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Non Sequitur Thursday

Now I’ve done it. I’ve gone all post-ironic on you.

Regular readers may recall that I instituted Non Sequitur Thursday two weeks ago. Last week I was glad I had it, although I feel it led to a dithery post. I said then that if I used “Non Sequitur Thursday” as a title I was afraid it would make whatever I said after that a sequitur (my computer keeps telling me that’s not how you spell sequitur, but I’ve looked it up in the dictionary like eight times by now) (by the way, it appears that “non sequitur” is a word, but “sequitur” is not).

It’s kind of like that episode of Star Trek (the original Gene Rodenberry series, not any of the movies or spin offs, most of which I did not watch) (thus losing all my sci fi geek cred, if I had any) where Spock said to an android, “Everything I say to you is a lie. I’m lying,” and the poor android short circuited. Um, this does not make me anything like Spock.

I left something off one of my other dithery posts earlier this week: when I was listing my various cop out posts, I forgot Wuss Out Wednesday. I actually never instituted Wuss Out Wednesday, but last Halloween, which fell on a Wednesday, I had a really lame post in which I contemplated instituting such a thing.

Why, oh why, did I not write a post while at work today? No sinus headache plagued me. In my defense, I wrote almost two pages on my novel. I am so behind the eight ball because I have to start getting ready to go to a dinner meeting of Ilion Little Theatre (remember, I made White Trash for it). There is no point in thinking I will be up to writing a post after that. They serve wine.

In conclusion, I am a little embarrassed to post this, but not too embarrassed to hit “publish.” Happy Thursday.

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