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Weeknight at Weller, a Lovely Library

On Tuesday when Steven and I were looking for some not too expensive entertainment, it did not take us long to decide on a visit to the public library. We had never been to Weller Library, 41 W. Main St., Mohawk, although we have attended events in the adjoining Weller Park, so that is where we headed.

After driving by a student athletic event, locating a parking space and having another discussion of didn’t we look at a house on this street (we looked at 33 houses before buying one), we walked into the library.

What an incredible setting! It looks as if it should be a museum of an historic home, like Fountain Elms in Utica. The woodwork is ornate, and the floors are a work of art. The children’s room has two window seats. Two of the rooms have fireplaces.

I wandered the whole library (it isn’t very big) before actually looking for books. One room, which has one of the fireplaces, has no books. There is a large wooden table in the center and two smaller ones under the windows. A young man had a lap top on one of the smaller tables. I was enchanted.

“I must come here and write,” I told Steven. Of course, nothing was stopping me from sitting down and opening my notebook right then and there. But we did not intend to stay very long, and I wanted to look for books.

I found a history on the Battle of Oriskany. Since I intend to do a blog post on the Oriskany Battlefield one day, I thought I’d read it. I also picked up a copy of MacBeth with scholarly commentary. Every so often I get a craving for Shakespeare.

I asked the lady who checked out my books if the library was the Weller family home at one time. She said it was. I believe there is an historic marker in front of the library that could have told me that as well. I think some history of the Weller family would make good material for another future blog post.

On the way back to the truck we checked out a couple of left over scarecrows from the Fall Fest we had missed on Saturday (we went to a Fall Fest in Herkimer) (So little fall, so many fests). We also walked a little ways down the sidewalk to admire someone’s awesome Halloween decorations.

I was quite pleased with our little library jaunt. An excellent way to spend a week night in the Mohawk Valley. For more information on area libraries, visit

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