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Late Monsters, Silly Post

It has not really been a particularly monstrous Monday. My struggles with depression continue. Still, there is no point in bogging down the blog with my petty complaints. Let’s see if I can find a good monster in my Media Library.

He is scary. I like him.

That is as far as I got on Monday. Well, what is wrong with a few late posts anyways? I suppose I could think of a few things, but we’ll let that slide.

Oh, this is Nosferatu, as many of you no doubt know. It has been 100 years since that wonderfully frightening silent movie made its first appearance. 1922. Regular readers may remember that 22 is my favorite number. It ought to bode well for the year, yet I confess to some feelings of trepidation (my $4 word for the morning).

Where was I? Ah yes, Monstrous Monday

Why choose a favorite? Can’t I have them all?

For the record, it is a lot easier to maneuver through my Media library on the laptop (dining-room-table-top, as regular readers may recall). Not to mention the joy of ten-fingered typing (sentence fragment, sue me).

Speaking of who can pick a favorite…

OK, three pictures, 200 words. I call that respectable. Now I have to finish getting ready for work. I hope you have enjoyed my silliness. I have. I find it alleviates the depression referred to in the first paragraph.

Running Commentary, One Letter at a Time

Well, this is just swell.  I can’t get on WordPress on my laptop .  What’s that all about?  So here I sit on my Tablet  typing one letter at a time with the stylus,  occasionally benefiting from the anticipatory thingy.I really do not like posting this way.  Then again,  I meant to make a Running  Commentary post.  For once I am typing as slow as I run.  It! Could! Work!

Once again I did not want to run today.  I also felt that I did NOT want to run the Reindeer Run 5K in Little Falls Dec 8.  The run is part of the Christmas in Little Falls festivities,  which I similarly felt not in the mood for.  What’s that all about, me?  Finally I said to myself, “Just try.”

I put plastic bags over my socks inside my sneakers,  because it was quite wet and slushy.  As it turned out, I did not run through much wet.  I stayed in the road (left side, facing traffic, which is the right way to do it), which is not my favorite way to run.

Once I got started, my body didn’t feel too bad about moving.  I had promised myself I wouldn’t have to run more than 20 minutes.  Just a short run to keep my feet in (You know, like keeping one’s hand in, only it’s feet, because I’m running), in case I decide to run the Reindeer Run 5K after all.

As you may have guessed,  I am now leaning SLIGHTLY in the direction of running.  I’ll let you know.  And I’ll make a longer blog post, after I get my real keyboard back.  In the meantime , we’ll call this a Wuss-out Wednesday and drive on.


We Can’t All Be the Grinch

My house is back online, just in time for Wuss-out Wednesday.  Instead of sitting at Basloe Library (a perfectly wonderful place to be, but I have to wear a bra and shoes ) I am lounged on my couch.  But it is still Wuss-out Wednesday.  My brain is dead.  My body is not doing much better, but my purpose is not to complain but to blog, possibly to entertain.  At least I may entertain myself.  That’s something.

Steven is watching The Year Without a Santa Claus.  Yay, Snow Miser and Heat Miser!  Did anybody here Big Bad Voodoo Daddy’s cover of their song?  An awesome rendition.  However, I have a few problems with this special.  I guess I could do worse for a Wuss-out Wednesday post than mention them.

A friend pointed out that the whole plot is a little shaky.  The two elves go in search of Christmas spirit so Santa will not take the day off.  Then the mayor says if it will snow, he will get all the mayors together and give Santa… the day off!  I gotta say what I say when confronted with a plot hole in a cheesy horror movie:  Waaaaait a minute!

My first problem happens before the elves take off, though.  Mrs. Claus has the wonderful song, “Anyone Can Be Santa Claus,” her first plan being to impersonate the fat man herself.  I quite frankly thought (the first time I saw it, and I still think it) that this is a marvelous idea.  Of course anyone can be Santa Claus!  All you have to do is give somebody something! EVERYBODY should be Santa Claus!  But, no, Mrs. Claus is shot down almost immediately.  SHE can’t be Santa Claus.  Only the REAL Santa Claus will do.

Now don’t tell me it would have been a shorter story if Mrs. Claus had just delivered the toys.  They could have  put in a lot of twists and turns if they had gone with that plot line.  No, I’m not going to write it.  If you can’t think of any twists and turns yourself, just take my word for it.

The biggest problem I have always had with this special is the same one I have with almost all the Christmas specials about Santa Claus.  Christmas = presents.   All I can hear in my head is Boris Karloff saying, “Maybe Christmas, he thought, doesn’t come from a store.  Maybe Christmas, perhaps, means a little bit more.”

Well I won’t wax philosophical about that tonight (regular readers know that half-baked philosophy belongs on Lame Post Friday).   I’ll just enjoy the fun music and charming animation (so retro), while I ponder the Christmas spirit.  I hope you are all having a lovely December so far.


Musings on Medium (or Medium Meanderings?)

Today is a real let myself off the hook day.  I did not run, I have not done anything remotely useful around the house, and I did not write a blog post earlier today.  It’s going to be a Monday Middle-age Musings or Monday Mental Meanderings (take your pick; I’m not even making myself choose one).

One thing I often notice in my writing is how what I’m writing on and writing with makes a difference.  At least, I have not done a real study on if it makes a difference in the writing itself.  But I definitely notice a difference in how I feel.  I’m thinking this is because I love the physical act of writing so much.  Putting words on paper (or screen, as the case may be) is fun.

I like writing by hand in a spiral notebook.  My handwriting is messy, and I sometimes get writer’s cramp, but in general I love the movement and I love watching the squiggly lines appear.  I write in pen these days.  I prefer a thin ballpoint.  I can live with a medium point, but anything over 1 mm is too bulky for me.  I used to write almost exclusively in pencil.  I liked the sound of the scratching.  I must try that again one day soon.

