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The answer to the question, “What was I thinking?” is pretty much always, “You weren’t thinking.  You are a huge idiot and you bring all your troubles on yourself.”  There is something vaguely liberating in the admission.  Or am I just glass-half-fulling?

No matter.  For this week’s Monday Mental Meanderings, I bring you another theatre update.  Are any of my readers tired of hearing about Ilion Little Theatre?  I cannot fathom such a thing.  In any case I am too tired to think of anything else to write about (and it’s not even Tired Tuesday yet. Yikes!).

Yesterday was closing performance of Roxy,  (I think we can say it all together now:) the play presented by Herkimer County Historical Society at Ilion Little Theatre  (ILT).  Naturally we followed up with a cast party.  Oh all right, I may have possibly had just a sip or two more wine than was strictly necessary.  I had a wonderful time with my theatre friends, but I got lousy sleep and I am feeling far from my best this morning.

Now I can hear the unkind laughter.   I assure you, I am laughing at myself at this point.  But why do I feel as if nobody is laughing with me but only at me?  Like you never did anything stupid!

Anyways, that is not what raised the question of what I was thinking, and as always I apologize for going on about my own ills.  On to the theatre update.

Tonight we begin rehearsals for the first official show of the ILT season:  Lunch Hour by Jean Kerr.  It is to be directed by Suzanne Rodio.  I am stage manager.

I realized this morning that if I had thought about it for even a short time, I would not have agreed to such a thing. I’m tired, for heavens’ sake!  I’m not a young woman and I don’t lead nearly as healthy a lifestyle as I ought to.  Suzanne has set an ambitious rehearsal schedule.  I ought to be glad about that, because she is very organized and obviously means this to be a good show that does not have to pull together at the last minute (oh how I hate opening night miracles!) (although I suppose it is even worse when you need one and it doesn’t happen).

Well, just listen to me whine.  What a big, fat baby!  I’m going into a show with a strong script and a good director.  More to the point, I LOVE theatre!  I want to work on a play!

I’m sure I’ll feel better tomorrow, as long as rehearsal doesn’t run late and I get a good night’s sleep.  Here’s to not feeling too tired on Tuesday!


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