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Pre-Party Post

OK, it is not Wrist to Forehead Sunday. I had at least three Mohawk Valley adventures yesterday as well as watching a fairly cheesy movie so I indeed have things I could write about about. And yet. And yet.

Last night was closing night of Dirty Work at the Crossroads, the play I was in at Ilion Little Theatre. I’m tired.

Just as an aside: there was a moment in the play where I actually put my wrist to my forehead. My line was, “Oh shame! Oh degradation!” It was a melodrama. I got a little melodramatic.

Steven (my husband and the play’s director) and I spent this morning running around, trying to get ready for the cast party at one (my gyrations cooking refreshments may form the basis of a blog post later this week) (preview of coming attractions). We have a little over an hour before we have to head out.

I can just hear one of you (oh, all right, it probably isn’t one of you, it’s probably that pesky critic in my head) saying, “Well, there, that’s sixty minutes you have to be writing something brilliant, or at least readable, or at least NOT yet another post about Why I Can’t Write a Post Today.”

In the first place, it isn’t sixty minutes, because I have to keep running downstairs to stir the chicken wings.

The fact is, I’m drained. I feel profound relief that I no longer have to put forth the great effort it takes to be a different person on stage. While the joys of so doing are undeniable, there is also no denying, it takes a toll. The toll today is a boring Sunday post.

However, my spirits are high. I am looking forward in the coming weeks and months to devoting more time to my writing, to walking my dog, to being with my husband, just to Being.

In the meantime, I’m afraid today I am obligated to head to the theatre one more time. I must, I positively must, eat some good food, have a drink or two, hang out with some perfectly wonderful people, have a few laughs, enjoy. It is a moral obligation.

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