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Running Out on Rummage

In lieu of my usual Friday Lame Post, I shall tell about a brief Mohawk Valley adventure I enjoyed after leaving work this afternoon.  Last night when I looked at the newspaper, I noticed a rummage sale at the Episcopal Church in Ilion NY.  I could have hurried right over, but I had already reached the sweats on, bra off portion of the evening.  I decided on a quick stop after work today instead.

I was searching for props and costumes for Leading Ladies (remember, that play I’m directing at Ilion Little Theatre?).  Of course I did not rule out finding something for my own personal enjoyment, but that would be strictly by the way.

Right away I found a decanter, such as a rich person might have sitting on a table with booze in it.  I wanted one of those.  For the play, I mean.  I don’t have any booze in my house to decant; I stick with wine.  Then I saw some tins.  I don’t need any tins for the play, but Steven likes to put Christmas presents in tins.  Put a present in a present, he says.  I picked out three.  Then I found two large silky-looking nightgowns.  I thought these might supplement the costumes for the boys that dress as girls (the titular leading ladies).  If not, they might be useful as part of a Halloween costume sometime.  Waste not, want not, I always say.

I asked if I could put my stuff down while I looked at the books and jewelry.  I snagged two books and a huge handful of jewelry.  The nice lady in charge of the jewelry counted up what all I had while I took one last swing though the tables.  That was when I found the VHS tapes.  Cheesy movies!  Yay!  There were a couple of titles I already own (The Killer Shrews and Plan 9 From Outer Space), but I found SIX I’ve never seen.  Cheesy movies have nothing to do with the play but EVERYTHING to do with this blog!

It turned out I had gotten a little too excited about the jewelry and did not have enough money to pay for it all.  The nice lady agreed to hold it till tomorrow, when either Steven or I will return with the cash.  As I was paying for my other purchases, I discovered the decanter was broken.  I told them somebody might still like it to sit on a shelf and look pretty, but I needed one I could actually pour a drink out of.  This was just as well, because I would not have had enough money for everything otherwise.

The ladies at the rummage sale said they would be happy to see me tomorrow, when it will be dollar a bag day.  I’d probably better send Steven, because I would probably find at least a couple of bags’ worth of stuff more.



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