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Post-Thanksgiving Lame

Thank goodness it’s Friday and I can legitimately do a Lame Post. I am not up to anything else.

I don’t have any random obversations about Thanksgiving. And I don’t believe I did anything to celebrate the day that rates any kind of mention. Oh, Steven and I did bring Heidelberg Bread, made in Herkimer, NY, from grains grown in New York State. Of course, the hit of the day was my Uncle Tom’s pumpkin bread, baked, I believe, in his North Syracuse kitchen. So much for Thanksgiving.

I have one random observation that has been knocking around my head for a couple of weeks now. I’ll share it with you, and you can judge its lameness for yourself. I heard this credited to Nancy Reagan and a few others: A woman is like a tea bag: you never know how strong she is till you put her in hot water. I think that is kind of a dumb thing to say. I mean, take a look at a used tea bag. According to that saying, put me (a woman) in some hot water, I’ll end up soggy, squished up and useless, but the water will taste pretty good. Some people just should not attempt metaphor.

And that’s all I got. Pretty sad for a holiday weekend I actually have off. But give me a minute, I’ll try to come up with something else… Maybe I could think of a better comparison for a woman. A woman is like a bottle of wine. If she ‘s good quality, she’ll get better with age. Otherwise, she’ll turn to vinegar, which you can still use to make salad dressing.

I don’t know who originally said No life is wasted; you can always stand as a bad example. I take great comfort in that thought. So I feel that this blog post is not wasted. It can stand as a bad example. And I will try to do something Mohawk Valley-ish by the end of today, so I can have a better post for tomorrow.

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