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Luau, Limbo and Loving It!

Last night (Saturday), Steven and I attended the H.A.L.O. Chicken Barbeque and Luau Party at the Polish Home in Herkimer, NY. Today I am too tired to write a proper blog post about it!

H.A.L.O., which I have written about before, is Helping Animals Live Organization, a non-profit, no kill cat shelter based in Little Falls. I can’t possibly adopt a cat due to allergies, but I support their fundraisers whenever possible.

I had been looking forward to the Luau Party all week. For one thing, I knew there would be dancing and I love to dance. My only regret was that I could not find a grass skirt. I did find a large flower for my hair and some colorful leis. I also found a seashell necklace I’ve had for a while. We put on matching Hawaiian shirts and felt ready for the evening.

The chicken dinner part was quite tasty, but it was when the dancing started that the fun really began. Music was provided by Dave Silvers of Bug Country. He played a mix of country tunes and oldies, very danceable stuff. Steven did not want to be the first couple on the dance floor, but I talked him into it. As soon as we started boogeying down, though, he was as into it as I was.

I even won a limbo contest. True, there were only two contestants. But still, a win’s a win. I said that I bend over backwards for H.A.L.O.

We stayed till the very end and even helped put away the chairs and tables. Our reward was a cake left over from the dessert table.

“We take the cake!” I said.

We really had the best time. We met some nice people and supported a good cause. For more information about H.A.L.O., you can find them on Facebook.

Now that I’ve written this and read it to Steven, he says it is so a proper blog post. Phew!

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