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Monsters for my Blogiversary!

Happy Blogiversary to me.  At least, WordPress said Happy Anniversary, but I like my word better.  I have been writing this silly blog for a dozen years now.  How the time flies.  What better way to celebrate than with another Monstrous Monday Post?

Isn’t she sweet?

Although I have been blogging since 2011, I only started including pictures in 2016.  I was always slow to catch up with technology.  We got the witch at Pumpkin Junction in Sauquoit, a great place to go for Halloween stuff.  Witchy, as I like to call her, stays on our front porch all year.  I dress her as an angel at Christmas time.

“What do you mean you’ve been blogging for a dozen years?”

I had to include my favorite guy, Nosferatu, of the eponymous 1922 silent movie.  I always think he looks startled in this shot, as if we have interrupted him.

I love the side-eye.

THERE’S The Brain That Wouldn’t Die !  I was looking for a picture of her for yesterday’s blog post and couldn’t find one.  I’ll be a ding dong daddy, as my grandmother used to say.  I keep thinking I will take the time to make an index of my Media Library but I never do.

Isn’t she pretty?

Back to my own decorations with my skeleton Bonita wearing a mask I think was made for a dog.  I picked it up at a rummage sale somewhere.  I don’t know if you can tell, but Bonita is holding black tulips.  They were made by my friend Jerry for a murder mystery.  He graciously presented them to me afterwards.

I thank any readers who have been reading me since 2011 (if any), I thank anybody just tuning in, and everybody in between!  I hope I have entertained!



Of Cows and Monsters

What, is it going to be Late Post Week?  I made Sunday’s post on Monday, now I’m making Monday’s post on Tuesday.  What the hell, me?  Never mind the recriminations, let’s make with the monsters!


OK, these are not monsters.  It is a photo from Cabot Creamery Co-operative, one of my Facebook Likes. They share a lot of sweet pictures of cows.  This showed up in my  On This Day yesterday.  I shared it on my News feed then downloaded it, thinking I would use it to soften my blog post about my crappy Sunday.  Then I went a different way, and you know me:  Waste Not Want Not!

Graphic depiction of me trying to rise above my problems.

Here is a bona fide monster, one of my own Halloween decorations.  I say it is a graphic depiction of me, but I will never be that skinny, even if I do go back on the South Beach Diet.

“Follow me! To the graveyard! Ah ha ha ha ha!”

This pleasant fellow, Elliott Ghoul by name, stands in my window all year long.  In previous years, my husband Steven would turn him off after the spooky season, but this year he is still entertaining me by going off at loud noises or when headlights go by just right.

So this is my Monday blog post.  I don’t know if my Monstrous Monday Posts are getting old, but I still enjoy them.  Regular readers know I often find comfort in the macabre.  I hope your Monday was swell and your Tuesday is even better.


Is It Too Late for a Throwback Thursday?

I guess late posts are a thing with me, so here I am on Friday morning making a Throwback Thursday Post.   I like these posts where I troll my Media Library for pictures and think of things to say about them.  It’s fun.

“Whooo doesn’t like Throwback Thursday Post?”

How about some seasonal cuteness?  We used to decorate for Thanksgiving.  It was an easy transition from Halloween, since many of the decorations could just stand.

These can count for both Halloween and Thanksgiving!

Here is a little group I always loved.  See, the bigger scarecrows are boyfriend and girlfriend, and the smaller one is the boy scarecrow’s little brother.  The girl scarecrow thinks the little brother is adorable so is happy to see him.  The boy scarecrow is less thrilled, because he wants to kiss.  Yes, I make up stories about anything and everything.

I’m afraid it’s hard to see the details.

I had to make this a Theatre Throwback as well, by using a picture that includes the lobby poster from Leading Ladies, the play I directed at Ilion Little Theatre.  You can also see we kept a little Halloween, including some skeletons.

I love Thanksgiving and feel a little sad that it kind of gets lost by the wayside, as so many people want to jump right into Christmas.  Some of them can’t even wait till after Halloween!  But let me not get into a rant about slowing down about and enjoying ourselves.  For one reason, I am over 200 words.  I need to get on with my Friday.


Anyways, Happy Halloween!

So I missed posting on both Saturday and Sunday,  and here I sit on Halloween morning, wanting to at least post a note to my loyal readers (also unloyal, chance, random and any other readers), just to say… what? I’m still alive?  Thank you for reading?  I know! Happy Halloween!


Witchy says Happy Halloween, too!

How about some Halloween pictures, to help obscure the fact that I have very little to say.

Wow I have a lot of Halloween stuff!

Here is a shot from when we got really elaborate with our decorating.  Will we ever be this ambitious again?

