday, when Mohawk Valley Girl says, “In my defense, shut up!”


Come On, Friday!

What a terrible blogging day! And not just because of my writing tribulations. Technology has got me down!

I wrote something while at work today (I really feel I must say each time that it was on a break, although I don’t imagine any management types read this blog) (still, you never know) (six degrees of Cindy’s blog?).

Where was I? Ah yes, wrote something at work. It wasn’t very good. Still, it was words. I could have published it. That is, I could have published it if I could have gotten it typed in at my desk top. Unfortunately, my desk top decided to act up.

It has been doing that a lot lately. It gets rrrreeeeaaaallllyyyy ssslllloooooooowwwww. And then it stops. Yeah, kind of like my writing some days.

So I got quite frustrated and stopped trying. I came downstairs and got on our Netbook. That works a lot better. Unfortunately, it is not so good for typing. The keyboard is much smaller than I am used to. You are reading this (oh dear I HOPE somebody is still reading!) and it probably looks pretty OK. That is, if I have caught all the typos I have made with my FAT fingers.

And just now I hit SOMETHING that made this whole thing disappear. I luckily found it under Drafts. WordPress is really a very good site. Hmm, maybe some readers feel it is less than lucky that I found it.

Anyways, will all this trauma, I am not up to perking up the less than stellar stuff I wrote earlier. I can only try to come up with a somewhat catchy title and have another Non-Sequitur Thursday.

Oh well, maybe it’s not catchy. Maybe catching, like a virus. Oh dear.

Me and the Yellow Cable

I believe I’ve mentioned that I am not the most computer savvy blogger you may encounter. OK, I’m completely stupid about them, and I’m still dwelling in the twentieth century if not before. I was utilizing understatement. Sheesh!

Given my technological naivete, I was not clear on how to proceed when my sister gave me a tablet she no longer used. A friend told me I needed a wireless router. I did not know what that was. Several ladies at Curves tried to explain. I still didn’t quite get it, but thought I could go to Radio Shack and buy one and trust that things would eventually become clear.

Of course chain stores are not a favorite of Mohawk Valley Girl, but I must say Radio Shack in Herkimer, NY is a very good place to shop. The guys that work there are patient and helpful. I went home with a box and high hopes.

Did you know you no longer have to read instructions for things? You get a CD you put in your computer and it talks you through it with pictures! So simple, even a Cindy can operate it.

I still screwed it up.

Well, you see, there was this cable I was supposed to plug into the router and then the modem, but there seemed to be no place on the modem for it (I was happy enough I figured out which was the modem). I called Radio Shack (as they nicely told me I could do) and found out I could unplug the yellow cable. Excellent! Now a place for every wire.

Didn’t work.

This time the instructions on the computer offered me a link that promised to help. I re-plugged in the yellow cable and tried it.

I guess I’m not being really explanatory about what I did. More computer savvy readers are either laughing their heads off at me or saying, “What the blankety-blank did she do?” Less computer savvy readers are perhaps more sympathetic as they, too, did not know what to do with the yellow cable.

Be all that as it may, at last my computer told me I was successfully set up to be wireless. I happily turned on the tablet. I clicked here, I clicked there, ooh, there was the name of the router. I typed in the password.

Only to read that the device is not set up for wireless internet.


I should mention that I had done all this without benefit of supper. I ate something, I made my blog post, I went downstairs and watched television. I will work on this wireless stuff another day.

This, Too, Shall Pass

I would like to just say a word about passwords. Only I don’t like to use those words in my blog.

You need passwords everywhere these days, at work, at home, on your computer, on your cell phone. There’s the PIN for your bank card, and if you only have one of those, congratulations. I HATE PASSWORDS!

You must not use the same password for different places. You must not use the same password you had used before. You must have a secure password: caps and not, numbers and symbols. Don’t use your pet’s name or your spouse’s name or your anniversary date or your birthday. How can I remember all these “strong” passwords at all, let along remembering which password goes to which place?

The answer, and this is what makes it a Monday Middle-aged Musing, is: I CAN’T! My middle-aged brain is not that supple. So I make up these super strong, secure passwords, and write them down on a piece of paper next to my computer, in a most unsecure fashion (the computer is underlining “unsecure.” I KNOW the word is “insecure,” but my insecurities could fill a whole other blog post).

I know, somebody else would do something clever like write down the password but leave off one letter. Or mix up where the capital letters go. Or maybe even write it in Arabic (I know the Arabic alphabet, but that, again, is a whole other blog post).

I offer this rant as my Monday post, because, as you may have guessed, I did not write a post while at work today. I trusted to my brain (why in the world I even thought I still had one remains a mystery) to come up with something. First I checked my email. I currently have two emails, since I am in the process of switching from Hotmail to gmail (I could give you a whole other rant about Outlook, but I don’t really want to get the computer honchos mad at me). I just barely remembered the respective passwords and in doing so realized I did NOT remember my WordPress password. I’ll tell you what: I was not in too bad a mood to start with but it just about became Wrist to Forehead Monday!

