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May I Remind You: It Is Non-Sequitur Thursday

So I am staring at the clock deciding what time I must leave to go to final dress rehearsal for the play I am in at Ilion Little Theatre.

And I have the dreaded Type A Sentence Then Backspace Over It disease. What’s a blogger to do? What I usually do, I suppose. Grit my teeth, type and leave it there! When one is determined to post every day, any words are better than no words at all.

The critics in my head are poised to argue this, of course, but they do not have a leg to stand on, metaphorical or otherwise. Critics, please note the subordinate clause that precedes the contention praising “any words.” Now they will go on to suggest that I become determined to post something good every day, but I shall not listen. I must hit publish and run.

I have been having a devilish time of it for the past day or so. When I went to put in my contact lenses last night, one ripped. This has never happened to me before. I was not aware until this morning that half of that contact remained in my eye. As an explanation, I can only offer that bit of philosophy that has helped me through many a tribulation: shit happens.

Do you know how hard it is to get a partial contact lens out of an eye? Well, I finally managed it. I will just add: I do not usually wear contact lenses. For my purposes, glasses suit me better. But I keep some one-day disposables around for specific purposes, such as being in a play.

What a dull post. I should have gone into details of my horrific eye-poking experience. Too late. I have some tea to make (for a prop) and other dramatic concerns to deal with. Tomorrow is opening night. Perhaps I will write my post late and tell you how it goes.

Come On, Friday!

What a terrible blogging day! And not just because of my writing tribulations. Technology has got me down!

I wrote something while at work today (I really feel I must say each time that it was on a break, although I don’t imagine any management types read this blog) (still, you never know) (six degrees of Cindy’s blog?).

Where was I? Ah yes, wrote something at work. It wasn’t very good. Still, it was words. I could have published it. That is, I could have published it if I could have gotten it typed in at my desk top. Unfortunately, my desk top decided to act up.

It has been doing that a lot lately. It gets rrrreeeeaaaallllyyyy ssslllloooooooowwwww. And then it stops. Yeah, kind of like my writing some days.

So I got quite frustrated and stopped trying. I came downstairs and got on our Netbook. That works a lot better. Unfortunately, it is not so good for typing. The keyboard is much smaller than I am used to. You are reading this (oh dear I HOPE somebody is still reading!) and it probably looks pretty OK. That is, if I have caught all the typos I have made with my FAT fingers.

And just now I hit SOMETHING that made this whole thing disappear. I luckily found it under Drafts. WordPress is really a very good site. Hmm, maybe some readers feel it is less than lucky that I found it.

Anyways, will all this trauma, I am not up to perking up the less than stellar stuff I wrote earlier. I can only try to come up with a somewhat catchy title and have another Non-Sequitur Thursday.

Oh well, maybe it’s not catchy. Maybe catching, like a virus. Oh dear.