More fun stuff!

We also got into the toys that sang and danced.  Good times!

He’s so cute!

A favorite decoration:  my friend Marsha sent me the pot, my husband Steve got me the vampire, and it is an orange t-shirt I never particularly liked (it had a logo from a place I did not enjoy working at, but that is a whole other story).

I think this was before we finished decorating.

This picture showed up in my On This Day on Facebook.  It is one of my favorites.  I find it is symbolic, because there is Santa Claus in the background, knowing it is his turn next.  Full disclosure: that Santa sits on my staircase all year long.

My pictures have helped me get to over 200 words.  Score!  And Happy Halloween!


Halloween Decorations: Part Two

I think sharing a few more pictures of my Halloween decorations will make for a delightful Monstrous Monday Post.  It will be delightful for me at any rate.  Also, I am too tired to think of much else (I fear I am becoming tiresome with all these complaints about feeling tired.  I’ll have to work on that).

“I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!”

I used that caption before when I shared a picture of this guy, but I think it is funny so I dare to use it again.  I shook things up by putting him on the other side of Frankentree from where he was last year.

She looks so cheerful.

Witchie was the first decoration I put up after hanging the lights.  All I had to do was take off her angel costume (which I put on her for Christmas) and put her on a table.  Yes, she has been sitting on our porch all year.

He could use some more white drapery.

I used Witchie’s angel dress to make Santa’s ghost costume. I picked up the mask at a garage or rummage sale some time ago.

We only have one railing.

Going back up the porch stairs, I will show you what else is on the porch.

For the mail carrier’s entertainment.

OK, this is the last picture.  It was a pick in a flower arrangement I was given some years ago.  I stuck it through the hole in the mail box and said, “I am done decorating! ”


Halloween Decorations: Part One

Regular readers know I do not have my act together but hold the hope that I may have at some future date.  We will not consider how forlorn that hope may be.  I did do one thing today that I have been meaning to do (regular readers also know that Do One Thing is kind of a mantra of mine):  I put some Halloween decorations out on my front porch and yard.

First view of Frankentree.

I actually have quite a few pictures so may stretch this out over two or three posts.  In this picture you can’t really tell why this is a Frankentree and not just a regular one, but here are the first few decorations I put on him.  I thought I was done but found a couple of scarecrows and a Broomhead and decided they could go on the tree, too.

Here you can see a little more of the tree’s Frankenness.

I decided to stick the scarecrows in as if they were being eaten by the tree.  I am afraid they look a little too cheerful to sustain the illusion, but one does what one can.  Quite frankly, it was the easiest thing I could think of to do at the time.  I had already been up,and down the stepladder unhanging and hanging lights and was ready to be done.

Sorry, Lady Scarecrow.

I had not meant to leave her hanging like this, but when it happened I thought “Hey, That’s kind of scary.”  It reminded me of a scene from a movie we saw recently on Svengoolie, I think it was called Gargoyles.  A lady was left hanging upside down on a telephone or some such pole.  The funny thing about that was, I swear I can remember seeing that scene one Saturday afternoon or evening roughly a hundred years ago when my siblings and I used to try to find scary movies on television (back when cable got you about seven channels, including the major networks).  But I digress.

I’m so glad I found Broomhead!

Full disclosure:  it No longer looks like the dinosaur is about to bite Broomhead’s arm.  The dinosaur fell off and I tried to stick him back on more securely.  I’ll have to take another picture.

First, though, I have other pictures from today to share.  I hope to get to them tomorrow.


Is It Still Thursday?

What is it with me and late blog posts?  I guess I am just too tired and lazy.  Oh dear, that doesn’t make me sound very good.  Then again, I am kind of a stinker.  Never mind, let me see if I can manage a Throwback Thursday Post.

Oh, yeah, I used to do 5Ks.

Since it is the last day of September, I looked at September 2017 in my Media Library and saw this.  I only did this 5K once, although I know they did it other years as well.  I did not notice if they did one this year.  I am not exactly in 5K shape these days, although I am running a few days every week.  Some people run these races with no training at all.  I believe I could run 5Ks or more at almost any time, from sheer stubbornness.  I would just start and not stop till the end.  I prefer to train, at least somewhat.

I am not really an afternoon or an evening person either, and certainly not a night owl.

This delightful fellow was also first shared in September 2017.  It is high time I got my Halloween decorations out for the year.  Perhaps this weekend.

Speaking of Halloween decorations…

I had to go to 2019 to find a picture of my Halloween decorations.  Full disclosure:  the witch is on my porch as I type (I was about to put “as we speak” but felt that was not strictly accurate).  I dressed her as an angel at Christmas time.

