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Non-Sequitur Spunky

For this week’s Non-Sequitur Thursday post, I am going to talk about Spunky, our little dog.   Here is a picture of him:


Isn’t he cute?

I think that one was taken at The Velvet Dog Grooming Salon, where he gets groomed regularly.  Regular readers may remember that the Velvet Dog was fostering Spunky after his owner died. We saw adopted him after they posted his picture on Facebook.   I wrote a blog post about it last June.  Spunky is an old guy.  He mostly likes to lay around and sleep.


It is a pretty comfy chair.

Right now he is curled up right next to me on the couch.  He doesn’t always do that.  He has his own end, with an afghan that he sometimes burrow under.  Spunky is fond of my yarn.  I had a basket which my sister Cheryl had given me specifically for me to put yarn in, while I was working on my projects.  Spunky spotted it and climbed right in:


I like a dog to make himself at home.

I have since taken out the unfinished projects and put in an afghan made specifically for Spunky.  After all, I can find another place to put my yarn.

I sometimes wonder about Spunky.  He was ten years old when we got him and had only had one owner.  I hope he is settling in with us.  I worry that he might not love us.  It’s not that I mind having a dog that’s not crazy about me, my low self-esteem notwithstanding.  I just want him to be happy.  How happy can you be living with people you don’t love?  So I like it when he snuggles up next to me on the couch.  And I like it when he wags his tail when he sees me.

Well, this has not been a particularly inspired blog post.  Still, with pictures of a cute little dog, what’s not to like?  If only I can think of an unrelated but catchy headline, so this is a true Non-Sequitur Thursday, I can hit Publish with a clear conscience.  Hope to see you again on Lame Post Friday.


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  1. We adopted our dog 10 years ago from the animal shelter. The vet estimated he was about 2 years old when we got him. I always wonder if he is looking for his first owner/family that abandoned him at the shelter. (They didn’t bring him in but during the night left him in the outdoor run with no information.) I always tell my dog how much I love him but I worry he pines for his original family and I hate the thought of him feeling bad or unloved. Hopefully it is enough that we love them and keep them safe!

    • We never wondered about our first dog, Tabby, because she adapted to us pretty quickly and clearly loved everybody. I’m sure your dog is very happy with you. Probably Spunky is OK with us and just is not as demonstrative as some. I tell him I love him and give him pets and treats!

  2. Now aren’t you glad you discovered pictures?

  3. Spunky is adorable! My Mom’s Shih-tzu is almost 15 years old. Maybe dogs adapt better than we think. I would worry if he hid or cowered around you as in fearful actions. Sweet pics!! ❤ You rescued Spunky!

    • Thanks. We’re actually not sure if Spunky is a Shih-tzo or a Pekapoo. The fellow fostering him said Shih-tzu, but the paperwork from the vet said Peekapoo. He can be a stinker, but he’s our stinker!


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