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Bob Barker Would Approve

I always liked how at the end of The Price is Right Bob Barker used to and now Drew Carey does remind us to spay and neuter our pets (although I do not watch that show on a regular basis).  I am pleased to participate in a fundraiser for spay and neuter programs.  I am especially delighted to do so when the fundraiser uses a play on words for its title.   So I made a definite plan to go to the Spay-getti and No Balls Dinner sponsored by 4PetsSake food pantry (whose name is another good play on words), last Saturday at the American Legion in Mohawk, NY.


The Legion is in a lovely building.  I admired the staircase and woodwork as Steven and I walked in.  When we purchased our dinner tickets, I asked would it be all right to go into the bar area and purchase a glass of wine.  It was all right with them if it was all right with the Legion.


The Merlot was tasty.  The dinner was even better.  The spaghetti was not overcooked, as sometimes happens with these large dinners, and despite the No Balls title, two delicious meatballs were included.  We waited till after we had finished dinner and a yummy dessert (brownie for me, red velvet cake for Steven) before looking at the items available for the Chinese auction.


After we left, we sat on the front porch for a few minutes.  I do love sitting on a front porch and am so happy we finally got the weather for it.  Mickey and Minnie Mouse and a large dog were playing on the lawn with a few kids.  The dog petted one little girl.  When we left he was rubbing her tummy.


It was an enjoyable evening, and it got even better when Steven got a phone call that he had won a basket of dog treats from Adirondack Puppy Truffles in Remsen.  They are wheat free, corn free, soy free, handcrafted and all natural.  Tabby loves them.


All proceeds from the dinner benefit 4PetSake’s low cost spay and neuter program.  For more information on that, contact 4PetsSake at 315-796-2584, email, or visit their website  For more information on Adirondack Puppy Trifles, call 315-272-3532, email or visit their website,  Both also have Facebook pages.



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  1. When Ellie B aka Dogamous Pyle rescued my dear wife Karen and I at the Paws for a Cause event four years ago at Driver’s Village in Cicero, Cynthia, our final task was to pay for and then wait an extra day for her neutering procedure at the Rome Humane Society. That’s where somebody was good enough to leave our puppy on the front step overnight when they decided they couldn’t care for her.

    I’m glad to hear you attended the fantastically named benefit dinner! And that Steven won those great treats for Tabby. Bob Barker and Drew Carey do a big and great thing with their message to spay and neuter. There are enough pups and kitties that need homes already.

    • Yes, there are! Our Tabby had just gotten spayed when we adopted her, but if she had not been we certainly would have taken care of that. You are right about pups and kitties needing homes! I wish I could do more, and perhaps sometime I’ll be able to.

      • We had cats Puffy and Toby to go along with Ellie B at one point, Cynthia, but since they have passed, I am happier to be a one-dog family. Because the Little Bitty is, well, a little bitty. I love your attitude, though.

      • I can’t have cats, because I’m allergic, which is kind of too bad, because Tabby likes cats. We’re content being a one-dog household now, too. But I hope to be able to volunteer at the Humane Society sometime, maybe help them with a fundraiser or something.

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