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Blogging is for The Birds

“To think that I’ve been feeding these little S.O.B.s!”

My bad blogging but good movie-watching week continues with a fast Non-Sequitur Thursday post.  I am into Alfred Hitchcock today.  I offered Steven a choice of The Birds or Psycho, and he chose The Birds. Murder and mayhem without being too disturbing.  And we get to make fun of Annie the doormat.  It is rather unbecoming of me, come to think about it, because I have sometimes acted the doormat myself, in my sordid, low-self-esteemed past.  I try to avoid such behavior these days, but you just never now what you might do given the right (or wrong) circumstances.

Not the party they were hoping for.

This was the only photo I could find quickly featuring Annie the doormat.  I can’t think of anything witty to say about Rod Taylor or Veronica Cartwright, so I will merely note their presence.

I’d scream, too!

Maybe I can talk Steven into watching Psycho next.  It starts slow then picks up and become quite satisfyingly creepy.  In the meantime, I am missing The Birds while I type in this blog post.  Full disclosure:  I think I am coming down with a stupid cold.  I hope I am feeling better tomorrow.  Perhaps I could forgo Lame Post Friday and write a good post, to make up for my bad blogging week.  No promises.  Happy Thursday, though.


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  1. I liked all of Hitchcock films. I tend to enjoy “Rear Window” and “North and Northwest” best of all. I binged and have seen every last “Bates Motel” episodes on television. Vera Fermigila and Freddie Highmore were incredible at “becoming” those characters. . . Great post and thanks for pointing out about Annie the doormat.
    I try to not be a doormat but my latest dating disaster was actually being over-confident. I usually ask questions and allow the man to talk for hours but I talked about my parents relationship and how it raised my expectations. I think it may seem rather self-centered but I had hopes to help this man to know I would like a partnership which is fair and equal. I pray he will think about this and come back to me. We will see. Honesty is how I roll now. xo 💖

  2. Honesty is the best policy,I have always maintained! I am sure you are not nearly the doormat Annie was. I thankfully know nothing about dating theses days!


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