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A Memorial Day Run

Earlier today I took a Memorial Day Run, thinking I could do a Running Commentary Post.  Of course it is better to do these things right away, but as regular readers know,  I do not always take the better course. So, some hours after the fact, here is my post about my run.

I usually like to wear an ARMY t-shirt on these occasions, but I could not take the time to look for one this morning.  I put on a big blue shirt I wore a few days ago.  I often grab a handy, semi-dirty shirt to run in.  It was over halfway through my run that I remembered a few years ago hearing about a thing of wear blue and run for the fallen soldiers.  So it seems I did the right thing without meaning to. That doesn’t happen very often!

My plan was to run up to Herkimer College, to the Veteran’s Memorial Park near the athletic field.  I have done that before to honor the fallen, at least in my heart.  Unfortunately,  I have not been running enough lately, especially with the Boilermaker 15K looming, and as soon as I started, I questioned my ability.

My goal. Would I make it?

Let me just pause to call bullshit on some people’s favorite snarky remark when I say I can’t do something:  “Well, not with that attitude you can’t!”  Every epic failure, and most minor failures I have had, and there have been many, I went into thoroughly convinced I could do the task at hand.  Conversely, many of my successes have surprised even me.  I said, “I’ll never be able to do this, but let me just try.”

And so it proved today.  I just ran to the bottom of the back road (I would not even attempt running up the front way) to the college, which involved going up a small hill, which was not fun, but I made it..  There was a dead end street with a further slight incline.  I thought I would run up that and back, to see how it went.  Not too bad.

Well, just start up the hill, I thought.  Make it partway and turn around.  Just make it to the path into Brookfield Park.  Then I thought to make it a little further.  Just to that curve.   Now I was so close to the college, it seemed foolish to turn around.  After all, I did not have to go all the way to the Memorial,  clear on the far side of campus, a gentler slope but still uphill.

This was taken in October, and doesn’t really show how steep.

Thus by gentle stages I coaxed my way to the Memorial.  I even went a little beyond it to go behind the athletic field and run down the other side of campus to the steeper hill back down to the village.

Another view of the park.

I felt fairly pleased with myself for persevering.  And now I feel pleased with myself for making a blog post about it.



I Ran, I Blogged, I Celebrate?

I went for a run earlier so thought I might try a Running Commentary Post.  The Utica Boilermaker 15K is two months from today.  Yikes!  This means I will be doing more Running Commentary Posts as my training intensifies, eventually going All Boilermaker All The Time.

I had it in mind to  run today since I did not run yesterday.  As my bones began to creak more and more throughout the day, I still kept it in mind. A couple of times I did ask, “What the hell, body?  I’m not even 60 yet!”  When I got home I was TIRED.  I said to myself, “Just try.  Just do the best you can.”

So I got into running clothes and started out.  Oh, was I running thunkily!  Stupid autocorrect seems to think “thunkily” is not a word, but I assure you that is how I was running.  However, one thing I have learned is to Just Keep Going.

As I Just Kept Going, I reminded myself that I have often said that I can put up with almost any amount of suck for just about as long as I decide to.  Of course this started me thinking about a few other things that suck in my life these days.  I reminded myself that I could put up with those, too.  I guess I need a lot of reminders.

The highlight of the run was when I stopped to pet a dog.  No, not because I got to stop!  I like to pet dogs! Sheesh! This was about halfway through my run, when I began to think it wasn’t such a bad run and maybe I would make it after all.

Still, I was counting the minutes.  I had decided to run for 22 minutes.  I plan to run 44 minutes this weekend, so I went for half that.  Additionally, 22 is my lucky number.  As I approached my house I wondered if I shouldn’t try for a little longer.  My body said, “No! Don’t!”  I had to run past the house to make it the full 22 minutes, but I made it.

On my cool-down walk I paused to sniff a neighbor’s lilacs.   That was the second highlight of my run.  I was glad I had run, however thunkily.   And I have made my Tuesday blog post on Tuesday.  I have to celebrate every win, however small.


Good Run! Good Post?

