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Mohawk Valley Motivation

It seems I am always beginning to run again. It makes me a little embarrassed, because some people think I Run a Lot, and I hate to disillusion them. The embarrassment, of course, gives me motivation: I must run, because so and so think I do.

If I do stop running for a while, I try not to let myself get discouraged. Some people, when they try things and fail, think, “Oh, well, that didn’t work,” and never try again. A big example of this is quitting smoking. I know a lot of smokers who say, “Oh, I tried to quit. I can’t.” But it isn’t true. The more times you try to quit, the better chance you have of ultimately succeeding. For one thing, you learn what doesn’t work. Or what works for a while, and you just have to figure out how to make it keep working.

I think a lot of things are like that, most notably for this blog post: running. I’ve stopped running many times since I first started, and I always go back to it eventually. Sometimes more successfully than others. I try to build on my successes.

So the day after Thanksgiving, I went running for the first time in over two weeks. My nephew Tommy went with me. Tommy does not run much, although he has to run sometimes in connection with his karate classes, which, incidentally, he does very well in. He says he may run the Boilermaker with me in July. And there we have two more motivations to run: a run buddy and a future goal. I couldn’t very well back out of running once Tommy was lacing up his shoes. And the vision of July’s Boilermaker definitely kept my feet moving a little longer.

I ran the next day by myself. I enjoyed both runs very much. In fact, as I write this, my body seems to want to run again right now, although I have a bit of a sinus headache. I suppose some would advise me to lie down until the feeling passes, and they mean the urge to run, not the sinus headache. Is that the kind of humor I want to encourage?

There is a good chance I will run after I finish typing this blog post. There is also a good chance I’ll blog about it tomorrow, because I haven’t done much else Mohawk Valley-ish today. And there we have my ultimate motivation to run: it helps keep my blog in business. Stay tuned!

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