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Tired Tuesday with Monsters

I tried for a real post today, or at least not a completely foolish one, but I sat here typing and backspacing out.  So I wrote the following, and I’m going to call it a Tired Tuesday post.  Sorry, folks. I’ll try not to Wuss-out on Wednesday.

“What do you mean you can’t write a blog post today?”

When all else fails, look for pictures from old monster movies.  I guess the above is more a horror flick than a monster movie, but you now I adore alliteration (see what I did there?).  The above picture is from The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (1920), a pretty trippy silent movie.  I think I need to watch it again soon.  It might be problematic, though, because in general, I only watch silent movies while running in place on the mini-tramp.  If I try to knit or crochet, I can’t keep my eyes on the screen, which is kind of essential when there is no dialog.

“Now THAT’S a centerfold!”

Here’s two monsters, one on the cover, one looking at the magazine, and the word “MONSTERS” on the magazine!  A perfect picture for a monster post.  If only this was a Monday, my alliterative cup would overflow.

He’s a charming fellow.

As I looked through my Media Library, I saw The Brain that Wouldn’t Die (1962).  Only I didn’t want a picture of Jan in a pan; I wanted the monster.  I found the above on Dracula’s House of Halloween, one of my favorite Facebook pages.

The best thing to do on a foolish post is to keep it short.  I just passed 250 words and shared three pictures.  Let’s call it a day.



Dessert and Monsters on Tired Tuesday

Did I say no promises for Tuesday?  I think I did.  And, yes, it is going to be a Tired Tuesday post.  But I will try not to go on and on about how tired I am.  Instead, I will talk about the dessert I made to follow the supper cooked by my husband Steven.

The supper was nothing unusual but quite delicious:  chicken and rice.  Not cooked together.  Steven baked boneless, skinless thighs with spices, and made rice in the rice cooker.  It was yummy and satisfying.  After letting it settle, I fixed a little something for dessert.

I had some Oreo cookies I had purchased thinking I might made Dirt Cake for Easter.  We did not need another dessert for Easter, and Steven has been munching the Oreos.  I took a few of them and broke them up in the bottom of two bowls. I put blueberries on the cookie pieces and topped it with whipped topping (generic Cool Whip).  The blueberries were purchased frozen at Hannaford and thawed in the refrigerator.

Wow, this really is a Tired Tuesday post, because it seems I am too tired to make it particularly interesting.  Maybe I should add in a picture of a monster to pep things up (it’s too late to include a picture of the dessert; we ate it up right fast).

“What do you mean, you ate all the blueberries?”

I saw this picture of my favorite guy, Nosferatu, on Facebook earlier today.  The person who shared it commented that he always looked surprised.  I must agree.  I’m sure Count Orlock is surprised to be included in a blog post about a dessert.

“I, too, am horrified to be here!”

This shot is from The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, another creepy silent horror movie, and another picture I found today on Facebook.  Both photos were on one of my favorite Facebook groups: The Golden Age of Monster Movies.

Incidentally, Steven miraculously fixed our DVD/VCR player today.  I will soon be watching monster movies again!  I hope to write a few blog posts about them.  In the meantime, I hope somebody liked my Tired Tuesday post.


I’ll Never Say No Comment

I had thought to have a Running Commentary today.  After all, I have not done one in a while.  I’m sure some readers will be interested to hear how my Boilermaker training is progressing.  Other readers may enjoy my observations of the village of Herkimer.   Still others may enjoy the smug feeling that they ran further and did not have as hard a time of it.


It poured rain this morning, then cleared up around lunch time.  Perhaps I could run outdoors.  A line of thunderstorms came through after lunch.  I knew I wouldn’t run in a thunderstorm, but thunderstorms never last that long.  Then I started thinking:  the rain may stop but there will still be lots of puddles.  My new running shoes are pretty.  I KNOW they will eventually get all dirty and faded, but I just can’t bear for it to be the second time I wear them.


Additionally, my back and my knees have been bothering me.  I know, I know,  if I lose weight that will help.  OK already!  I’ll eat more vegetables!  Running can help one lose weight as well.  I had no intention of skipping my run.  Maybe wear my old sneakers?


I decided to run indoors on the mini-tramp.  I could finish watching The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, the silent movie on DVD I had started to watch last week when I ran in place on the mini tramp.  It would be easier on the back and knees.  And it would still count as exercise.


The only problem is, I don’t think it makes for as good a commentary.  On the other hand, I’m over 250 words just talking about my dithery thoughts getting to the run.  I think we’ll call that OK for a Tired Tuesday.