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Fun Date at the Farmer’s Market

Wednesday was fun because Steven brought me to work and picked me up so we could go to the Mohawk Farmer’s Market. It’s these little breaks in the routine that keep me happy (I know: it takes so little to please some people).

All day at work I told people I had a date. They were suitably impressed. I know some people dress up for a date. I still had on my army camouflage pants and t-shirt which I normally wear to work. I did change my steel-toed work shoes for lighter weight running shoes, for which my feet thanked me. I had had the foresight to put my crazy old lady hat in Steven’s car. Love that wide brim on a sunny day.

Tabby looked very pretty when she and Steven met me after work, because she had been to the groomer. She sported green bows and her usual sweet, happy expression.

Mohawk Farmer’s Market is at Weller Park, next to the Library on Main Street. We easily found a parking space and walked over to peruse the vendors. We purchased two frog magnets from the first booth we came to. You can’t have too many refrigerator magnets, or so I’ve heard.

I was pleased to see Thousand Islands Winery present. I told the guy I had missed them at Ilion Farmer’s Market. He said he would probably be back there for the winter. For the summer months he also does farmers markets in Rome and Whitesboro. I’d like to check those out sometime. I told him how my mom and sisters and I used to go to the old Farmers Market in Rome in the days of the Living Bridge and quite a different looking downtown. He agreed that was a long time ago. I didn’t mention that his winery had been replaced in Ilion by Herkimer’s own Domnhall Vineyards. Probably he would have been pleased to hear it. I don’t know how much rivalry exists between different wineries. I would imagine they could settle their differences over a nice glass of pinot, wouldn’t you?

Moving on down the row of vendors, Steven and I considered some frozen blackberries and lovely bracelets but decided against them. Tabby was interested in some border collie puppies. Steven and I petted them; they were so sweet and silky. But we did not buy Tabby a brother. Tabby got a few pets herself from various shoppers and vendors.

It is a small but fun market. I look forward to seeing if more vendors join as the summer progresses. The Mohawk Farmer’s Market runs from 2 to 5 p.m. every Wednesday. Check it out!

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