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I’m thinking of starting a feature called Mid-Week Nonsense. Kind of an acknowledgement that Friday is not the only day that I get a little silly.

This by way of introduction to today’s topic: Steve’s and my TV Journal. You see, yesterday when I wrote “I had coffee instead,” I meant to write “I had coffee and wrote in the TV Journal.” But I thought that some readers might be unfamiliar with the TV Journal. Then I thought, “I could write a whole post on the TV Journal!” Then I went back to writing yesterday’s post.

The TV Journal came into being back in 2001 because I thought we were watching too much television. I said, “We’re going to buy a notebook and write down everything we watch.” I figured it would be kind of like a food journal, which some dieters swear by although I have never been able to stick to. I thought that after a week or so of noticing that all we watched were Friends re-runs and E! True Hollywood Story, we’d either turn off the TV or maybe class up our viewing habits.

Well, that didn’t happen. What happened was, we started to enjoy writing about what we were watching. We wrote plot summaries and commentary. We noted headlines on the news. I scribbled recipes from Mr. Food. It was fun! Soon we were also writing down what we did in addition to watching television.

At this point in the narrative, sometimes somebody says, “So it’s a journal,” in a dismissive tone of voice, like they’re tired of hearing the story and I’m kind of stupid for being so fascinated by it. If that is your reaction, you might like to stop reading now, because I am going to continue to expound on the TV Journal.

Another reaction I got once was, “Wow. Glad I have a life.” What an asshole thing to say! Anyways, it wasn’t true. I’d been listening to that guy gripe all weekend. He had no life.

Sometimes I think the TV Journal could one day be a primary source for historians. Steven wrote some rather pungent commentary on that slimy politician who was involved in the Chandra Levy tragedy. And there are pages and pages of what went on September 11, 2001. So the TV Journal has its serious moments as well.

It’s is also a way to communicate, especially when Steven and I work different hours. I can come home and read what he was up to, what he was thinking about, etc. It’s almost like writing an ongoing letter to each other. Other family members have added their two cents to the Journal when they’ve been at our house. It is usually readily available on one of our coffee tables.

Sometimes we slack off of writing in the TV Journal, but we always go back to it. And now that I have explained about it in the blog, I needn’t be shy of mentioning it. So don’t be surprised if on the next Lame Post Friday you read, “All I felt like doing was watching World’s Dumbest and writing in the TV Journal!”

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