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Boy, Is My Face(book) Red!

I think my readers will be patient with me.  I think they understand that I am not a young woman and infinitely resilient (oh yeah, like I was EVER infinitely resilient).  Yes, friends, I am indulging in Wuss-out Wednesday.

I wrote earlier today, but it was not a blog post.  It was a letter to a friend.  I don’t know why, but I am really into writing letters these days.  I know, nobody writes letters, and they haven’t for years. Ah, here’s a blog topic:  communication between friends.

I remember when people were just starting to get computers and be online, distant friends would say to us, “Oh, I wish you had email.  I don’t write, but I EMAIL.”  So we got on a computer at Kinko’s (remember Kinko’s?) and got email.  Guess what?  Nobody really emails.  They just forward jokes.

And now there’s Facebook.  I know there are other things as well:  Twitter, Instagram, texting on cell phones, but I don’t know from technology.  I do like Facebook.

However, how much do people communicate via Facebook?  I personally enjoy the pictures of people’s kids and grandkids, fun activities, and even their yummy dinners.  I like when people post things like, “I just had a cup of coffee and now I’m going for a walk.”  I’m not so nuts about the cryptic posts:  “Oh, it’s such a big decision!”  “My whole life just changed.”  “Feeling sad/frustrated/angry/whatever.”  One day I posted, “Well, that really sucked,”  just to be that way.

All this by way of admitting:  I had time to log onto Facebook, check my notifications and read down a few statuses (I didn’t scroll as long as I would have LIKED to), but apparently I do not have time to write a decent blog post. I was about to say don’t judge, but, well, perhaps I deserve it (hanging my head in shame).

Here’s an idea for me:  I’m going to get a camera that can transfer pictures to WordPress (did I mention I don’t know from technology?) .  Then I can indulge in Wordless Wednesday instead.  Tune in again on Non-Sequitur Thursday, when Mohawk Valley Girl says, “In my defense, shut up!”


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  1. I think the camera is a great idea – would love to see pictures of Herkimer/Little Falls/Mohawk Valley in general.


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