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Murder Movies on New Year’s Eve

I have developed a bad habit of not posting on the weekend.  I thought I would try to break that habit by making my Saturday blog post today.  Unfortunately,  I got nuthin’.

I have been enjoying New Year’s Eve all afternoon, with champagne.  It was my favorite champagne, Great Western from the Finger Lakes.  I have read that it is not real champagne if it is not from a certain region of France, so I don’t know how Great Western gets away with it.  I do  not at all care.  It is yummy.  Whatever you call it, I am going to drink it.

The point is, I am feeling a little tired and tipsy.  I feel this is understandable if not actually  expected on New Year’s Eve.

A fun movie with a great cast.

Traditionally, my husband, Steve, and I watch movies on New Year’s Eve.  I just spent some time searching my Media Library for a picture of Murder by Death, which I knew I had somewhere.

One of my favorite guys.

Mostly we have been watching episodes of Columbo. Fun!  We did take time for one horror movie, Taste the Blood of Dracula.  I know I don’t have a graphic of that in my Media Library.  Or do I?

Here it is!

I guess  I will bill this as a Saturday Cinema Post.  Happy New Year, everybody!



Serenity Now

I just realized I never gave a shout-out to any of the Finger Lakes wineries I visited in April. What an omission! I shall start with my favorite: Serenity Vineyards.

Serenity is located at 930 Davy Rd. in Penn Yann, NY. Right nearby is Seneca Shore Wineries. When we found out Serenity offers dry wines, most of our group opted to skip ahead to that one. My sister Diane and I stayed, one of our designated drivers also remaining (insert smart remark of your choice about our not being sweet and/or having dry senses of humor).

The tasting room is part of a large warehouse. We could see large steel vats and huge wooden barrels, so I knew they would have plenty of wine for us to taste. Music by Billie Holiday was playing, so there were all kinds of things for me to like about the place.

A gentleman named Mike poured for us. He was familiar with all the wines and told us what he liked to eat with them. I liked that, because I don’t know much about pairings (although I do know the truism of “white with chicken, red with beef” is NOT always true) (um, I guess that’s why it’s a trueISM and not a truth).

We started with a 2011 Dry Riesling. It was very tart, fruity but dry. Mike said it went well with creamy stuff, like Alfredo.

Then we went to an ’06 Pinot Noir. Mike said it was cool in ’06, making the wine light, soft and chillable. I agreed that it was very light, what I would call a good summer wine. The ’07 Pinot Noir, in contrast, was vinted in a hotter, drier season. That one was Mike’s favorite. I found it tasty but not something I would crave.

The 2011 Cab Franc Mike called a “quintessential steak wine.” I could taste the light, peppery finish, which is unusual for me because in general my palate is not that sophisticated (you see, I admit it). This was my favorite so far.

The 2011 Mirth, one of their most popular wines, is a 50/50 blend of Cabernet Franc and Merlot. Regular readers may remember that I like blends, and I certainly liked this one. Alas, I did not make a note if I liked it better than the Cab Franc. I suppose I’d better make my way back to the Finger Lakes for another taste.

I told Mike I tend not to pair wine with food; I like to sip a wine all on its own. He said he preferred to pair it and let the tastes influence each other. I’ll have to try that. It may be good for more blog posts.

Diane told Mike I wrote a blog and would probably write about Serenity Vineyards. He invited us to Like their Facebook page and to share a link to the blog when I wrote about them. I Liked their page right away. I don’t know why it’s taken me so long to write the post.

Unwelcoming Weather

I did mention this would be Wrist to Forehead Sunday. In fact, I don’t feel particularly wrist-to-foreheady (yes, computer, I know that’s not a word, but it should be). I feel happy to be home.

I traveled from the Mohawk Valley into Liverpool, NY and thence to the Finger Lakes (have you ever used the word “thence” in a sentence? I have not) (till now). It was a lovely if tiring weekend. I drove by myself, to and from Liverpool. This was a big deal. I rarely go anywhere by myself. But once in a while I try to be an independent, take charge kind of woman.

When I got home and Steven had returned home from work, we took our schnoodle, Tabby for a walk. She was so happy to have both her peeps home. It was a beautifully sunny day. Who could resist going for a walk on a Sunday in springtime?

Well, the Mohawk Valley weather was not exactly welcoming me or springtime back, it seems. That wind was mean! It was cold! I was happy I had the foresight to wear a windbreaker and my toque. Still, I felt a little ill-used. What a ridiculous difference between the way the day looked and the way the day felt.

Still, it was a nice walk and I was happy to be with Steven and Tabby. And I guess we’re all getting tired of hearing complaints about the weather (although few of us are going so far as to actually shut up about it) (that’s a whole other blog post: we’re rarely tired of complaining, just of hearing others do so). Well, I’ll stop complaining now, and go back to enjoying my Sunday. I hope you all are doing the same.

Inn the Finger Lakes

I feel a little frivolous publishing a post about my wine tasting trip after just looking at breaking news about what happened at the Boston Marathon. However, I have nothing wise to say about that, and I did write this post before I knew anything terrible was going to happen. Therefore, I make bold to offer the following comments about the night preceding my Finger Lakes tour.

Wine weekend started Friday when my sister, sister-in-law, mother and I drove to Seneca Falls, where we had a room in the Hampton Inn.

Regular readers (Hi, Diane!) know that Mohawk Valley Girl does not usually plug chains (although I seem to remember doing so just recently; sorry). However, one encounters very few hotels or motels that are not chains these days. That’s especially true when you go someplace unfamiliar. Usually somebody in your group (in this case my sister) goes on-line and finds something.

Some nit-picker (you know who you are) will be pleased to point out that the Finger Lakes region is NOT in the Mohawk Valley. Well, I do sometimes venture out of my beloved home territory. The Finger Lakes are easy driving distance from the Mohawk Valley for a day or weekend trip. Can I get on with the post now?

The Seneca Falls Hampton Inn is a very good representative of its brand. The people that work there are all very friendly and helpful. They were accommodating about supplying extra towels and bedding, and they were happy to let me fill my large thermos from their supply of hot coffee that is available at all times (one of my favorite extras in a hotel or motel). We also enjoyed the hot breakfast buffet.

This is a short post today, because I have another bear of a week ahead of me. Please stay tuned as this blog next turns into All Dirty Work at the Crossroads All The Time.