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Wrist to Zamboni?

Oh, thank heaven for Wrist to Forehead Sunday. Yes, I’ve been spending all day NOT doing my blog post. I’ve thought about it at odd times (cue jokes about me being odd at all times), but with no real idea of what I should write about. I did a few things on Saturday, but can I make the effort to write about them today? Um, no.

In my defense, it’s almost Christmas. I’ve been baking cookies, making treats and wrapping presents. And I took my dog for a lovely walk. I felt a little guilty about that. It was a beautiful warm, gloomy day such as I enjoy, and other parts of the state are suffering ice storms and power outages. Then again, it’ll happen to us sooner or later.

I’ve been on the go since six this morning. Did you know that other people had the bright idea to shop at that hour? They weren’t so bad, but did you know that large stores clean the floor with a zamboni kind of a thing at that hour? I felt a little ill used: in a store of that size, one would have thought I would once in a while go down the aisle the zamboni is NOT in. Not so much.

But it’s all good. I have one more day of work, then vacation. I have a lot of my wrapping and treat-making done. I have a few good things to write about, once I surgically remove my wrist from my forehead. As always, I hope you’ll stay tuned.

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