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Not Late, Liverpool!

This is my Slacker Saturday Post. It is almost a Guest Blogger Post, because, although I am still me, I am typing on my sister Diane’s laptop on her patio in Liverpool, NY. I had meant to make my blog post in Herkimer, before I left on today’s adventures. Unfortunately, I was too tired and needed to take a nap.

I got up around 4:30 this morning, because I couldn’t sleep. I went for a run, did some house cleaning, threw in a load of laundry, talked to my Mom on the phone, etc., etc. Then next thing I knew it was after ten and I had not yet make my blog post. I went out into the yard and took a few pictures, thinking an update was in order. I tried but found I just had to go upstairs and lie down. Here are the pictures I took:

Look how pretty!

I was delighted to see our rhododendrons blooming. I think the tree gets a little bigger every year, but of course I am too lazy to try to find a shot from last year for a compare/contrast.

It IS growing!

I took an update of our Rose of Sharon. It seemed a little brown earlier this year but appears to be greening up nicely.

More here, and more to come!

I went out front to get a picture of our daisies, which have started to bloom. I can see where we will have many more. Additionally, I see plenty of buds on our peony bush. So I guess this shot is in the nature of a Preview of Coming Attractions.

My niece Gillian just took a few pictures of me, my Mom, and my sisters Vicki and Diane. I thought I had downloaded one to this space from my phone. Alas, it seems not to have taken. I feel this does not matter, since I am over 200 words. Score! I am not late with my blog post! And I have a very silly picture to share on Wrist to Forehead Sunday. As always, I hope you will stay tuned.


Unwelcoming Weather

I did mention this would be Wrist to Forehead Sunday. In fact, I don’t feel particularly wrist-to-foreheady (yes, computer, I know that’s not a word, but it should be). I feel happy to be home.

I traveled from the Mohawk Valley into Liverpool, NY and thence to the Finger Lakes (have you ever used the word “thence” in a sentence? I have not) (till now). It was a lovely if tiring weekend. I drove by myself, to and from Liverpool. This was a big deal. I rarely go anywhere by myself. But once in a while I try to be an independent, take charge kind of woman.

When I got home and Steven had returned home from work, we took our schnoodle, Tabby for a walk. She was so happy to have both her peeps home. It was a beautifully sunny day. Who could resist going for a walk on a Sunday in springtime?

Well, the Mohawk Valley weather was not exactly welcoming me or springtime back, it seems. That wind was mean! It was cold! I was happy I had the foresight to wear a windbreaker and my toque. Still, I felt a little ill-used. What a ridiculous difference between the way the day looked and the way the day felt.

Still, it was a nice walk and I was happy to be with Steven and Tabby. And I guess we’re all getting tired of hearing complaints about the weather (although few of us are going so far as to actually shut up about it) (that’s a whole other blog post: we’re rarely tired of complaining, just of hearing others do so). Well, I’ll stop complaining now, and go back to enjoying my Sunday. I hope you all are doing the same.