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The Malady Lingers

Well, you can all just be mad at me, because I’m taking another blogger’s sick day. And I haven’t caught a second wind, so I don’t expect to get a whole lot of words out of it.

In my defense, I did not call in sick to work today. I then spent the first two hours wishing I had. I spent the next few hours watching lunch time draw slowly closer. I felt a little better by lunch. Not better enough to eat any lunch. At least, it seemed safer not to, if you see what I mean (in the interests of over-sharing, I had a clean pair of pants and underwear in my bag in case of dire emergency). I spent the afternoon wondering if time was in fact slowing down.

I think part of my problem in the afternoon was that I knew I could not go straight home and collapse. I had to go vote on the school board and library budget. I had a blog post to write. The further away bed time is, the more tired I feel. And if I don’t think I’m going to get my full eight hours, YIKES!

When I spoke to Steven on my lunch, I told him I would probably write the three sentence post I had thought to write Monday: “I’m sick. I can’t write a post. Sue me.” But now I see I am over 200 words. How did that happen?

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