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The Adventure Continues

This post is a continuation of my posts on Steven’s and my Fly Creek Adventure last Saturday. We had just left Fly Creek Cider Mill and intended to check out the community wide garage sales.

We picked up a map of garage sales at the cider mill. I learned how to read a map in the army, so I looked at the map, and Steven drove. While I was still trying to orient the map, Steven found a couple of garage sales that looked good.

I found a Book of Days with Monet paintings and a murder mystery by a writer I like. Steven found a lovely ceramic Santa. We have quite a large Santa Claus Collection, but we can almost never resist adding one more.

We did not hit too many garage sales before heading down Route 28 back towards home. We made a stop, as planned, at Dyn’s Cider Mill, two miles south of Richfield Springs.

We discovered Dyn’s en route to our first visit to Fly Creek. It is smaller and lower key than Fly Creek Cider Mill, but it is a charming place, well worth a stop.

They serve breakfast, which we have never arrived in time to partake of. They have yummy baked goods, coffee and hot cider available all day. I usually enjoy a cup of hot cider, but Saturday we both opted for coffee. Some ladies were ahead of us purchasing cider, so we walked around admiring the gifty things for sale. Luckily the coffee and cider are serve yourself, because I really wanted that coffee.

The lady working there excused herself in the middle of the transaction to bring out the next batch of donuts. My ears perked up at that. When it was our turn, we both enjoyed a donut so fresh it was still warm. I also purchased some popcorn. I almost always get a bag of Dyn’s popcorn. I do not buy microwave popcorn, and I do not own an air popper. I make popcorn the way my Mom taught me, on the stove with oil. I melt real butter to put on it. I don’t care if this is not the healthiest way to eat popcorn. It is the way I like to eat popcorn.

Dyn’s Cider Mill is on Facebook, and they have a website at Or you can call them at 315-858-2078.

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  1. I remember eating popcorn at your house. It was really good! Realized why your voice was so familiar in the Mohawk Valley Living magazine and started reading your blog this weekend(May 31,2015). Oh, yeah, the magazine makes its way across the ocean to Hawaii and I share it with the library.You sound well and I enjoy reading the life and times of after decades have gone by.Take care and stay strong.

    • I do love popcorn. I can’t believe Mohawk Valley Living makes it all the way to Hawaii. I’m glad you enjoy reading it, and reading my blog. Thanks for the comment. Hope you are well.


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