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Lame About Me

I got up this morning, having slept in till the for me late hour of six, with two thoughts vying for supremacy in my foggy head:  “Coffee first,  then run,” and “Run first, then coffee.”  Coffee won.  Hello, and welcome to another Late Lame Post Friday post.

I delayed making this post until I had a few sips of that magic elixir that renders almost any morning less hideous.  Thus I indulge in a little hyperbole. Is that an oxymoron?  Since hyperbole is exaggeration for effect, can you, in fact, have only a little hyperbole?   Points to ponder.

One problem with a personal blog: I tend to start all my paragraphs with “I.”  Because it is All About Me (ooh, that just gave me my title).  I have to watch that.

By now I think it is quite clear I have nothing whatever to say and am only rattling on in hopes of reaching 200 words before I run out of coffee.  I’ll throw in a picture to pep things up.

Who, us? Be silly?

This was taken at the H.A.L.O. Hoedown, a fundraiser for the cat rescue group, Helping Animals Live Organization.  It was some years ago and never became an annual thing, much to my disappointment, because I had a blast.

Yes, that is my late beloved husband Steve in the picture.  I’ll never be over being sad that he is gone, but I can smile at all the memories.  On that melancholy note (sorry about that; I know this is billed as a “totally fun blog”), I see I am over 250 words.  Score!  Thank you for tuning in.



Vermont Memories

I attempt a Throwback Thursday Post, because I do not wish to be making my Thursday blog post on Friday morning.  I thought that sentence might give me a little spurt of happiness by reminding me that tomorrow is Friday, but alas, not so much.  No matter.  On with the blog post.

Wrong season, so sue me.

This is a picture of the area of Vermont where some of my late husband Steve’s family lives.  I love the covered bridge.  Anyways, this was in my Media Library in April 2017, so I say it is a Throwback photo.

Nice doggies!

This is a really old snapshot, taken at Steve’s sister Ruby’s house, with one of those disposable cameras we used to use all the time.  It is Ruby’s dog Sapphire and our own Tabby.  I put it on a napkin and took a picture of it with the Tablet so Steven could share it on Facebook.  That may have been back in 2011, but I am not at all sure.  We never did learn how to use a scanner, although I think we have one my sister Diane gave us.

Gobble, gobble!

And here are some wild turkeys in Ruby’s backyard.  We had some wonderful afternoons and evenings sitting on Ruby’s deck, enjoying nature.  She had many small animal visitors.   She also had the occasional bear, but not when we were there.

Oh dear, I just remembered, I think there was once when we saw a bear although did not get a picture.  It was dark and we were looking out the kitchen window, as I recall.  If I recall correctly.  This is where it would be so nice to be able to turn to Steve and say, “We saw a bear at Ruby’s, didn’t we?” I am still getting used to widowhood.

There he is, with a friend.

On that note, I end with a picture of Steve.  He is at the So Sweet Candy Shoppe in Utica, NY, with our friend Margaret, the proprietress.  I guess that doesn’t really fit with my headline.  Does that mean I can also bill this as a Non-Sequitur Thursday Post?


Love’s Memories Not Lost

I want to have a Theatre Throwback Thursday Post and I do not care if I have thrown back to these memories many times before.  I saw some pictures yesterday when I was looking through the pictures in my Tablet, and I enjoyed them very much, if briefly.  I would like to enjoy a few of them some more today, and I hope my reader’s will enjoy them too.

Nice lunge, Tucker!

This is a rehearsal shot from Love’s Labour’s Lost, which was presented by LiFT,  Little Falls Theatre Company last summer.  I hope LiFT strikes again this summer (wouldn’t that make a great blog post title, “LiFT Strikes Again”?) (of course “strike” also means to take down a set, and we didn’t exactly have a set).

She’s not having any of it.

These were two of my favorite characters in the show.  Then again, I loved all the characters.

A mysterious lover!

This is one of my all time favorite pictures.  I think we should carry fans as accessories more often.


A most amusing pair.

I wanted to include a picture with costumes.  Well, maybe more than one.


Several cast members.


And here’s me.

I do love being in plays.


Not Much Brain, But a Nice Memory

I want to make my Sunday blog post on Sunday.  Unfortunately my brain is blank.  This is not an unusual situation for me.

