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But I Wanted to Save a Life

I seem to remember making a note to myself in another blog post to the effect that if I am scheduled to donate blood, I should make my blog post in advance so I do not have to worry about it once I’m all woozy.  Yeah, like that was going to happen with all the trouble I’ve been having writing blog posts lately!  Anyways, I’m not as woozy as I have been other times I have given blood.  I say I was… moderately woozy.  I can rock this.

First, I would like to take this opportunity to encourage everyone who is able to, to give blood.  Yes, yes, I know some people have health problems or don’t weigh enough or have other legitimate reasons for deferral.  For people who are scared of needles… for heavens’ sake, NOBODY likes needles!  I daresay even heroin addicts have a bad moment right before they get their fix (although, I admit, I know very little about heroin).   For people who are afraid of passing out, I point to a fellow I knew back in the 1980’s.  He was a six-foot tall, healthy, athletic young man (they called him Lurch), and he said he passed out EVERY time he gave blood.  And he still gave.  For people who fear they will get woozy, well, that’s me.

Ooh, one other thing.  Some people do not want to give blood, because they’re afraid some real stinker will get it,  you know, somebody whose life they would NOT want to save.  Well, any time you give any kind of donation anywhere, there is a chance that it will go to somebody who does not particularly deserve it.  Besides, you don’t know that.  Your blood might save the person who finds the cure for cancer.  Or makes the winning touchdown at the Super Bowl you have a bet on.

Well, that’s enough time on the soapbox.  Of course any donation is an individual choice, and I promise to respect others’ choices, so nobody needs to tell me “don’t judge”  (a spurious exhortation at best, as I will explain in a future blog post someday).

Now I see I am over 350 words, which is not bad for a woozy post.  I was going to go for a Non-Sequitur Thursday, but I couldn’t think of a punchy enough headline.  We’ll just hit Publish and hope for the best.


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