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Me and the Yellow Cable

I believe I’ve mentioned that I am not the most computer savvy blogger you may encounter. OK, I’m completely stupid about them, and I’m still dwelling in the twentieth century if not before. I was utilizing understatement. Sheesh!

Given my technological naivete, I was not clear on how to proceed when my sister gave me a tablet she no longer used. A friend told me I needed a wireless router. I did not know what that was. Several ladies at Curves tried to explain. I still didn’t quite get it, but thought I could go to Radio Shack and buy one and trust that things would eventually become clear.

Of course chain stores are not a favorite of Mohawk Valley Girl, but I must say Radio Shack in Herkimer, NY is a very good place to shop. The guys that work there are patient and helpful. I went home with a box and high hopes.

Did you know you no longer have to read instructions for things? You get a CD you put in your computer and it talks you through it with pictures! So simple, even a Cindy can operate it.

I still screwed it up.

Well, you see, there was this cable I was supposed to plug into the router and then the modem, but there seemed to be no place on the modem for it (I was happy enough I figured out which was the modem). I called Radio Shack (as they nicely told me I could do) and found out I could unplug the yellow cable. Excellent! Now a place for every wire.

Didn’t work.

This time the instructions on the computer offered me a link that promised to help. I re-plugged in the yellow cable and tried it.

I guess I’m not being really explanatory about what I did. More computer savvy readers are either laughing their heads off at me or saying, “What the blankety-blank did she do?” Less computer savvy readers are perhaps more sympathetic as they, too, did not know what to do with the yellow cable.

Be all that as it may, at last my computer told me I was successfully set up to be wireless. I happily turned on the tablet. I clicked here, I clicked there, ooh, there was the name of the router. I typed in the password.

Only to read that the device is not set up for wireless internet.


I should mention that I had done all this without benefit of supper. I ate something, I made my blog post, I went downstairs and watched television. I will work on this wireless stuff another day.