“Did somebody ask for a brain?”

This is The Brain from the Planet Arous. Full disclosure:  I do not remember much about the movie; I just like to use the picture when I am feeling particularly brain dead.

Look at her giving him the side-eye!

And here is The Brain That Wouldn’t Die.  Mine obviously would.

There’s a guy with a brain!

I am still watching episode after episode of Columbo on DVD. Some episodes I pay more attention to than others.  Right now one is playing that I do not mind missing parts of.  Oh, wait, the plot just thickened!

Years ago, when my mother and I used to watch Murder, She Wrote on Sunday nights, at every commercial break, Mom would turn to me and say, “The plot thickens!”  I may have shared that memory before, but it is a good one.  My husband Steve always liked to hear it.  Sometimes I would remark that the plot thickened when he and I watched Dateline.  I do like a thick plot!

So I can’t remember much about The Brain from the Planet Arous, but I remember nice evenings with my Mom.  I’m OK with that.  Happy Sunday, everyone.


Another Stroll Down Movie Memory Lame

Hello and welcome to another late Lame Post Friday post.  I even got up up later this Saturday morning than I usually do, having stayed up later on Friday night.  I am sitting in silence, other than the sound of my furnace and the irregular tip tip tip of my stylus pecking in one letter at a time.  I hope to purchase a new laptop at some point.  Then I can ten finger type in more places and postures.

Yesterday was a Blogger’s Sad Day.  It would have been my husband Steven’s 68th birthday.  Birthdays were a big deal for him.  He always made mine special, and I tried to do the same for him.  I felt relieved that I did not have to work (took the whole day because I had an appointment).  I thought I should do something to mark the occasion.

Lots of screaming in this movie, but nothing like the scream queens of the ’70’s.

Since watching movies together was one of our favorite things, I popped in one of our all time favorites, House on Haunted Hill, the original William Castle version, starring Vincent Price (I have no use for the remake).  The first time we saw this, I was in the army.  We had taken the long drive to my first duty station, gotten signed into billeting, and had time to relax. It was a Friday, and I didn’t have to sign into my unit till Monday.  We saw House on Haunted Hill was going to be on AMC, back when AMC was good and showed all movies.  We loved it!

I think her braids are too tight.

Next I went to The Bad Seed, another long time favorite.  This goes all the way back to Norwood, NY, where we lived in the ’90’s and spent a considerable amount of time renting videos.  I miss those rental places!  I know, some people prefer streaming and the fact that they can sit on their butt in sweats and watch whatever.  I loved going to the place and walking around, finding things I didn’t know I wanted to find.

So this my stroll down Memory Lame.  See how I looped back to Lame Post Friday?  Sometimes I think I’m clever, but I daresay I flatter myself.


I Indulge in More Memories

I want to do a Throwback Thursday Post.  I know I have been heavy on the memories lately, but once again, I crave my readers’ indulgence.

I personally have never worn that hat.

Yes, I am sharing more memories of my husband, Steve.  Here he is wearing one of my rummage sale finds on Kentucky Derby day.  I think he is cute.

With a friend.

Here is Steve at the Waterfront Grille in Herkimer, NY with our friend Tracy.  We were having a delightful time, as I recall.

Cheers, my love!

This was at the Ommengang Brewery in Cooperstown.  We always meant to go back but were rarely in the mood to drive that far.

With some fish.

This was at Salvatore’s Pizzeria and Restaurant in Herkimer.  Hmmm… that broiled haddock looks good.  My sister Cheryl and her girls were thinking of going to a fish fry tomorrow.  Perhaps I should join them (preview of coming attractions).

I fear I have not gotten to 200 words (my rule for me about the respectable length of a blog post).  Well, sometimes we all fall short of the ideal (yes, even you) (you know who you are).  At least this post is on time, and I can always try for a better blog post tomorrow.

Ha ha, that got me over 200 words!


Monday Memories

I think I will try for Monday Memories instead of my usual Monstrous Monday Post.  I feel it will be a good idea for me to make a blog post, and the easiest way to do that is with the help of my Media Library.

That was one of his favorite sweatshirts.

Regular readers know I am mourning the loss of my husband, Steve, so naturally I feel inclined to share memories of him.  This is from October 2016 at Pumpkin Junction in Sauquoit, NY.