Be all that as it may, I see that my word count is over 300. Quite enough from someone who is only here to kvetch (then again, I always say, go with your strengths). I must go now to seek out a Mohawk Valley adventure to write about tomorrow.

Getting There is Half the Battle

On re-reading this post (before I hit Publish), I realize the lead isn’t really about what the post is about. I mean, I don’t exactly write in the inverted pyramid of newspapers, but still, I also don’t want to have any false advertising. This is actually the first part of a two part post about a community event I attended Sunday.

Every year the Herkimer Crusaders put on a wine-tasting event that is a lot of fun. Area wine makers — amateurs and professionals — get together and have their wine judged by professionals and amateurs. At least, lots of people come in, drink the wine and vote for the one they like best. That’s the category I fall into.

I saw an article in the paper about the event a couple of weeks ago. I made a mental note of the date but neglected to cut the article out (which I often do for blog planning purposes). Last week when a few of us were making plans to go, I thought I’d better double check the time.

Do you think I could find anything on the internet?

Other people seem to find whatever they might be looking for and not even on a real computer. They whip out their smart phones (or whatever device they happen to have; I can just hear somebody saying in that smarty-pants tone of voice, “It’s not a smart phone, it’s an Android.” Or an iphone. Or a blackberry. Or that new thing they’re lining up in front of the Apple store for) (it really does seem sometimes that I live in a cave) and in a short time, give you the answer (usually in the above-mentioned smarty-pants tone of voice). Sometimes they go on to read several paragraphs of what the internet had to say about the subject. I try to avoid those people.

Where was I?

Oh yes, looking for information. It seems all I could find was information on past Crusaders Wine Tasting events. What’s that all about, internet? I even went to the web pages of the two local newspapers and searched their calendars. Nada. (I shan’t mention the names of the papers, since that was not exactly a plug.)

Finally, in desperation, I went to the cardboard box on my living room floor, where we pile the newspapers destined for the One-and-Done recycle can. And found a little blurb printed in one of the local papers earlier in the week. Phew!

Information in hand, I continued to plan my outing. Which I will talk about tomorrow, because I see that I am over 300 words and once again this week, I must try to keep it short.

Wine at the Farmer’s Market

As we wend through October, the summer farmers’ markets are coming to an end. Since Steven was off on Wednesday, I suggested he and Tabby pick me up at work and we visit the Mohawk, NY Farmer’s Market while we still could.

That is, if the weather cooperated. The morning forecast (granted that was at four in the morning) said rain after 7 p.m. Perfect! Well, that didn’t happen. When I spoke to Steven at lunch time, he told me about all the indoor Halloween decorating he had been doing.

“Because it’s been raining ALL DAY!”

The rain had fortunately stopped by 3:30, when I get done work. It is always exciting to have a rendezvous with my favorite husband and the world’s cutest dog (oh, I know, you feel your dog is cuter, as you should).

“When I drove by the place,” Steven told me, “I saw 1000 Islands Winery and one other tent.”

That was OK with me; I particularly wanted to patronize the winery. The last time we went to the Mohawk Farmer’s Market, I tasted but did not buy. This time I intended to taste and buy.

The market is located in Weller Park, next to Weller Library on Main Street in Mohawk. There were actually three or four tents, but I made a beeline for the winery’s, because it looked like the guy was picking up.

“Oh, no, just putting away some of these extra bottles,” he said. “What would you like to sample?”

First I tried the Merlot and the Cabernet Sauvignon, because I like dry red. I seemed to remember preferring their Cab over their Merlot (real oenophiles call it “cab”), but I had forgotten how tasty the Merlot is.

Then I tried a semi-dry Riesling. Not as dry as I like, but it tasted like a good summer wine to me. I asked if the Pinot Grigio was sweet. I learned from my friends at Vintage Spirits that Italian Pinot Grigio tends to be drier than the California version. I wondered where New York fell on the scale. The winery guy said it was drier than the Riesling, so I tried it. Yum!

I decided to purchase the Merlot and asked could he take a credit card (you never know at farmers’ markets). He had one of those little square things on his phone that I’ve seen advertised on TV. Oh, technology! It took a few tries for my card to swipe. Then I had to type my e-mail address on his touch screen to receive my receipt. Yikes! I don’t text. I don’t work with touch screens. I live in the 20th century, for heavens’ sake!

First it totally would not accept my serious e-mail address (the one I use when I apply for a job or for business purposes), I think because there are periods in it (note to self: get a new serious e-mail address). Then it just took me forever to type in my silly e-mail address (the one my friends and family use), because my fingers are fat and clumsy.

While I futzed around with that, Steven and Tabby checked out the rest of the market. Steven purchased a little pumpkin and a variety pack of Amish cookies. Tabby made a few new friends.

The Mohawk Farmers’ Market runs from May through October from 2 to 5 p.m. in Weller Park. I don’t know, though, but what this was the last week, because when I drove by Weller Library the sign about the market was gone. Oh well, something to look forward to in the spring!

For more information about 1000 Islands Winery, check out their website at