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I Guess I’m on the Cusp

It seems I am no longer a daily blogger.  I do not like that.  I like to be a daily blogger.  With that in mind, I am sitting at my dining-room-table-top on Friday morning, hoping to make a Throwback Thursday post.  Then later today I can make a Lame Post Friday post, and go on from there.  I have a recent history of dropping the ball on weekends, so we shall see.  A little suspense adds interest to my week.

So pretty!

I throw back to November 2016 and a lovely bouquet sent to me by my husband, Steve.  He recently sent me another bouquet, but I have neither my cell phone nor my Tablet handy to take a picture, and anyways, that would not be much of a throwback, being just earlier this week.  Then again, some people feel 2016 is not so long ago either.  I cannot deal with these deep questions so early in the morning.

So sweet!

Another picture from 2016:  our sweet, dearly missed poocher, Spunky.  I was watching the National Dog Show yesterday and simply longing for another dog of my own.

Time to be merry!

Let me take a break from melancholy with a Christmas muppet picture.  I feel Thanksgiving is a fitting start to the Christmas season, with Santa Claus anchoring the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.  One of my favorite Christmas movies, Miracle on 34th Street, begins on Thanksgiving.  I happened to catch that movie recently.  I am ready to feel Christmasy, are you?

I hope everybody had a lovely Thanksgiving, by the way.   As for this blog post, I am going to bill it as a Non-Sequitur Thursday, seeing as I am having Throwback Thursday on Friday morning, and I cannot decide between Thanksgiving and Christmas.



No, You Shut Up!

Every week I say to myself, “This is the week! This is the week I start to get my act together! I will write more. I will work a little every day to get my house cleaned and organized. I will run. I will do those exercises for my back…” The list goes on. Oh, I do not expect to magically be the neat, organized, healthy, non-back-hurting, writing five pages a day paragon of my dreams (why five pages? why not ten? Oh yes, I am setting realistic goals). I expect myself to do a little every day. Ten minutes, just ten minutes. You can do a lot of cleaning in ten minutes. IT! COULD! WORK! (That is from Young Frankenstein, by the way.)

And then I don’t do much. Ten minutes of cleaning is apparently too much to ask. I hold tight to what little I manage to do: a few loads of laundry, at least three days of running (including Saturday and Sunday), a few blog posts (why is it so hard to be a daily blogger? I used to post every day! What the hell, me?). I put together a murder mystery, with lots of help from my friends. Doesn’t that count for something? I think it does.

One other thing: I was keeping this on the down low, because I was afraid it would not work out, and in fact it hasn’t. But week before last I wrote several pages of notes on a Victoria Holt-type romance novel, influenced also by Jane Eyre, with a little Georgette Heyer thrown in. It was a lot of fun writing the notes. I had a little trouble with character names. Unfortunately, I was unable to begin actually writing said novel. Still, I wrote a LOT of notes. Ideas just poured out of me! Surely that counts for something (and I will call you Shirley if I want to).

All this by way of trying not to beat myself up for not posting either Saturday or Sunday. Here I sit Monday morning, ten finger typing on the laptop (dining-room-tabletop, really) (I must buy myself a new laptop), and viewing the upcoming week with trepidation. Will this be the week I finally do it? That I finally do something?

At least I have written a blog post of over 400 words. I think some bloggers like to read that others have trouble writing. I personally do not find tough love helpful. You know, when they say, “There is no such thing as Writer’s Block! Just shut up and write!” But perhaps this week I will try to do just that. Only without the shut up part, because, you know, I like to make a blog post.

Summer, Halloween, Christmas… It’s Monstrous Monday!

So here I am, trying to get back into daily blogging and I feel unable to type a word. I was unable to write anything earlier as well, so let me attempt yet another Monstrous Monday Post.

Isn’t she pretty?

It seems my most recently shared monster was Bonita, our skeleton, in her summer outfit, accompanied by her friend Bonaparte (as I recently dubbed him). I have that same headband and wore it a few days ago, although I did not get a picture.

Who could resist that smile?

Here is another of our personal monsters, residing in a lovely pot given to me by my friend Marsha. It is one of my favorite Halloween decorations. Yes, I am thinking about Halloween in the last days of August. I think about Halloween year round.

Ho, ho, ho!

Back to Bonita, with a Christmas theme this time. Some people want to make Christmas last all year. I feel the same way about Halloween. So, I feel sure, does Bonita.

I approach 200 words (my self imposed standard) and have shared three pictures. I shall call that respectable for today and, as usual, try for a better post tomorrow. Happy Monday, everyone!

(That last paragraph made it exactly 200 words, by the way.)

Going Nowhere on Tired Tuesday

Tired Tuesday follows Monstrous Monday, we all know that. At least, we know it now. I am trying to get back to posting daily, even it it means a lot of foolish, rambling posts. One does what one can.

In my defense, the hot, humid weather weighs me down. I feel I am a large, heavy piece of clothing saturated with warm water. Kind of like my laundry when my washing machine died before going through the spin cycle, only I wash in cold water. I do enjoy a good comparison. Earlier today, I told myself that my face will be coated in sweat for the foreseeable future. Sometimes it is easier to live with something when you acknowledge that it is, instead of wishing it was not, if that makes any sense.

In addition to the weather, I am coping with overtime at work. YES, I am grateful to have a job and grateful for time-and-a-half, so just don’t start with the “Just be happy that” crap. I want to be a lady of leisure! Is that too much to ask? Apparently so.

Where was I going with this? Nowhere, I guess. As always, I will try for a better blog post tomorrow. It will be Wednesday, my day for local music at Fratello’s. I missed last week. This may be something to look forward to. As always, I hope you’ll stay tuned.

Why Not Monsters?

Yes, I am making another late post. It is Wednesday morning, and this is my Tired Tuesday Post. In my defense, I was tired! Oh, well, I guess I almost always am tired. I didn’t say it was a good excuse. Never mind that. Let’s get on with the post. Just to set the scene, I am ten-fingered typing on my ailing laptop. I really must improve my computer situation.

Well, I just discovered my Media Library is no easier to maneuver through on the laptop than it is on the Tablet. I wonder if there are any fun downloads on the laptop I could share. A picture or two so peps up a post.

Looks like the gang’s all here!

How fun is this one! My husband Steven must have downloaded it. He finds the best stuff. I know, it is no longer Monstrous Monday nor yet time for Mid-Week Monsters, but as you may have guessed, I do not have much today.

Artistic and romantic, no?

Here is another Steven must have recently downloaded. Unless I have computer ghosts or some unknown person has been breaking into my house for the sole purpose of downloading monster pictures on my laptop. One must consider all possibilities.

I must consider the possibility that I am running out of steam as a daily blogger. SAY IT AIN’T SO!!! I have been trying to have fewer of these foolish posts but without notable success. Full disclosure: they are kind of fun to write.