I had a really good run this afternoon, and I am a little surprised I did.  Perhaps I can surprise myself again with a decent Running Commentary Post.  No promises.

It has been difficult to run regularly lately, partly because of rehearsals for Shooting at the Grange (guess I haven’t finished talking about that yet) and partly because of the weather.  It rains! It stops! It rains again!  Monday it rained, and I said, “Good, I’m off the hook!”  I took a shower and got dressed to go grocery shopping.  Then as I left the house, it was bright and sunny.  What the hell, Mother Nature?

I ran on Tuesday but not on Wednesday, so Thursday was clearly a good day to go.  It rained during the day but had stopped when I left work.  Perfect!  There were a few dark clouds, but I couldn’t worry about that.  I made a couple phone calls, business, nothing very interesting.  I mention it merely to give a time frame.  Also, I feel a little proud of myself, because usually if I delay getting ready and running, I talk myself out of it.

Earlier today I had a vision of myself running in the residential area behind Valley Health Services.  I have not run there recently.  Most of my runs have been closer to home as I slowly build my time back up.  My weekday runs have been especially short, as I often let myself off the hook after a full day at work.  Today I thought I would try for a little longer.

I made it to that area and ran a couple hills along the way, nothing too impressive.  I ended up not running considerably longer than previously, but I did run a little faster.  Of course my fast runs are like other runners’ slow runs.  One does what one can.  I felt pleased with myself.

As I walked my cool-down walk, I reflected, sometimes beating up your body is just what you need.  After I showered and got dressed to go to the store (dull errand, not worth mentioning), it was pouring rain.  Me have good timing?  That’ll never happen again!


Fun Saturday, Late Post

Once again I went to bed last night before making my Scattered Saturday Post. In my defense… I have no defense.  It was a pretty good Saturday, beginning with a run and ending with movies.  In between, friends, fun, and a little bit of wine.

It doesn’t look so steep in the picture.

I mentioned in my late Lame Post Friday post that I ran up College Hill.  I share this picture taken in April 2020 to add interest to the post.

One of my favorite places.

How serendipitous! This picture of Salvatore’s Pizzeria and Restaurant in Herkimer was also in April 2020.  I met my friends Jim and Kim there for lunch.

Jim gets all the girls.

I did not realize I had two pictures like this.  The lady on the left is Jim’s late, dearly missed wife, Phyllis.  It was a running joke in our group that Kim was Jim’s other wife, because she played his trophy wife in a murder mystery once.  I was looking for a picture of this pose taken at Salvatore’s, but I guess one taken at the End Zone Pub will do.

I haven’t had a good hot bath in a long time.

After lunch, Kim and I visited the Wine Tasting Room at the Raindrops on Roses Bed and Breakfast.  The place used to be known as the Bellinger Rose, hence this tub I took a picture of.

Back home I watched a couple of movies. I would look for pictures and talk about them, but I see I am over 200 words, and I do not want the post to run long.  For one reason, I have to get on with my Sunday.  I hope I don’t make today’s post late, but no promises.


Up the Hill to a Late Lame Post Friday Post

I do not know what possessed me to not make my Lame Post Friday post on Friday.  Yes, I do.  Tiredness and laziness.  It’s a thing with me.  Now it is late Saturday morning (almost 9 o’clock!) And I feel ready for a nap.  In my defense, I took a long run up College Hill this morning.

A word (or more) about College Hill.  I previously referred to it as “up the hill to HCCC” (which, by the way, is pronounced “H-triple-C” or “H-trip-C”).  Or “up to HCCC the front way” (long-time readers may remember that there is a back way, longer and less steep). I am sure many locals will stubbornly continue to refer to it as HCCC.  However, it is now Herkimer College, and I can’t help wondering if some people might take it amiss if I continue to refer to it as Herkimer County Community College.

Additionally, I have heard said hill referred to as College Hill.  I am guessing about the capital letters as I have only heard it called thus in conversation.  I suppose other colleges are set on hills but do not know of any myself.  The army language school in Monterey, CA sat on a considerable hill, but that is not the same thing.