“The bathtub?”

Have I shared this picture recently?  It is from the Ilion Little Theatre production of Harvey in 2011.  I think I have, but it is one of my favorite pictures.  Steven referred to it as our big scene.  I don’t have a picture of the part where I almost fainted into his arms.

He looks so cute and intellectual.

This was outside the library in Arlington, VT.  Back then our laptop was really a laptop.

Good times with a good friend.

One more picture:  a great time at the Waterfront Grille in Herkimer, NY, with our good friend Tracy.  So I have shared memories of my husband and plugged a couple of local businesses.   One does what one can.


Blogger’s Very Sad Day

Posts may continue to be sporadic, because I have suffered a loss.  My husband, Steven, passed away yesterday (Feb 3).

He was so handsome.

He and I enjoyed so many good times together, from Mohawk Valley Adventures to theatrical endeavors to just hanging out watching movies or true crime television shows.  I knew I was so blessed to have such a wonderful person in my life, and I will always cherish the memories.

This is an older picture.

I have been on Facebook, reading many tributes and memories from his family and friends.  He was greatly loved by many.

I guess there is not much else to say.  This is a Blogger’s Sad Day for sure.  But being with Steve was worth all the sadness.  Rest in peace, my love.


Here I Am In Costume

Time for a fast Throwback Thursday Post, and I don’t care if I throw back to something I have thrown back to before.  Many of us repeat ourselves, after all.  I just watched an episode of Dateline I had seen before, only I did not remember all the details.  I watched it in lieu of a re-run of Mom I had seen and did remember all the details.  That’s neither here nor there (I love that expression; I could not say exactly what it means).  On with the blog post.

I was so dramatic!

Here is a great theatre memory: Shakespeare’s The Tempest, performed by LiFT, Little Falls Theatre Company in August 2017.  I’m the one in the orange tights.  I loved that costume, although it did get a little warm for the time of year.

I felt pretty hot, in a good way, but perhaps I flatter myself.

Speaking of me in costume, here I am in my Ruby outfit from Rubbed Out at Ruby’s,  one of my interactive murder mysteries.  This picture was taken at a fundraiser for the Landmarks Society of Greater Utica.  By the way, it is not so easy to get a flask to stay in one of those garters.

Aren’t we a cute couple?

And here I am in what is perhaps my most fabulous costume, as Roxanne Rolls in Fabulous and Fatal, another murder mystery.  The beauty in orange is my husband, Steven, as Ophelia Upps, which I think is one of the best names I have ever come up with (although it is possible that once again I flatter myself).

I do love revisiting my theatre memories.  I hope I can soon get around to making new ones.  I’ll be sure to blog about it when I do.


Wussed Out and Not Very Way Back

Yikes, look at the time!  As usual, I wussed out on Wednesday and did not make my blog post till now, early Thursday morning.  But not as early as I usually make my blog posts.  Never mind why; explanations are tiresome.  I feel I must confess, moreover, that I do not have my usual excuse for not posting yesterday.  We did not indulge in our usual treat of music and food at Fratello’s in Frankfort, NY.  I was just tired.

One reason I was tired was that I went on a run.  I ran faster than I usually do, especially on a week day.  This, of course, is not nearly as fast as others run, but one does what one can.  Still, since I had just about talked myself out of running at all, I thought I done good.  Unfortunately, it was not a particularly memorable run, making a Running Commentary Post ineligible.

How about a Way-Back Wednesday post instead?  I wonder if I can find something old in my computer downloads, just as something different from my Media Library.

Aren’t they cute?

Here is an oldish picture of our dear friends, Phyllis and Jim, dressed for Halloween.   We lost Phyllis in 2021, and I miss her dearly.   I treasure my memories.

Another great memory.

Here are Phyllis and Jim plus Steve, at Salvatore’s Pizzeria in Herkimer, NY.  Three of my favorite people at one of my favorite places!

So I guess it is not a very far back Wednesday.  A Little Ways Back Wednesday?  However, it does me good to remember my lovely friend Phyllis.  We’ll have to get together with Jim again soon (preview of coming attractions).

In the meantime, I have gotten myself up to nearly 300 words.  Score! If I also have time to eat breakfast, it will not be a bad Thursday morning for me.