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Saturday Adventure II

When we last saw our Mohawk Valley couple (um, that’s me and Steve), they had just left the Christmas Extravaganza at Ilion Elks Lodge in search of further adventures. We were armed (I’m not keeping up the third person POV for the whole post), not sensibly with the newspaper that listed area events, but with my sometimes reliable memory.

“Don’t forget,” Steven said again, “at some point we have to get a loaf of bread.”

I had forgotten. I suggested we go by the Ilion Farmer’s Market at Clapsaddle Farm on Otsego Street. It runs year round on Fridays and Saturdays. They usually have a Dilly Bread that is quite yummy.

“Oh, yeah, there’s a Christmas sale at that church,” I said, as we passed it. See what I mean about my sometimes reliable memory? We thought we’d check it out after the farmer’s market.

When we got to Clapsaddle Farm, we saw signs saying the Parker Cider Mill was also open. We had never been in the cider mill, which is on the same farm as the Farmer’s Market, so we went there first.

It is not a huge, elaborate place, but it is a pleasant, pretty room. Steven bought me a Halloween mug with a spider on it for a very good price. We had a nice chat with Jim Parker’s daughter. We are huge fans of his art, and he is such a cool, fun guy to talk to. I mentioned my Mohawk Valley blog. The daughter told us that the Sunday morning show Mohawk Valley Living was coming back on the air on Sunday, Dec. 4, with Jim Parker as their first guest. I’ll have to set my DVR for that.

Before we left, she asked did we want to purchase any cider.

“Oh, I don’t drink much sweet stuff,” I said.

“Well, would you like a free sample at least?”

Why not? After one sip, I said, “I think your evil plan is working.”

Steven said, “We could get a half gallon.”

Real cider, I find, is not the same as what you get in the super market. It is not too sweet, and it doesn’t gunk up your throat. I drank a big old glass on Sunday, which watching movies on TCM and munching popcorn (incidentally, the popcorn was purchased at Dyn’s Cider Mill of Richfield Springs, now sadly closed for the season).

Steven and I went on to the Farmer’s Market for our Dilly Bread. We resisted the pumpkin roll and a really delightful looking strawberry rhubarb pie. We headed back toward the church I had noticed earlier. I’ll save that for tomorrow. Let’s see how many blog posts I can get out of one adventuresome Saturday.

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