So, in future Running Commentary Posts, I shall refer to that hill as College Hill.  I believe this qualifies as a Lame Post Friday post, because after I got home from my run and inadvisedly sat down for a while without stretching, I did, indeed, feel lame.  I just don’t imagine a nap will help, but I may try.


Some Semblance of a Blog Post

I’m afraid this is another post about What I Could Make A Blog Post About.  Because I’m just not feeling it this morning.  Tuesday we had the read-through for Shooting at the Grange, the murder mystery we are presenting April 29 to benefit Salisbury Grange.

Note to self: find out how to get to Salisbury Center.

Yesterday I took a half hour walk before work then went for a pretty good run after.  Pedestrian Posts and Running Commentary are always fun.  Later I took an unexpected trip to Frankfort, NY, to Fratello’s Pizzeria, to hear Phil Arcuri, one of my favorite local musicians.

From my Media Library.

I confess to feeling a bit down.  I took another half hour walk this morning, because I read somewhere that a half hour was the equivalent of taking 25 or 50 mg of Zoloft (I forget which).  I almost cut the walk short, because I seem to have done something to my hip again.  I said to myself, What do you think, something magic is going to happen if you walk for 30 minutes?  Well, nothing magic happened, but I am sure 30 minutes of walking burns more calories than walking for 20, that stands to reason.

So this has been my update, and I am going to call it a Wuss-out Wednesday.  I need to get on with my Thursday.


Too Busy to Blog?

So yesterday was a Wuss-out Wednesday,  blog-wise.  I went for a walk in the morning and a run in the afternoon.  I had a Mohawk Valley Adventure of going to Fratello’s Pizzeria in Frankfort for music and food.  And I took some pictures of crocuses in my back yard.

But I did not make a blog post about any of it.  What the hell, me?

Now it is Thursday morning, and I contemplate the coming day with dread.  How’s that for a little bit of melodrama?  I need to get over myself.  Never mind, let’s get on with the blog post.

I knew it wouldn’t be a great picture, but I had to try.

On my morning walk, I admired the full moon.  Full disclosure:  I like to see the moon at whatever phase it is in.

I love to see them every year!

I felt the need to take pictures of all the crocuses that were there.  It occurred to me that some people might shame me for it (you know who you are): “We all know what a crocus looks like.  We see them every year.”  Like how some people don’t want to keep seeing pictures of the snow.  I can’t worry about those people now.

They were awesome.

This is the new to me band I heard at Fratello’s:  Gridley Paige Naked and Scared.  I loved them.

So once again I give you a blog post about what I could have written a blog post about.  At least it was over 200 words.


Another Day, Another Walk, Another Post

At the risk of being redundant (oh, who am I kidding? I say the same things over and over again all the time!), I make another Pedestrian Post.  Today’s walk was longer with no libations involved.  I first went to the post office again, this time with business correspondence in hand (what business, you ask? Nun-O-Yo Bidness!) (I’ve never actually said that to anyone, but I have always wanted to).  It was not as warm as yesterday but still perfectly comfortable for walking.

I should do something like this with Frankentree!

On the way to the post office, I paused to snap a picture of an Easter Egg Tree I have been admiring.  Maybe next year I will find enough oomph to decorate for the holidays.

After mailing my letter, I walked a long way home, going past Basloe Library.  When I left the house, I had had some notion of stopping there to work on my murder mystery (preview of coming attractions) but decided I would rather take a longer walk and work on it at home (full disclosure: I still have to do that).  Going through the parking lot, I decided to get a picture of the Do Not Enter sign I mentioned in my last Running Commentary Post (perhaps you read it) (I mean the post, not the sign, although you are welcome to read both).

Once again, I entered.

I walked past my street by two blocks, then up to German Street to get back home.  I was hoping to walk for a half hour, and I did.  For another seasonal picture, I got the cross in front of Trinity Lutheran Church.

Full disclosure: I may not go to church on Easter Sunday.

