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More Nonsense on a Monday

So there I was, without a blog post.  This is not an unusual situation for me, as regular readers know (if I still have any after all these lame posts).  Earlier today I thought I remembered something I had written for Mohawk Valley Living magazine which they had not used.  I could post that!

First I thought I had better check if I had posted about that subject before.  Sometimes for Mohawk Valley Living I combine or modify blog posts.  Um, yes, that is what I did this time.  That idea down the drain.

Well, Steven and I had dinner at Sorrento’s in Ilion last night.  Surely another shout-out to a local eatery would be acceptable.  I searched my posts to see how many times I had written about Sorrento’s.  Turns out to be a lot.  That really shouldn’t matter.  I give multiple shout-outs to lots of businesses.

Unfortunately my Writer’s Block or Blank for what have you continues.  Could I overcome my resistance and write it anyways?  Or should I give it up and write about not being able to write?  I searched my posts for ones about not writing.  Holy crap, what a lot of posts!  How embarrassing!  What kind of a writer am I, anyways?  I clicked on one and read it.

You know, it really wasn’t too bad.  And it got a few comments from other bloggers who liked it.  I started thinking about how some bloggers re-post old posts when they don’t have a post for the day.  Why couldn’t I do that?

I don’t know why, but the fact is I can’t.  I can, however, type in almost 300 words of this nonsense, remarkably similar to other nonsensical posts I have published.  I wonder if months from now I will look back at this post and think, “Why, that’s not too bad.”  I have this sinking suspicion I will not.


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