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Walking By Water

I’d been thinking for a long time that Tabby would like to walk on a path I saw along Route 5S. Saturday Steven suggested we check it out.

The path begins where Mohawk Street crosses Route 5S, between Herkimer and Mohawk. Parking is available near MOVAC, but I did not point that out to Steven till we had already driven by. He knew there was a parking area near the Humane Society, on the opposite side of the highway, so he drove there.

We walked back towards Herkimer, Mohawk River to the right, highway to the left. At least, I think it is the Mohawk River. It could very well be the Erie Canal or even the Barge Canal. Computer literate people will tell me “just google it.” I tried, but I am not very adept at these things. Can we just say it was one of those three bodies of water and have done with? Thank you.

After a short distance the path is a little further separated from the road. There are even a few houses in between. Steven pointed out that if we had bought one of those houses, I could have run on the path every day. I pointed out the great view of the water we would have had. Luckily, we like the house we did buy just fine.

We were soon being bothered by mosquitoes. I blame it on the damp weather. Mosquitoes are not usually a problem during the day, and in many places around here — notably my back deck — they aren’t too much of a problem at night, either. At first we slapped and persevered, then we turned and walked back to the car.

Our original plan had been to then walk in the other direction, and come out at German Flatts Town Park, where Living History Weekend was taking place. Of course, if we did this we were hoping not to walk into a battle reenactment. For one thing, Tabby would not like the gunfire. However, with the mosquitoes what they were, we got back in the car and drove back to town.

We felt we had not seen enough water, so we first drove to the Ilion Marina. We’ve taken Tabby there before and walked up and down. It’s not large, but it is pleasant.

Saturday it was much quieter than when we were there previously. The Dockside Cafe was closed for the season. We saw a few RVs, but no people. I speculated they were out boating. I suppose they could have been hanging out inside the RVs, perhaps playing cards and having a beer. I know some of these RVs have all the comforts of home and probably some have more comforts than mine (my home, that is; I don’t have an RV).

We started to walk down a path near some trees, but were once again driven back by mosquitoes. Really, we should have known better. Are mosquitoes likely to be in Herkimer and Mohawk, but give Ilion a miss? But we’d gotten some good exercise, so we felt pleased with ourselves. We’ll check out those walks again, on a drier day or with bug spray.

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