When I first started this blog (May 23, 2011, in case you were wondering), I would write my post on paper, then type it into the computer.  Sometimes I would write it the night before, sometimes just earlier in the day.  Of course, being me, I could not keep up that level of preparedness and was soon composing at the keyboard, as I am today.

Today I am on my desktop, which has a full-size keyboard.  For quite a while now I have been typing my posts on our Acer, which has a smaller keyboard.  Not one of those bitty, baby things you see on some people’s devices, but small enough that it took some getting used to.  Right now my hands are rather enjoying stretching out.  They feel bad-ass.

Of course, if I really want my hands to feel bad-ass, I must haul out my old manual typewriters.  I used to whale on a manual typewriter!  I have a minor collection now.  Sometimes I find them at garage sales or second-hand stores.  My parents recently gave me a fabulous old Remington.  I must clean it up and display it somewhere.  Maybe I’ll first roll a piece of paper into it and see what comes out.

For now, though, I see I am over 400 words.  That is more than respectable for a Monday!  I’ll try for something other than a Tired Tuesday post tomorrow.


First the Sinus Infection, Now This

This will  be a fast, foolish post, posted merely because I couldn’t bear to have today be the day I don’t make a post.

It’s computer problems.  My desk top refuses to cooperate.  The power cord on my Acer has inexplicably stopped going into the hole properly.  I am getting power now by virtue of holding the device in my left hand, jamming the cord against my fat thigh, typing with my right hand.  I haven’t typed single-handedly in a long time.  I HATE IT!

It does add to the interest of the post.  It is taking longer to type, so I’m not saying as much.  It is an enforced slow motion.  I can’t feel it improves me.

In case anybody was wondering,  I’m still sickly.  I slept the morning away and am trying to hydrate.  I say this merely to give an update, not to complain.  Well, maybe to whine a little.  Don’t judge.

I hope to solve my cord problems and type with two hands tomorrow.  Happy Saturday, folks.


Curse You, Noah Webster!

Whether I call it Monday Middle-aged Musings or Monday Mental Meanderings, today’s is going to be a foolish post.  I don’t know what it is with Mondays, but I am always so tired at the end of the day.  Perhaps it is the onset of middle age, which makes the former title more appropriate.  No matter.  My plan right now is to type in a few paragraphs then attempt to do at least one more useful thing before retiring to bed in self-pitying tears.


Just kidding.  I won’t cry and I am not feeling sorry for myself.  If anything, I feel bad for my blog readers, who may be looking for something a little more… shall we say, coherent.  However, if that is the case, the blogosphere is wide and varied.  Surely a blog reader can find something to please.


Here’s something interesting:  my computer seems to think blogosphere is not a word.  Perhaps I have it misspelled.  My Random House Webster’s College Dictionary is within reach, but I fear it was published before “blog” was a word, let along “blogosphere.”  I used to have a friend who enjoyed looking in older dictionaries and laughing about words that were missing.  “Computer” is the only example I can think of, unfortunately.


I just checked; “blog” is not in my dictionary.  “Computer” is, of course.  Now that I think of it, I don’t see why “computer” would not be in any dictionary.  According to this one, the word “compute” dates from 1630 to 1640, as does “computer,” which means “one that computes.”  Perhaps my memory is at fault and my friend was laughing at the outdated definitions.


And that brings up one thing that really annoys me.  Remember in school, when you had to write definitions of words and  you could NOT use a form of that word in your definition?  For example, if the word was “computer” and you put “one that computes,” you would get marked wrong and the teacher would probably say something rude and belittling (my teachers were not big on building self-esteem).  AND WHAT DID THE DICTIONARY JUST DO???  Curse you, Noah Webster!


I believe I have now been sufficiently foolish, and I am over 350 words.  I call that a respectable blog post.  I hope to see you lovely people again on Tuesday.


Me and the Yellow Cable

I believe I’ve mentioned that I am not the most computer savvy blogger you may encounter. OK, I’m completely stupid about them, and I’m still dwelling in the twentieth century if not before. I was utilizing understatement. Sheesh!

Given my technological naivete, I was not clear on how to proceed when my sister gave me a tablet she no longer used. A friend told me I needed a wireless router. I did not know what that was. Several ladies at Curves tried to explain. I still didn’t quite get it, but thought I could go to Radio Shack and buy one and trust that things would eventually become clear.

Of course chain stores are not a favorite of Mohawk Valley Girl, but I must say Radio Shack in Herkimer, NY is a very good place to shop. The guys that work there are patient and helpful. I went home with a box and high hopes.

Did you know you no longer have to read instructions for things? You get a CD you put in your computer and it talks you through it with pictures! So simple, even a Cindy can operate it.

I still screwed it up.

Well, you see, there was this cable I was supposed to plug into the router and then the modem, but there seemed to be no place on the modem for it (I was happy enough I figured out which was the modem). I called Radio Shack (as they nicely told me I could do) and found out I could unplug the yellow cable. Excellent! Now a place for every wire.

Didn’t work.

This time the instructions on the computer offered me a link that promised to help. I re-plugged in the yellow cable and tried it.

I guess I’m not being really explanatory about what I did. More computer savvy readers are either laughing their heads off at me or saying, “What the blankety-blank did she do?” Less computer savvy readers are perhaps more sympathetic as they, too, did not know what to do with the yellow cable.

Be all that as it may, at last my computer told me I was successfully set up to be wireless. I happily turned on the tablet. I clicked here, I clicked there, ooh, there was the name of the router. I typed in the password.

Only to read that the device is not set up for wireless internet.


I should mention that I had done all this without benefit of supper. I ate something, I made my blog post, I went downstairs and watched television. I will work on this wireless stuff another day.