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Bad News Day

I am really sorry to be making two serious posts in less than a week (although I guess I did get a little silly talking about depression), BUT…

Something really bad happened in the Mohawk Valley this morning, and it is still going on.

In a nutshell, it seems a guy set fire to his home in Mohawk, NY then drove to two businesses, one in Mohawk, one in Herkimer, and shot six people, four of whom are dead. At last report he is holed up in an abandoned building on North Main Street, surrounded by law enforcement. They have not been able to make contact with him and are playing a waiting game.

I’m not really writing a post about this event, because this is not a news blog. I don’t have the sorts of resources and skills needed. In short, I probably can’t add anything valuable.

However, with this going on, I feel utterly incapable of writing my usual Mohawk Valley Girl schtick. The building where the guy is allegedly hiding is two blocks from my house. I could not go to Curves for my endorphins, because it is basically across the street (although the address is the next block over; it’s a big building). I felt happy I could get to my house, that the police had not set a WIDE perimeter and evacuated five or six blocks over. And this is after all day at work hearing things in bits and pieces, gleaned from what people texted my co-workers, who were not supposed to be on their cell phones at work anyways but I don’t think management got too exercised over it in this situation (that may be a run-on sentence, but I don’t care).

So, sorry. Not a real post. If you want the whole story of the shooter, I can refer you to, where I have been watching it on the news.

I hope to be more myself tomorrow.

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