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Wuss-out Words

Yesterday I had Tired Tuesday on a Monday. Today I’m having Wuss-out Wednesday on a Tuesday. I offer no apologies. These things happen.

I went running, thinking to offer a Running Commentary. I narrated in my head while I ran, even editing, because I was afraid it would be too much like the Running Commentary immediately previous. But I can’t do it.

Of course it would have been better to write my blog post while at work. I worked on a letter first, hoping to ease into it. Unfortunately, I had brought some Cryptoquote puzzles I cut out of the Herkimer Telegram newspaper and couldn’t resist solving a few of those. I love cryptogram puzzles. I feel so clever when I figure them out.

In the letter I stated that by my rules any writing counts, letters, TV Journal, anything that puts pen to paper. As long as I’m stringing together words. I can just hear somebody huffing, “What, you can just write down random words and that counts as writing?” I explain, shut up (that’s an homage to S.J. Perelman). I have never actually written a mere list of unrelated words, but I’m going to declare right now that yes, it would count.

Table, rug, dog, sleeping husband, People’s Court on television. These are not unrelated words, they are things in my immediate line of vision. How about some random words? Cigarette, avocado, rent, persuasion, nonchalant. That’s not easy, thinking of random words, but it’s kind of fun. Try it.

As for me, I will try to write some non-random words in my TV Journal. Any maybe go for a better blog post tomorrow. Hope you’re all having a lovely week, whatever day you feel it is.


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  1. You’re very introspective! I like the sounds of your interior writing.

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