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That Little Purple Dress

So this is the third time I’ve put pen to paper attempting to write my blog post ahead of the time I type it into the computer.  I still don’t have a clue what to write.  I suppose it is still All Leading Ladies All The Time, but I think I’d rather talk about me.

As director, one of my jobs is to give the curtain speech before each performance.  I welcome everybody, tell where the fire exits are and introduce the show.  It is a classy touch for the director to dress nicely for this.  Oh dear.

I know I have spent many blog posts on my wardrobe ills.  When dressing for anything other than work, I struggle over What To Wear.  What fits this week?  What would look good?  How is the weather going to behave?  Will I be over- or under-dressed (regarding style OR weather)?  I know some people do not agonize over these decisions and, oh, how I envy them.  Then again, do they ever have the utter satisfaction of finding the perfect outfit after great effort?  Oh, they probably have it more often and without effort.  I can’t worry about other people!

With opening night just over a week away, my concerns are coming to a head.  When the production was just a blip on the horizon, I had big plans to become small. You see, there is this little purple dress I purchased in 2011 and have never worn.  Wouldn’t it be delightful to give my opening night speech looking all hot and awesome in a little purple dress?

I have not tried on said dress so have no idea how far off I may be.  However, I am trying to take off weight.  Having no time for  exercise (I know, that makes me TOO busy), I have been concentrating on eating less.  I’ve heard where eating less without exercise will lose you more weight than exercise without eating less.  I must say, I find exercise more fun.  I mean, I like fruit, I like salad, but…


There, I’ve said it.  That was as far as I wrote earlier today on my lunch hour.  Now I am frantically typing prior to hurrying to rehearsal.  I did not eat the potato chips.  Yay me.



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