Ooh, look, I am over 250 words.  Score!  I would say I will try for a better blog post later, but it is Lame Post Friday after all.


Can You Picture Me Taking a Walk?

I was too tired yesterday to make even a Tired Tuesday post.  I did, in fact, type in one sentence:  “I am SO TIRED!!!”  I did not save it so do not know why I feel compelled to re-type it in and share it now, but that’s me for you.  I went for a walk this morning but am not sure it will make a good Pedestrian Post, due to my inability to take good pictures.  However, I shall try.

I turned on the dining room light to put on my sneakers and left it on, because I was wondering how well our ghoul, Elliott Ghoul, looked from the street.  Elliott Ghoul is one of the Halloween decorations we keep up year round.  I like to keep his sound on too, but Steven turned it off, because Elliott kept waking him up when he takes a nap on the couch.  Outside, I observed that Elliott does show to passersby, although he can be blocked by Frankentree.

He looks even more spooky when he’s all blurry!

I tried to take a picture from the sidewalk.  First I zoomed in, which I can sometimes do.  Other times, I think I am zooming but instead I change it to selfie mode.  I hate it when that happens!

You can see one of Frankentree’s branches on the left.

I zoomed back out to show part of the porch, then started on my walk.  I usually walk the same way in the morning:  to the spring on Lou Amber Drive.  It is good for me, because I carry a bottle of water and drink it while I walk to the spring, then I re-fill it and continue to sip. It makes for more hydration than I usually get first thing in the morning.

The only exciting thing that happened on this morning’s walk was when I encountered a skunk on Church Street, as I headed home with my spring water.  Yikes!  I was luckily a couple of houses away when I saw what was clearly NOT a cat or bunny.  I quickly crossed the street then wondered if I dared keep walking in that direction, which was still toward the animal.  I took a few hesitant steps.  He (or she) turned and walked up a lawn towards a house.  Phew!  I did not take a picture.

However, on a walk last month, I took a picture of the full moon that I will now share.  It was not a fully successful picture, which is one reason I have not shared it thus far.  I had a thought of using it in a Pedestrian Post with the title, “No Moon Shot,”  but I could not get my act together to the extent of writing said post (what a surprise: me not have my act together!  Say it ain’t so!).

I guess it isn’t so bad. Or do I flatter myself?

Pedestrian Posts with Pictures are clearly more successful when I take my walks in full daylight.  I will attempt another of those in the future. For now the important thing is, I have made a blog post.  At least, it is important to me.  Once again, thank you for tuning in.


Never Mind Monday; How About Monsters?

Mondays are problematic for me. Oh, who am I kidding? Every day is a problem for me.  I’M a problem for me!  However, I am sure regular readers are aware of this.  I shall get on with my Monstrous Monday Post.

Reap away, buddy!

This was a decoration at a Halloween party we attended at the Herkimer VFW last October.  He looks like he is giving a little bow.  In greeting?  Acquiescence? Acknowledgement? There is not enough evidence to draw an accurate conclusion.

I think he is just so cute!

This adorable skeleton was a present to me from my husband, Steve.  I named him Bonaparte.  The mug advertises a murder mystery we put together to benefit the Herkimer County Historical Society.  I need to finish writing one we plan to put on in September (preview of coming attractions).

Mine is definitely not that big.

I finish with a movie monster, The Brain from Planet Arous.  I have not come across this fellow in my media library in a while.  I like to use this picture when I am feeling particularly brain dead, as I often am these days (cue jokes about how I am mostly brain dead most of the time).

I see I have gotten to 200 words. Score! I hope to see you all again on Tired Tuesday.


Monsters Help Me Over the Hump

Believe me, I saw the hump!

I promised myself I could do a Mid-Week Monsters Post, and I especially wanted to use the photo above. I really don’t have a whole lot to say other than, “Yay, I’m over halfway through the week!” But that’s all right, because all I have to do is find monster pictures in my Media Library. Yay monsters!

They were a lovely couple.

Instead of a movie monster, I share Bridezilla and her Groom from the Halloween party at Herkimer VFW last October. After they posed, Bridezilla had to laugh at herself, because she was smiling for the picture behind her mask, as if we could see her.

Another cute couple.

Continuing with non-movie monsters, here are our skeletons Bonaparte and Bonita. Bonita is in her Halloween outfit. It is just about time for her to put on her Easter outfit. And for us to put away our Christmas decorations, although I don’t like to rush into anything.

Death takes a bow,

This handsome fellow was also at the Halloween party at the VFW. I thought it would be a good picture to close with since he seems to be taking a bow. As a well-known theatre geek, I love a good curtain call.