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I’ve Got the Dirty Clothes Blues

This will be a purely personal blog post, made for the sake of publishing something every day.

I just now resisted with great effort the dreaded Type It In And Backspace It Out.  I bet some of you are wishing I had not so resisted (you know who you are).  I am sitting in my living room, handy acer in my lap (thanks, Vicki!), being rather poor company for my husband on his lunch break, and waiting for some family members to arrive and help me with a homeowners chore.

I had rather thought my husband would help me with this post, so I will read to him what I have written and request his input.

He suggests I explain the chore.  We are getting a new (to us) (that’s Steven’s expression, credit where credit is due) washer and dryer.  Longtime readers may remember that our previous washer and dryer (washer came with the house, dryer purchased new at our previous apartment) perished in the flood of 2013.  I have been going to the laundromat ever since, and written several blog posts about it.

Oh, how I have come to hate that laundromat!  (While still being grateful that it is there, and clean, and staffed, and with sufficient machines, I hasten to add.) (So don’t shake your finger at me and shame me for being glass-half-empty.) (You know who you are.)  When a co-worker offered to sell me his old set for a very attractive price, I jumped at the chance.

Steven insisted we further clean our basement first.  Of course we cleaned after the flood, but there is always room for improvement.  At long last, today is the day to get the washer and drier.

And, apparently, write a boring blog post about it.

(Pause while I ask Steven for further suggestions.)

He thinks this is a good enough post.  Now if only he can help me think of a title.



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