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After Christmas Trash

I have not been doing anything Mohawk Valley-ish, as I like to describe it, but I have been good about taking my good little dog for walks.

Today is Garbage Day in Herkimer (doesn’t it sound like a holiday when I capitalize it?). Post Christmas trash in distinctive. Gobs of wrapping paper sticking out of the recycling containers. Herkimer and I think Oneida County now does “one and done” for recycling. Instead of putting things separately in clear plastic bags, we can put everything into one container. We bought a Rubbermaid trash can on wheels for the purpose. I noticed some people are still doing the clear plastic bag thing, which certainly looks more festive on the Garbage Day after Christmas.

Also in the recycling are all the boxes from new Christmas toys. That is a cheering sight. I like to think of all those kids, off school for the week and playing with their new things. I hope they are not tired of them yet.

I saw one tree by the curb, minus most of its needles. Did the people forget to water it? I know some people take their tree down the day after Christmas, but I think that is depressing. Can’t you at least wait till New Years? There is some tradition you are supposed to wait till the Epiphany, January 6, and my Mom told me the priest at her church insists the correct day to take down decorations is January 9. I think our stuff is likely to come down on Steven’s next day off after New Years.

So I’m enjoying the decorations left up while I can. Walking in the daylight — and today is a gloomy day such as I enjoy — of course lights are not on. And those big blow up decorations are all limp and a little sad looking. Some of them look as if they have been partying heartily. I guess that’s seasonal, too. One house has a blow up snowman on the porch. That seems to me a good place to put him, because during the day his limp, sad state is hidden.

We saw a couple of other dogs on our ramble today. Tabby was particularly interested in a little one in a pink coat. Tabby has a coat for the really cold days. Some people would say, “She doesn’t need a coat! She has a fur coat of her own!” That is, of course, true. However, she has that coat on indoors as well. My Mom always told me to don’t wear my coat in the house, because I’d be cold when I went outdoors. I know, dogs are different.

I enjoyed our post-Christmas walk. Exercise, of course, is good for a post-Christmas letdown or other depression. I could even be grateful it was not a white Christmas after all. Bare sidewalks and no need to shovel the driveway when I got back home. That’s the gift that keeps giving!

I’m afraid when some people saw my headline, they were expecting me to expound once again on the snack I like to make (but like better to eat) White Trash. Sorry if I disappointed anybody. In fact I do plan to make a batch of White Trash later. I wonder if I could get a blog post out of that.

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  1. I find this post is inspiring a poem, it will just take me a while. I have to compost.


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