My walk was over a half hour and over a mile and a half.  I believe I mentioned how I have been seeking the mental health benefits of exercise.  I think this walk helped.  I hope to try another walk or run tomorrow, maybe even both.  But I might look for something else to blog about.  I hope you will stay tuned.


Running by the Rules

I had not gone running since Tuesday nor even taken a walk since Wednesday.  Yes, you can shake your finger at me, or your head, or your booty.  These things happen.   I did not even run Saturday.  So I made sure to go for at least a short one today.

Just 20 minutes, I told myself, just go for 20 minutes.  I had gotten up to 31 minutes last weekend, so by my Add Ten Percent rule I should have been up to 34 minutes today (I didn’t make that up, the guy at the Sneaker Store told me about it a long time ago; I guess it’s a thing) (although knowing me, I probably don’t do it right).  But after missing four days, I followed the Give Myself a Break rule.

It was much chillier than it was yesterday but not too bad.  Until the wind picked up.  Yikes!  Fortunately it did not blow fiercely for the entire run.

I started out taking the opposite direction from what I usually do, heading away from German Street.  Then I took a right onto Church Street, heading towards Valley Health, where there is a nice hill I could run up.  However, when I got closer I again followed the Give Myself a Break rule and turned into the high school parking lot.

You have to picture it without the leaves on the trees.

I  observed as I ran that I was heading the same way as the water.  When I run up to Herkimer College the back way (which I have not done in a long time), there is a little creek running downhill.  I always think the water is laughing at me, “Hey, you!  You’re going the wrong way! Downhill is much better!”  At the high school, it is a more gradual slope.

My run was not feeling bad.  My body did not protest much at all.  I turned a few corners, debating on the best way to get back home anand still take at least 20 minutes.  Additionally, I tried to run with the sun not too much in my eyes.  It is annoying and can give me a headache.

All the snow was gone today.

I ran through Meyer’s Park, as I often like to do.  I wanted to go up Prospect Street as far as the Do Not Enter sign on Bellinger Avenue.  Regular readers know how I like to enter when it says not to.

On another topic…

I was unsuccessfully  searching my Media Library for a picture of the Do Not Enter sign when I saw this utterly appropriate photo.  I personally am indulging in a little wine, not a blender of booze.  Additionally, I am not too devastated by the thought of Monday.  I will naturally feel differently tomorrow morning, but I can’t worry about that now.

About the run:  22 minutes, over a mile and a half, and it felt pretty good.  I was only sorry I was out of milk, so I could not have my usual chocolate milk recovery beverage.  Bring On the week!



Saturday? Sunday? Just Another Blog Post

It is a well known fact that I have never, at any point in my life, for one minute, ever had my act together.  It seems unlikely that I will achieve such a status at this late stage, even if I were to make the attempt.  Full disclosure:  I tend not to try.  At worst,  I survey the damage and make embarrassing weepy noises.  At best, I just drive on.  I am hoping for a drive on day today.

I am lounged on my couch, pecking in one letter at a time with the stylus on my Tablet, trying to remember why I did not make my Saturday blog post on Saturday.  I am further wondering if I can count this post for both Saturday and Sunday.  Would that be cheating?  I do not approve of cheating, even if it is on my own rules for me.  Still, one resorts to  these measures on occasion.

It has not been a bad weekend so far.  I went for good runs both yesterday and today, going further than last weekend and even including a few hills.  I petted a couple dogs today.

The sign is looking more faded now, and the trees in the background have no leaves.

I ran by this DO NOT ENTER sign yesterday.  Regular readers know I love to enter when it says not to.

That car wasn’t there today.

I ran by the post office today.  I walked there yesterday to mail my post cards and a letter.

I keep hoping for some of those endorphins to kick in.  One reason I try to be vigilant about running and walking is for the mental health benefits.  However, I don’t suppose anything will be a miracle cure.  Again I ask, why can’t I have a miracle cure?

And again I answer myself, never mind why, you can’t and that’s that.  However, it seems I can make a blog post.  It may be a late, foolish blog post, but what can you expect from someone who emphatically does not have her act together?